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If you need a real medical diagnosis and treatment, seek out a licensed medical practitioner who has been well-versed in evidence- and science-based medicine. They can provide an appropriate diagnosis, then discuss your particular medical treatment options.

Vaccines are an important point of discussion on this blog. Once again, all decisions about vaccines should be done after a discussion with a licensed healthcare practioner who utilizes evidence-based medicine. Be aware that homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, and other pseudoscience based woo-meisters are simply not knowledgeable about real diagnostic and treatment options, and should always be ignored.


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5 Replies to “About this blog”

  1. Hello I am writing a paper about why people, except for medical reasons if any, should be required to have vaccines , and I was hoping to ask what, if any, bias, peer reviews, or publishers you have for your work thank you.

  2. Can you please do an article about measles vaccine and the fact that the anti vaxxers claim that the vaccinated are shedding measles and causing outbreaks. If you google it article after article (mercola, naturalnews, vaxtruth) come up about this topic.

    1. So much to write about these days. 🙂

      Here’s the thing. There are no cases where measles virus has been transmitted from a vaccinated person to an unvaccinated person. None, and science cannot generally “prove” a negative question. If someone is making this claim, that measles passes form one person to another, then they need to bring extraordinary evidence.

      One more thing. The measles virus in vaccines are called “live attenuated”. They are live, but they cannot reproduce, they cannot become pathogenic. They induce an immune memory response, then are killed by the body, because they cannot cause an “infection.” And because they are attenuated, they cannot pass from person to person.

      Again, given that nearly everyone under the age of 55 is vaccinated against measles, if this were true, we’d have massive epidemics. Doesn’t happen.

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