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The old feathered dinosaur has over 30 years experience in endocrinology and cardiology. As a part of that background, they had extensive education in immunology, microbiology, cell biology, biochemistry, and evolutionary biology. So this is why I kind of stick in a few areas.

Most of the background is research and development in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Yeah, some of you will take that as proof of some conspiracy. But, science is science – the only thing that matters is evidence, and that’s the only thing the ancient dinosaur uses


The old dinosaur has an undergraduate degree in Biology from a top US research university and a graduate degree in Biochemistry/Endocrinology from a major US research university. This was during the early Cretaceous, of course.

Credentials don’t matter

Given the amount of ignorance posted in the comments section, let’s be clear. It doesn’t matter who the withered dinosaur is, where they went to school (although if you all had a couple of functional neurons, it’s not that hard to tell), or what they did or didn’t do in the 65 million years send the end of the Cretaceous.

Mr. Andrew Wakefield presumably attended medical school, and he perpetrated one of the largest medical frauds in the history of mankind. Linus Pauling won two Nobel Prizes, yet wrote pseudoscientific books about vitamin C, which has no effect on cancer or colds. Tetyana Obukhanych has a Ph.D. in immunology, and she hasn’t written one accurate thing about vaccines.

The only thing that matters is evidence, not false authority.  If you present a point in scientific discussions that are supported by the scientific consensus, then it’s pretty much settled.

Based on this, here’s all you need to know about the old feathered dinosaur. He or she graduated from the Reseda Institute of VW Auto Repair and Janitorial Engineering. He or she worked cleaning the toilets of the Big Pharma Reptilian Overlords. But he or she utilizes only peer-reviewed scientific evidence published in the top biomedical journals to support any of his or her claims.

Because only of the old dinosaur’s long history, he knows that opinions aren’t relevant, and evidence-based facts do.


A skeptic (or if you write in British/Australian/South African/New Zealand/Canadian English, sceptic) is a person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions.  In common vernacular, a skeptic is someone who requires extraordinary evidence before accepting extraordinary claims.  Why haven’t aliens left some piece of their technology behind?  Or why can’t we find one decaying remains of Sasquatch?  As a skeptic, the Skeptical Raptor doesn’t accept the existence of a god or gods, magical claims in medicine and science, and claims made by politicians who don’t provide adequate scientific evidence for their claims?

The old dinosaur’s areas of expertise are in medicine and science, so we will probably stick with discussing those topics.  But if we see anything about Sasquatch, we might have to comment, just because.


You can contact the ancient feathered dinosaur directly through Twitter, @SkepticalRaptor.

29 Replies to “About Skeptical Raptor”

  1. Having visited this website (briefly) some time ago, I can see you have updated it’s appearance . The bigpharma checks must be helping out. I noticed you don’t give up any exact information regarding your education (what school you graduated from) or where you work was “published”. Basically your bio is just like this whole website, a spin zone of garbage designed to keep your checks coming in no matter what the cost to human life. Your tag line about “stalking” says it right there. Nothing but a bully hired by bigpHARMA with no real talent or knowledge. And if your not being paid by them? Well , your a loser on a much bigger scale, who really should be seeking professional help for this side “hobby” of stalking strangers to bully while asking for donations to keep this site running! Bottom feeding garbage. A lot of effort for only 293 subscribers. Ummmm…

  2. Looking at your educational background I can clearly see why energetic healing is so “off the page for you” Bit of a conflict of interest . for you isn’t it?? when your income and career depend on the AMA and their crooked affiliations with the drug companies. It’s hard to imagine why anyone (you) would waste valuable time knocking efforts people make to help one another regardless of your lack of appreciation for their approach. (HWB) For someone who is a skeptic, why don’t you do some research and exposure on the mercury in ADA practices that were common till 30 years ago…actually still being used in some places. Or the scientifically based vaccines that are being given out carte blanche to these third world countries. Look at the facts brother/sister. Look at the historical curves on disease and prove to me that these vaccines really do help.. Yeah! prove it. Maybe do some history on fluoride and that whole masquerade. I can see why your name is not on the site. I wouldn’t sign my name to this shit either. Get a life and devote yourself
    to something worthy for a change.

  3. Hello and thanks for the great article about Anti-vaxxers using the package insert as proof. I found your site because I was searching for info about the statement on the inserts that basically says “not evaluated” when it comes to whether or not there is a cancer concern. When I explained what the phrase meant (based on your explanation), I was asked to produce some kind of verification of what “not evaluated” means beyond your page, and in the last several days I’ve had time to search I have yet to find a confirmation of your statement. It’s possible I’m not searching a correct term, I’m not sure.

    I’m asking for further verification because a very large number of families in my daughter’s class are anti-vaccination, and that phrase is a very big concern for them. This is a very hot topic right now because of a new bill passed in my state (CA) requiring children to be vaccinated in order to participate in a school environment. I could go on about all the other info I’ve been given as they attempt to prove their point but my main concern is that satement. Any help you or anyone reading this could provide pointing me in the right direction to verify what “not evaluated” means on the vaccine inserts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks very much.

  4. While I agree with you on vaccination I think that the definition of net profit is off. “Net” :after all necessary subtractions; in the case of profit that should include subtractions for R&D , and other things that you subtract afterwards to give true profit. Then to make show what true profit is or could be the amount remaining has to be compared to other investments to determine if one of them could have gotten a higher rate of return (the first nit I picked here isn’t your bailiwick, the second is something I remember from Econ 101 or 102 class that I took decades ago.I’m on fairly safe ground with that one, the first I could be standing on quicksand.)

  5. I love the site, but this weekend I left it open in a tab on chrome, and it was using 2 gigabytes of RAM when I came back. The ads seem to have gone crazy. I have a screenshot of the site + chrome task manager showing the damage if you want it.

    1. I’m not sure how to help you (given that the ads here are all from Google, who makes Chrome, of course). The problem is that Google targets the ads depending on what you’ve been searching lately. I see much different ads than you do. I guess I’m trying to buy a new Jeep.

      One more thing. All of the ads run on Javascript. I constantly update the Javascript code to be the most current, so if you have a Java engine that’s out of date, it could cause problems.

      And thus ends the extent of my knowledge about coding. I need to get back to mocking those who can’t read.

  6. No offence “skeptical Raptor”, but you hardly have the credentials to speak as an authority on these issues. Experience in medical sales hardly constitutes experience in medicine or in science. I came looking for intellectual sound debate, acceptance of plausible evidence, and rational discussion and was sad to find the blog comments filled with hateful banter from both sides. We should be more respectful of one another as a society – even if we disagree with one another’s viewpoints.

    1. I know your reading skills are deficient, so let me walk you through this. Medical sales was a tiny percentage of my career. But I frankly don’t give a shit what you think. What matters is evidence, and just because your lame-ass degree in applied science makes you THINK you’re a fucking authority, go for it. Go enjoy your narcissism and personality disorder to its fullest glory. The only fucking thing that matters is evidence. And for all you care I could have been a janitor.

    2. You actually have no clue what my credentials are. You cherrypicked (always good to know a doctor can cherrypick information) what you THOUGHT you saw, rather than the most important points. You certainly have no clue what my education is, except for the fact I stated that I have a “graduate degree in Biochemistry/Endocrinology from a major US research university. I did my post-graduate work in a multi-national pharmaceutical company.” I daresay my authority skills in numerous areas of biology/physiology/immunology/endocrinology/cardiology are far superior to your “applied science” rote memorization in medical school.

      Moreover, if you didn’t cherrypick information YOU wanted to make yourself feel better, you would have noticed that “sales” doesn’t mean what you think it means, and certainly isn’t indicative of what percentage of time I might have been involved with sales. For example, I might have been CEO of a major medical corporation, and the VP of sales reported to me. Or I might have moved from basic research to sales training. Or I might have been a janitor.

      Because you’re really missing the biggest point. Credentials don’t fucking matter, only to those who can’t think. The only thing that matters is evidence, not your credentials not mine.

      And fuck respect. You earn it. You don’t deserve it as a matter of policy. You seem to be a small minded ignorant fool who claims to be an MD. You get no respect.

      1. So you really have NO credibility in discussing anything other than your OPINION based on the same slanted views everyone else is fed. You cherry pick and present your ideology based on whatever side you choose to believe. You refuse to provide any personal background, education, experience or expertise other than a few vague paragraphs that don’t mean a thing other than the fact that you can indeed construct a short abstract about some person – fictional at best.
        And sheeple come here to get valuable information based on nothing, as you slam the brave who fully disclose their names, qualifications and EDUCATED opinions that don’t mesh with yours. You are a dangerous fool with a following of idiots.

  7. Why haven’t aliens left some piece of their technology behind? Well, actually, they have, altho not intentionally. They obviously are waaaaaay ahead of us and don’t have any reason to come out in the open — we shoot them whenever they do. Case study: Washington, DC, July 1952. It was in all the papers.

      1. Politicians scare of losing their jobs… they go with the flow of public opinion which is invariably driven by people with no idea who follow people with loud mouths and huge anti-science agendas.

  8. Hello I have a few questions regarding the religious and scientific clash of the HPV vaccination, would you be willing to share some of your knowledge?

    1. Involving religion of any type in a discussion of the HPV vaccination is reprehensible. It is a vaccine to prevent CANCER! What religion is in favor of cancer???

  9. I’d like to challenge you to a debate on 9/11. I have an extremely simple argument. The official story of the Twin Tower collapses violates the scientific method in every way possible while the controlled demolition hypothesis does not. Therefore, the official story is crackpot pseudo-science nonsense believed only by science illiterate uncritical thinkers. Since you faithfully believe in the official story you should be able to easily defeat this simple argument. Both Steve Novella and Dave Thomas were unable to, maybe you alone will prevail.


    1. If one side has real evidence, and one side is made up of delusional batshit insane lunatics, that’s not a debate. That’s simply useless.

      And if you had any clue I had a personal experience and loss from 9/11. You people wouldn’t know the truth if it stood in front of you.

      1. Are admitting that you and all other mainstream “skeptics” are delusional batshit insane lunatics when it comes to 9/11 or are you substituting low brow fallacies for reason? Either way your schoolyard description seems to self apply quite well.

        To me truth is evidence. The path to truth is the scientific method. If you believe that makes me insane that explains a lot. Name one piece of evidence for the official story of the Twin Tower falls.


      2. The “real evidence” at 911 was carted off (illegally) and destroyed before anyone could examine it. Are you referring the 2 black boxes that disappeared or the paper passport of one of the “terrorists” from the plane that came out unscathed?

    2. Notice how Skeptical Raptor is tied to the medical industry, which is tied to the government, FDA, CDC, and the AMA and I could go on and on. It’s clear SR is incapable of thinking for himself/herself at this point. I’m adding this site to the phony list so others are not subject to this phony marketing. Read his/her profile.

    3. People do not want to believe that their government would do such a heineous act, so they live in denial. I think skeptics have a scientific term for this that they use when they want to debunk something. “NO, you didn’t see a UFO, nor did the 50 other people who saw it.” “It’s impossiible (or ridiculous), so it couldn’t have happened.”

      1. Really? Building high rises involves engineering? Who would have thought. What is the pop. mechanics tripe supposed to prove? It provides evidence for how the Twin Towers fell and explains all the major anomalies so far ignored? Where?

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