About Skeptical Raptor

The Skeptical Raptor

I have over 30 years experience in endocrinology (very specifically insulin and insulin-like growth factors) and cardiology. As a part of my background, I had extensive education in immunology, microbiology, cell biology, biochemistry and evolutionary biology. So this is why I kind of stick in a few areas.

Most of my background is research and development in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Yeah, I know, some of you will take that as proof of some conspiracy. But, science is science – the only thing that matters is evidence, and that’s the only thing I use


I have an undergraduate degree in Biology from a top US research university, and a graduate degree in Biochemistry/Endocrinology from a major US research university.


A skeptic (or if you write in British/Australian/South African/New Zealand/Canadian English, sceptic) is a person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions.  In common vernacular, a skeptic is someone who requires extraordinary evidence before accepting extraordinary claims.  Why haven’t aliens left some piece of their technology behind?  Or why can’t we find one decaying remains of Sasquatch?  As a skeptic, I don’t accept the existence of a god or gods, I don’t accept magical claims in medicine and science, and I don’t accept claims made by politicians who don’t provide adequate support for their claims–well, who doesn’t?  My areas of expertise are in medicine and science, so I’ll probably stick with discussing those topics.  But if I see anything about sasquatch, I might have comment just because I can. I will also comment about sports, rarely, especially if I read about the sport and pseudoscience.


You can contact me directly through Twitter, @SkepticalRaptor.