American boys aren’t getting cancer preventing HPV vaccine

The cancer preventing HPV vaccine, known as Gardasil, Silgard, or Cervarix, is one of the very few ways available to actually reduce the risk of certain cancers. The vaccine reliably blocks HPV infections, which are directly linked to several dangerous cancers such as cervical cancer.

Unfortunately, most boys in the United States aren’t receiving the cancer-preventing HPV vaccine according to a new survey of teen vaccination from the CDC.  This low HPV vaccine uptake may result from the failure of physicians to recommend the vaccine or adequately explain its benefits to parents.

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  • Chris Preston

    HPV has been recommended for boys starting high school in Australia since 2013. Coverage data for 2014 has an impressive 60% coverage for 3 doses and 72% for a single dose among 15 year old boys.

  • medicalpeereview

    An educated doctor would stop vaccinating people and giving steroids to arthritic constipated people and then suggesting joint replacement. That would not be good for the industry, come on.

  • medicalpeereview

    Sandy dear, the vaccine is total woo. Cancer has nothing to do with not having a vaccine, that is a new market angle that you have been taken in by – completely. Doctors will never be educated beyond choosing protocols from the prescribing guidelines – you are asking far too much of them.

  • Sandy Perlmutter

    Doctors need to be educated and not be so wishy-washy about it with patients and parents. This is CANCER we are talking about.

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