Debunking myths about Dr. Paul Offit

Dr. Offit and Phillie Phanatic at a Philadelphia Phillies game

Updated 17 November 2013.

I consider Paul Offit as one of the leaders of the theme that Vaccines Saves Lives, and as someone who is truly dedicated to vaccines. He has done great work at great personal sacrifice to do so.

Being one of the “leaders” has caused his name has been demonized by the anti-vaccine lunatics, who use the Big Liea Nazi propaganda technique where a known falsehood is repeatedly stated, then treated as if it is self-evidently true in hopes of swaying the course of an argument in a direction that takes the big lie for granted rather than critically questioning it or ignoring it. The vaccine deniers constantly repeat untruths so that those lies evolve into apparent truths, at least for those who hold onto their pseudoscientific anti-vaccine beliefs.

The problem is, of course, that if you’re a new parent who is confused by what vaccines may or may not do, you’d assume you could not accept anything that Dr. Offit says because of the anti-scientific memes and tropes of the vaccine denialists. And the Big Lies told about Dr. Offit.

Let’s counter the Big Lie with the Big Facts.

Dr. Offit’s biography is simply one of a person who is passionate about helping children. His first book, Breaking the Antibiotic Habit: A Parent’s Guide to Coughs, Colds, Ear Infections, and Sore Throats, was one of the first popular books that asked parents to start reducing the use of antibiotics, because they may have long-term consequences for the children. Obviously, the antibiotic industry didn’t get to him then. But most of his career has been in studying and supporting vaccines as the best method to prevent deadly diseases. Here are just a selection of what he’s done:

That is an impressive resume. It is also frustrating that individuals with little or no biomedical background can spend 10 minutes on google searches and proclaim themselves smarter than Dr. Offit. I actually have a strong biomedical background (and 25 years of experience), yet I’m an amateur compared to him. 

In the book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell states that the key to expertise and success in any field is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing a specific task for a total of around 10,000 hours. That’s about four years of 8 hour days, with no breaks for the bathroom, phone calls, texting your friends, or meals. It’s focused studying. Based on the Offit’s productivity, he has far exceeded those 10,000 hours of training and studying.

A while ago, I ran across Left Brain Right Brain’s blogpost, Your Baby’s Best Shot: Why Vaccines Are Safe and Save Lives,  which was quick review of the book I mentioned above by Hagood and Herlihy with a forward by the aforementioned Dr. Offit. The blog post really was nothing much more than the blurb about the book, a quickie article to update their readers about something new and interesting, which that book most certainly is. However, the blog post’s comments section was filled with some of those Big Lies about Dr. Offit:

We should just point out that he was reprimanded by Congress for voting on vaccine policies for which he had financial conflicts.

According to Liz Ditz, no he wasn’t. He was “harassed” (my words, not Ms. Ditz’s) by a vaccine denialist member of Congress, Representative Dan Burton, an Indiana Republican, who has since left Congress. According to the report from Congress, which was a critique on the CDC’s policies and its enforcement of those policies, mentioned that Paul Offit abstained from a critical vote on rotavirus vaccine. Not really a reprimand. In fact, though the report was awfully wordy, it seemed like he was being praised for his decision. Dr. Offit, because he was the inventor of the vaccine which saves hundreds of thousands of lives, decided to recuse himself from the vote on the vaccine, which was the ethical, moral, and right thing to do. No one reprimanded him.

Refuted. Next on the list of Big Lies in that comment section:

Also, his chair at the Children’s Hospital is paid for by Merck, which by any definition represents a continuing conflict of interest.

Yes, Dr. Offit is the Offit is the Maurice R. Hilleman Professor of Vaccinology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Yes, Merck gave an endowment for the Maurice R. Hilleman chair, but it was mostly set up Hilleman himself prior to his death. Merck does not have special rights to come to his office and demand that he do anything. Merck and the University of Pennsylvania make the funding public. And Merck, like all pharmaceutical companies, has a charitable foundation that gives boatloads of money to many worthy causes. Diabetes. AIDS/HIV. Asthma. This money funds research, not “controlled” by the company. The same foundation gave the “no-strings-attached” funding for the new Vaccinology chair.

Moreover, and I’ve never gotten this, why do the vaccine deniers (actually all science deniers) think that people are so easily bought and sold? Maybe the antivaccinationist’s morals are abject failures in human society (of course, they don’t want to save children, so I might actually be onto something) that they are so easily bought and sold they project their lack of ethics onto others. I can only speculate.

The Pharma Shill Gambit is getting awfully tiresome, a trope barely worthy of consideration and response. Without any evidence whatsoever, pseudoscience pushing anti-vaccine lunatics keep using ad hominem arguments that somehow the pharmaceutical industry is filled with evil people. Provide evidence of that, because almost everyone in the industry, including researchers, executives, engineers, and everyone else in the industry is devoted to doing everything they can to help humanity.

Every morning, every employees feels empowered to do one more thing that saves one more life. How many people in the world can say, “I’m not a doctor, but what I do saves lives and provides the world with a better way to live longer?” That they make a bunch of money on that, well, after all that work, why not? It’s hard work, and it takes the years of training to actually create a vaccine that prevents diseases. Or a cancer drug that increases your lifespan. Offit developed vaccine to save hundreds of thousands of lives. What has an vaccine denier done to save a single life? 

Back on point. Liz Ditz penned “Meryl Dorey: Seven Assertions. One is Factual. Six Are False” in her I Speak of Dreams blog about autism. She takes Meryl Dorey to task about her lies about Dr. Offit:

  1. Paul Offit Works in Pennsylvania — TRUE!
  2. Paul Offit sat on the FDA Committee--FALSE!
  3. That Approved His Rotavirus Vaccine — FALSE!
  4. Paul Offit Continues to Derive Revenue from RotaTek patent – FALSE!
  5. Paul Offit “Has Set Himself Up” As An Expert on Vaccines — FALSE!
  6. Paul Offit “Opposes All Vaccine Exemptions” — FALSE!
  7. Paul Offit Published A Study Proving the “100,000 Vaccines at Once” Safety Claim–FALSE! (This particular zombie antivaccination meme has arisen lately by the obnoxious and unethical Meryl Dorey)

There’s more out there, but we’ve hit the top 10 list. OK, top 7 list.

I still cannot understand why people with no education in the fields of vaccines, immunology, medicine and/or pediatrics think that they know more than an expert. Is it because people feel empowered by uninformative websites? Is it because they think that they know more than a highly educated and trained physician? To become a physician and researcher of Dr. Offit’s level takes 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 2-3 years of internship and residency, 4-7 years of further training, and constant retraining and studying of anything new. Most of that time, it requires nearly 100% focus on studying and training. He’s obviously far surpassed Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours of training–I bet that Dr. Offit is on his fourth or fifth round of 10,000 hours.

Vaccine denialists think they can throw around words like “immune system”, or “mercury poisoning”, or “autism can be ‘cured'” haven’t a clue. The immune system takes years to understand. It is a complex system of immunoglobulins, cells, proteins, and organs (and I’m probably missing something) that has a nearly infinite number of permutations. Researchers spend years to just understand one tiny portion of the immune system. How can someone do that with a college degree in art, reading google hits for a few hours? They can’t.

Dr. Offit rocks. And Vaccines Save Lives. 

If you need to search for accurate information and evidence about vaccines try the Science-based Vaccine Search Engine.

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  • DrFitt

    “Drug company whore” is what we call these shills.

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  • Lowell Hubbs

    This article, (Debunking myths about Dr. Paul Offit) and nearly praising Offit as some sort of vaccine saint, is simply one of the most worthless and misleading reads, you could ever find.

    (Dr.) Paul Offit- The Real Truth (otherwise better known as,”Dr. Proffit”)—the-real-truth.html

    The Attempted Suppression of and the Silencing of the Vaccine Truth

    • Dorit Reiss

      I’m sorry, but this article is carefully referenced. Memes and links to really aren’t a good response.

      As the article points out, Dr. Offit’s many achievements demonstrate his knowledge and expertise, and his actions his devotion to children. His detractors cannot point to any actions or scientific achievement of their own, and certainly cannot demonstrate anywhere near his devotion to children.

      • Lowell Hubbs

        Again Dorit, you are blatantly misrepresenting what is actually there; and there is a lot more there than just that. This article references issues that most people are not even concerned with, and most people who have done the research, have not made those claims to begin with. The said article does not address the real issues with Offit, and regarding Offit; and nor does it address the actual and real issues with vaccines.

        We can point to loads of scientific studies that Offit has never even addressed anywhere. Nor has he provided and actual counter scientific studies, nor expert refute of any of that. Offit misses the boat entirely on every level. He has no actual scientific achievements, other than in creation of a later proven dangerous and contaminated vaccine, so you might as well just stop with your delusions and in deluding yourself.

        Millions of Children Infected with ‘Vaccine Safety Experts’ Rotateq Vaccine: Dr. Paul Offit

        Unfortunately for Dr. Offit (not so affectionately named Dr. Profit), a 2010 study published in Journal of Virology revealed that his multi-million dollar grossing patent on the Rotateq vaccine contains a live simian retrovirus (with a 96% match of certainty) that has likely infected millions of children over the past few years with a virus that causes great harm. Retrovirus infections are permanent, and can carry on indefinitely into future generations. In other words, once they are inserted into the human genome they can not be removed. View the entire PDF here.

        Moreover, a 2014 study published in Advances in Virology found Dr. Offit’s vaccine contains a “a baboon endogenous virus strain M7…likely due to the monkey cell line in which RotaTeq was produced from.” View the entire PDF here.

        Read more:

        • Dorit Reiss

          I’m sure there are several anti-vaccine junk studies Dr. Offit has not yet addressed, though his books do address quite a few of those.

          You may not like the many studies he refer to, but that doesn’t make them go away.

          And again, you provide a study from greenmedinfo. You should have learned by now why anti-vaccine sites are not good sources: they are unreliable. For example, the first virus they talk about, which greenmedinfo said “caused great harm”, is according to the actual article “a highly prevalent nonpatho-
          genic pig virus, which has not been shown to be infectious in humans.” In other words, it doesn’t affect humans. It affects pigs.

          Rotateq has not, to the best of my knowledge, been approved for use in pigs anyway.
          The second article used a technique that allowed discovering very, very tiny amounts of viruses – and does not indicate any potential to harm humans.

          I’d strongly urge you to get your information from more credible sources.

          • Lowell Hubbs

            You are really a waste of time and a waste of any ones time, Dorit. You debate like a bratty and immature child. You in your in denial state of mind, lie and misrepresent everything that is in front of you and to no end. You are actually and always were a very poor debater, and in actually staying on track and to task. That is because you know you are in fact losing this debate, on every front, and it is all you can do.

            That green med article, unlike the Offit articles was actually well referenced with the studies that proved and made the point clear that the articles statements were fully back up. So, you failed to see the hyperlinks to studies labeled, PDF? Any readers can clearly see how badly you are lying and misrepresenting what is actually there, and about what is there.

            Viral Nucleic Acids in Live-Attenuated Vaccines: Detection of
            Minority Variants and an Adventitious Virus!

            Research Article
            Screening of Viral Pathogens from Pediatric
            Ileal Tissue Samples after Vaccination

            Wow, you must be blind, Dorit. You have not even basic reading comprehension ability; that in a complete misrepresentation of what it states. Why would anyone waste the time with you. You are a complete sham, a shill; and no person looking for the vaccine truth should ever turn to you for anything at all, ever.

          • Dorit Reiss

            If you had read my comment, you would see I address their studies, and point out how they misrepresent the articles they cite.

            Offit’s articles are always extremely well referenced, as are his books. I really would urge you to read them – both – before commenting on them. You would also learn quite a bit.

          • R.w. Foster

            Bad day, Prof? Seems like you’re close to losing your cool. I understand being close to that edge. Heck, I fall over it a lot.

            Even though the idiot known as Hubbs spouts nonsense and inane insults, please remember that those of us who know what we’re talking about and understand science respect and admire you. You’re a great person, and I humbly beg you not allow this cretin, or any similar to him, bring you down too far.

          • Skeptical Raptor

            Dorit is getting close to snarkaliciousness. Only Lowell could cause that.

          • R.w. Foster

            “Snarkaliciousness”? I am so stealing that.

          • Skeptical Raptor

            It is possible I stole it from someone.

          • R.w. Foster

            Fair enough. Now I’m stealing it. ;)

          • R.w. Foster

            You drunk commenting again, Hubbs? You know you’re supposed to call your sponsor whenever you get the urge to hoist a longneck.

          • Skeptical Raptor

            Ad hominems are your calling card. Dorit is professor in one of the top university systems in the world, and you are a drunk, with multiple arrests.

            Now, I know some people who have a powerful addiction to alcohol, and they still have important contributions to humanity.

            You, my friend, don’t.

            Dorit outclasses you intellectually and morally on so many levels, I gave up counting.

  • QuentonQuale

    Doc Offit makes claims that are untrue in his own book. He claims that before the pertussis vaccine, 7000 deaths occurred every year and after, only 30. The real death number before the vaccine was 1200 and was declining yearly as it was naturally declining. If one studies the numbers, one can see whooping cough was declining significantly as the population increased. His small lies add up and show that his bias towards vaccines colors his information.

    • Skeptical Raptor

      Because you’re uneducated in sciences and medicine, it’s obvious why you’d make up such ignorant nonsense.

      Deaths were reduced because of improved medical care. However, you ignore morbidity, which wasn’t going down, and you ignore the cyclical nature of pertussis outbreaks.

      The facts are that pertussis infections kill 2% of babies that contract the disease. I know in your sociopathic brain, 2% of babies killed is NOTHING. But in my world, we save every life we can.

      So, if we quit vaccinating, which your child abusing brain wants, we’d have thousands of deaths a year. I guess you don’t care. What creep you are.

      • QuentonQuale

        Ha ha ha….my child abusing brain. Classic.

      • Lowell Hubbs

        We won’t have thousands of deaths a year, if we stop vaccinating; and that because the vaccines have failed and they clearly are not even protecting the vaccinated, when in outbreak after outbreak, the independent data shows 80 to 90% of the outbreak is found to be in the fully vaccinated. That for both pertussis and measles vaccines. There is a reason those vaccines are failing. Vaccination is not the correct fix to the problem and never was. You can choose which set of data you believe to be accurate and factual; but the independent data shows us that the CDC has obviously done nothing but a whitewash of the issue.

        The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

        How about all the children and the parents of vaccine injured children, and as a fact those amount to more than 2% of the population of children. You obviously refuse to care about that and to figure that in; and in fact you deny those children even exist. What a CREEP YOU are.

        Hear This Well Parents Speak Out
        by Hear This Well: Breaking the Silence on Vaccine Violence
        264 videos

        • R.w. Foster

          Listen, moron: If you anti-vax monkeys got your way, we couldn’t have thousands of deaths, we’d have millions.

          Go back to your AA meeting and report your failure to remain sober.

          • Skeptical Raptor

            I think after 5 arrests, Lowell probably should give up on AA. Has he even made it to the 1 day chip?

          • R.w. Foster

            I doubt it.

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  • Someone

    So one-sided. Vaccines have risks and DO kill. Vaccination is a choice. No need to force these on anyone. If you believe they work then the unvaccinated should be of no threat to you. If paul loves them so much he should take 10,000 in one day as he says babies can take. Surely he would seize and croak, or suffer permanent neurological damage.

    • notation

      And you claim you’re a doctor? That you took classes in biology? No, you didn’t. You are a complete fraud. This post is evidence that you aren’t even smart enough to figure out how shoelaces work.

      • Cathy McMahan

        don’t have to be a doctor to read the package insert, duh

        • notation

          The package insert doesn’t say what you think it does, nor do the “reported” adverse reactions mean what you think they do. DUH.

          • Cathy McMahan

            of course they don’t, they are worse than what they say.

          • notation

            You don’t know what you are talking about. I’ve read your other posts, and you appear to be incapable of sentient thought.

          • Cathy McMahan

            stop looking at yourself, the inserts are there for a reason dumb ass

          • notation

            The inserts describe “adverse reactions” that have been REPORTED AFTER VACCINATION. These are not necessarily DUE to the vaccine.

          • QuentonQuale

            Yeah, right. Perfectly healthy person contracts Guillain-Barre but since it happens a month after the vaccine, it could possibly be from the injection. Pure coincidence……in so many cases.

          • Skeptical Raptor

            Guillain-Barre is not related to vaccinations. Period.

            It’s good when science trumps ignorant opinions.


          • QuentonQuale

            For every link you post, I can post one that contradicts yours. In your world, all vaccines are benign products of wonder that can only bring about pure immunity. There’s no point in anyone showing you otherwise. You mind is cast in concrete. Embrace your beliefs and I’ll embrace mine.

          • Skeptical Raptor

            I post real science. You’re links would be crap logical fallacies and no evidence.

            I lack beliefs. I only accept evidence. You embrace your beliefs, but that just makes you an ignorant, foolish, uneducated dumbass.

            BTW, you ignorant fool, no one thinks vaccines are made of unicorn farts. Every fucking medical procedure has some risk, but it’s the benefits that far outweigh minor risks that matter. That of course assumes that the reader has some knowledge of the simplest of mathematics, which you don’t. Oh well. Go forth and be your ignorant self. No one cares. Just hope we can save your children.

          • QuentonQuale

            “We?” Oh pardon me, most knowledgeable doctor of nothing but master of all. Go ahead and save the world with your real religion, oops I mean science. How are the blood-lettings going? And that chemotherapy for your dying patients? WE must kill you to cure you.

          • Lowell Hubbs

            What do you have for science, S.R.? You have nothing. You have 14-16 clearly bogus epidemiological studies on only one vaccine and one vaccine ingredient, and literally anything is big pharma clinical trials material.

            Where are you vaccinated verses unvaccinated health outcomes studies; either short or long term when you are talking about 49 doses of 14 vaccines before the age of 6, and 69 doses of 16 vaccines to include Gardasil for both girls and boys? Where are your studies showing the safety profile of up to nine vaccines given in a single office visit and day?

            You have nothing, and you are nothing, period. You are nothing but fricken in denial of reality, blogging joker; disguised himself as being some sort of a purveyor of science. You really stink at what you do, and any actually any educated to the facts person, can see right through it all. In fact most, they aren’t even going to waste the time going to and nor in reading this pathetic blog and its articles. I come here quite rarely any more; but each time it reminds me why your work is simply not worth any ones, nor significant amount of time spent in addressing such endlessly mindless and misleading trash.

            VACCINES AND AUTISM – WHAT DO EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDIES REALLY TELL US? [A full analysis, find out what those studies, all of them; really represent]

            We have 16 studies already that clearly state that vaccines do not cause autism.”
            — Amy Pisani, Executive Director, Every Child By Two

            “16 studies have shown no causal association between vaccines and autism, and these studies carry weight in the scientific industry.”
            — Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC Today Show Medical Editor

            “The science is largely complete. Ten epidemiological studies have shown MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism; six have shown thimerosal doesn’t cause autism.”
            — Dr. Paul Offit, “Autism’s False Prophets”


            Autism Spectrum Disorders and Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants
            Lucija Tomljenovic, Russell L. Blaylock, Christopher A. Shaw

            Impaired brain function, excessive inflammation, and autoimmune manifestations are common in autism. Aluminum (Al), the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant, is a demonstrated neurotoxin and a strong immune stimulator. Hence, adjuvant Al has the necessary properties to induce neuroimmune disorders. Because peripheral immune stimuli in the postnatal period can compromise brain development and cause permanent neurological impairments, the possibility that such outcomes could also occur with administration of Al vaccine adjuvants needs to be considered. In regard to the risk of adjuvant toxicity in children, the following should be noted: (i) children should not be viewed as “small adults” as their unique physiology makes them more vulnerable to toxic insults; (ii) in adult humans Al adjuvants can cause a variety of serious autoimmune and inflammatory conditions including those affecting the brain, yet children are routinely exposed to much higher amounts of Al from vaccines than adults; (iii) compelling evidence has underscored the tight connection between the development of the immune system and that of the brain. Thus, it appears plausible that disruptions of critical events in immune development may also play a role in the establishment of neurobehavioral disorders; (iv) the same immune system components that play key roles in brain development appear to be targeted for impairment by Al adjuvants. In summary, research data suggests that vaccines containing Al may be a contributing etiological factor in the increasing incidence of autism.


            This is what real and independently done science looks like, S.K; and you can deny it and that all you want. Real studies from real health care journals

            Vaccine aluminum adjuvant causation of neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism.



            You better get the no identity and no credentials shilling minion dogs sent in, woof woof!

          • Dorit Reiss

            Actually, there are many, many studies that looked at vaccines and autism – many more than 16. Here is a recent one:

            In contrast, there’s no credible evidence supporting the link.

          • Lowell Hubbs

            That is of course an epidemiological study, (and not a physiologically based study) and one single study that you cherry picked. You have to consider and honestly review all of the existing studies, and with an unbiased mind. Not just the studies that are pro-vaccine in outcome. Something in its entirety that you refuse to do.

          • Dorit Reiss

            Your dislike of epidemiological studies does not make them less valuable. Again: scientists disagree with your prejudice against them. They are an extremely powerful tool.

            If you had looked at the article, you would see it’s a meta review of multiple studies.

          • Jeff

            //Five cohort studies involving 1,256,407 children, and five case-control studies involving 9,920 children were included in this analysis//

            Over a million patients.

          • no1uknow1

            “the benefits that far outweigh minor risks”?? Do you think 87 (claims compensated for MMR since ’06; source HRSA) is less than 2 (US measles deaths since ’06; source CDC)? You go around claiming to have some knowledge of simple mathematics, wow you and your website blog sure are anti-science!!

          • Lowell Hubbs

            Really? Then why is it the flu vaccine the most compensated vaccine at the federal court, and specifically for filed cases of flu vaccine causation of Guillain-Barre?

            Client Compensation for Vaccine Injuries

            The Currently Failed Flu Vaccine Expose/ With Original Antigenic Sin Study Info

            Flu Vaccine is the most Dangerous Vaccine in the U. S. based on Settled Cases for Injuries

            You run a blog with no identity, and then present with lying and twisted bullshit filled articles, where anyone who then presents and replies with the truth, then gets personally attacked by your horde of paid off reply posting shill minions, with as well zero identity and zero credentials. A lot a pride in that you have too-I would bet?

          • sabelmouse

            nothing ever is.

          • Skeptical Raptor

            Your over reliance on the package insert belies your ignorance about them. Package Inserts are regulatory documents required by the FDA, and adverse reactions are simply listings of everything “observed”–and in science, observations are about at the level of anecdotes. In fact, in the case of listings in a package insert they are anecdotes.

            Observations cannot establish correlation. And more importantly, they do not establish causality. I forget which package insert included a broken ulna as a potential adverse effect, but it’s just random probability.

            You fail to understand that observed adverse reactions after vaccinations are often less than the background rate for said events. It’s because your knowledge of mathematics fails to reach the third grade level.

            Finally, only in a controlled study over hundreds of thousands of patients can you establish causality, and factually, there are hardly any adverse effects (other than pain or infection at injection site) causally related to vaccinations. And, as far back as the late 1980’s, no deaths, NONE, can be definitively causally linked to vaccines.

            Are you embarrassed to be so ignorant of basic knowledge.

          • notation

            No, she doesn’t have any idea that she’s completely uneducated.

            Loni Hull is a close second.

            And our old friend eggman is still foaming at the mouth about Indians, “first day infant mortality” and “fishes in tap water.”

            I have such a friggin’ headache.

          • QuentonQuale

            It is easy to ignore links to vaccines when the effect in question doesn’t occur immediately after the injection. I suggest you look at the death claims made due to vaccines as well as the many other injuries right from the good ol’ gov’t.


          • Lowell Hubbs

            In other words you are willing to accept that vaccines just possibly will continue to cause severe side effects, and massive levels of harm to health; and until someone can prove that to you and your minions, and in your denialism filled minds, then none of it can be true nor real. No proof ever and no evidence is enough; admit to nothing. Nope its NOT the vaccines, no way ever. “We don’t know what it is causing all this; but we know its not the vaccines” [How entirely mindless and in selectively blind denial, is that identity editor…S.K?]

            It’s not just autism

            Many people have heard so often the denials through mainstream media and ‘expert’ sources that vaccines don’t cause autism, so they assume anyone who refuses vaccines is ONLY worried about autism.

            Most of those who refuse vaccines are concerned first and foremost about health and what life practices will best support and promote health.

            The children in the USA receive the highest number of vaccines in the world. No other country gives their children the number and variety of vaccines that the CDC recommends for the children born in the USA. Yet children living in the USA today are among the most unhealthy generation ever in this country.

            Children suffer from earache, ear infections, asthma, diabetes, cancer, allergies, other auto-immune disorders, obesity, seizures, brain encephalitis, tics, learning disabilities, developmental delays, brain damage (including autism) and even death (SIDS) at unprecedented rates. The US infant mortality rate is now 23rd in the world.

            Read more:

  • Someone

    Paul is that you? Your in disguise . Either that or this blogger is your boyfriend, lololol

    • notation

      It’s “YOU’RE in disguise,” you illiterate moron.

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  • Dorit Reiss

    Thanks for speaking up. I have not heard of Dr. Offit before I got involved in this debate, but everything I’ve learned since getting involved is to his credit, and this compilation answers to the unfounded claims anti-vaccine activists make about him is very, very helpful.

    He’s a real hero.

    • Lowell Hubbs

      Really? But he actually has no physiologically based science to back anything he states? Big pharma clinical trial data and epidemiological studies have missed the boat entirely as to the needed studies that were needed to be done. Yet we have dozens of independently done studies that show us the truth regarding what is really happening with vaccines, and it all repeatedly goes ignored and denied. They cherry pick and control all of the information, period.

      • Dorit Reiss

        I’m sorry you dismiss epidemiological studies. Scientists, obviously, do not. And Dr. Offit’s information draws on extensive studies with a variety of methodologies and extensive knowledge about these issues.

        He is, after all, one of the editors of the authoritative text book on the subject:

        • Lowell Hubbs

          You need to wake up and once and for all Dorit, and get honest. I did not simply dismiss the epidemiological studies. What I did was provide clear evidence of flawed study designs, the use of unreliable data, predetermined outcomes unsupported by the data, and major conflicts of interest in the source of funding for all of those studies. You can continue to deny that all you want.

          What I also stated was that those epidemiological studies only covered one single vaccine, and one single vaccine ingredient. Vaccine safety involves the need for far more vaccine specific issues studies than that. Shouldn’t that be obvious to you?

          Oh wow, and Offit wrote another book, and the recent book he wrote trashing nutritional substances and products, and alternative integrative health care protocols; that was exceptionally desperate of him. I see there is no mention of any referenced studies on vaccines in that book. Just a lot of effort at only again misleading practitioners and the public about the safety profile and efficacy of vaccines. Just more false propaganda. The public is in fact sick and tired of the Offit style of misinformation, and they are increasingly interested in only the reality of the truth facts and data.

          • Dorit Reiss

            A. Actually, you have not provided evidence of problems in the study.

            B. If you look at the study above, it goes beyond MMR and thimerosal. And there still isn’t any evidence for a link between vaccines and autism.

            C. The recent book did not actually address vaccines, which is why its many citations were not about vaccines. You are welcome to point to any errors in his explanation of why mega vitamins are not only not beneficial but actually harmful – something supported by many studies. Or to a specific error in his analysis of other alternative treatments. You have not.

            The public is tired? Outside the small anti-vaccine community, Dr. Offit is a well sought out speaker, a respected scientist and physician. The fact that the anti-vaccine movement – unable to counter his expertise – hates him is evidence of his effectiveness in countering their misinformation.

          • Lowell Hubbs

            You are again lying Dorit. The analysis you were given, clearly provided direct and clear evidence of the use of flawed study designs, the use of unreliable data, predetermined outcomes unsupported by the data, and major conflicts of interest in the source of funding for all of those studies. Again, you can continue to deny that all you want.


            Your delusions are again running away with you in thinking and/or claiming that the vaccine truth community, which you call anti-vaccine, is a small anti-vaccine community. The reason you exist and that disinformation blogs like SK exist is because that vaccine truth movement is getting to large for you to contain. Your misguided attempts at keeping the public misleading and in yet believing all the false vaccine propaganda; that effort has failed miserably. You simply will refuse to see and admit that.

            And what study are you talking about above? That article has such a mess and conglomeration of endless nonsense in it, you would need to specifically link to that. Again that typical of you cheap shot (when you have no other argument); you never cease to amaze me.

            I can provide you many reasons, data and common sense evaluation as to why reduction of toxicity and added cellular nutrition sources are the key to health care. I could in fact bury you in it; but I don’t have the hours and time to waste on that; when you can easily educate yourself but refuse to. How far into denial, stupid, and actually lacking any commonsense can this actually get. We were talking about, or you were about Offfits current vaccine related book. You are not as well switching up the goal posts, just because you failed to stay on track and demonstrate any actual refute to the claims I made regarding Offit and his obvious lack vaccines studies, to demonstrate his vaccine safety claims.

            A Basic Understanding of Naturopathic Health Care

          • Dorit Reiss

            You haven’t provided that link here, to remind you. Looking at it again: it’s not really a document that undermines even the 16 studies in it – let alone other studies. For example, listing the limitations mentioned in the Cochrane review does not make the conclusions of the review go away.

            And the article’s dislike of population studies does not make them any less a powerful scientific tool.

            Only 1% of American children are completely unvaccinated; over 90% are fully vaccinated; and not all parents that do not vaccinate belong to the extreme, militant anti-vaccine organizations. It’s a small fringe.

            The study I referred to is the Taylor et al review – and you’re right that I linked to it elsewhere. Here is the link.

            if you can provide actual critique of Dr. Offit’s points, do so. With specific references to where you think he was wrong. The opinion of a non-scientist – without evidence – that naturopathic medicine has value is not enough to counter a referenced book.

  • elishua Fernandez

    man you are FULL OF SHIT. . so because someone is anti-vaccine they are a “lunatic”.. how do you expect to be taken serious, i never received a vaccine because my mom was a natural health enthusiast..never became sick a day in my life. is my mom a ”lunatic” really need to think over the crap you write. . another thing there are certified doctors, some with more education than you, who are anti vaccine, i’m guessing they’re “lunatics too huh. . like Dr. Meyer Eisenstein , Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny, Dr. Richard Moskowitz , Dr. Tim O’Shea, Dr. Garth Nicolson ,. . but they’re all ”lunatic” right. . also why did the vaccine injury protection act of 1986 give pharmaceutical companies and doctors legal immunity in cases of vaccine related injury or death, if vaccines are so effective, why do they need this legal protection if something were to happen. . if vaccines are so effective then why are you so concerned about unvaccinated people, the vaccine should protect you from them right, so why even give a damn if someone decides not to get them. . vaccines are a billion dollar racket, that’s why mandatory doses have quadrupled since the 90’s, this is all about money. like it always is, some babies are given 6-7 shots in one visit, how in the holy fuck is this ”safe” on any level. . vaccines didn’t get rid of no diseases, all of those diseases they say were eradicated by vaccines were in rapid decline before vaccinations came into the picture due to better sanitation, clean water, overall hygiene.

    • Mike Stevens

      “vaccines didn’t get rid of no diseases”
      I quite agree with you.

      • Skeptical Raptor

        I almost, barely within a mm, of missing your snark. There is nothing better than real dry sarcasm. That was the Sahara of sarcasm.

        • Mike Stevens

          Atacama, more like?

        • Lowell Hubbs

          There is actually nothing better than real historical data recorded by those who lived in the time periods of claimed disease eradication by vaccines. Then you get the real picture, and that opposed to the situation where such as the CDC and WHO have done unverified and out rightly cooked up extrapolation figures, based on assumptions and in believing without the needed scientific proof, that correlation equals causation.

          Failure Of The Continued Polio Vaccine Campaign, (and the failed smallpox vaccine campaign)

          • Dorit Reiss

            Historical data like this?


            A father calling for vaccinating against the disease that killed his daughter, a disease that’s now preventable?

          • Lowell Hubbs

            It has already been concocted and all cooked up that the CDC and their minions have decided and determined that in order to fear monger the public into getting vaccines; that all they feel they will have to do is steady fear monger about meningitis, and encephalitis due to childhood illnesses such as measles, which is actually rare. Its funny that the CDC and their minions have REFUSED to study and nor to do any studies on vaccine caused encephalitis; but yet they will fear monger about that excessively in regard to such as measles.

            This is all about a a balance of information, in which individuals and parents can come to a properly educated through also independent and unbiased information and data; the proper conclusions about which form of this presents with the higher risk of and for this vaccine injury, encephalitis and with aluminum adjuvant overactivation of the brains microglia cells, with resulting brain inflammation; or the vaccinated for illness in itself.

            In fact the measles and pertussis vaccines are failing miserably, and there is a reason for that. So you fear mongering claims Dorit,are dead in the water, right from the start. We need a CDC that is overseen by independent sources, so the public can actually get information that is not white washed, cooked, and misrepresented on all fronts. There is not a claim nor word of anything that comes from the CDC that the public can trust as the truth, nothing period.


            The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

          • Dorit Reiss

            Measles is rare thanks to the MMR.

            A recent study examined whether MMR causes encephalitis. The answer was no.

    • Ian Zacher

      Lol, 20 years ago, they barely knew what autism was, so it’s a bit obvious that autism DETECTION itself is on the rise. Please find me a scientific, peer-reviewed article linking vaccines to autism. And not one by a fraud that has been retracted.

      • Lowell Hubbs

        Research Article
        The Severity of Autism Is Associated with Toxic Metal Body Burden and Red Blood Cell Glutathione Levels


        This study investigated the relationship of children’s autism symptoms with their toxic metal body burden and red blood cell (RBC) glutathione levels. In children ages 3–8 years, the severity of autism was assessed using four tools: ADOS, PDD-BI, ATEC, and SAS. Toxic metal body burden was assessed by measuring urinary excretion of toxic metals, both before and after oral dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA). Multiple positive correlations were found between the severity of autism and the urinary excretion of toxic metals. Variations in the severity of autism measurements could be explained, in part, by regression analyses of urinary excretion of toxic metals before and after DMSA and the level of RBC glutathione (adjusted of 0.22–0.45, in all cases). This study demonstrates a significant positive association between the severity of autism and the relative body burden of toxic metals. (full study)

        Aluminum Induced Immunoexcitotoxicity in Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Disorders
        Russell L. Blaylock*
        Visiting Professor Biology Belhaven University Theoretical Neurosciences Research, LLC Ridgeland, Mississippi, USA


        A great deal has been learned about the neurotoxicity of aluminum over the past two decades in terms of its ability to disrupt cellular function. Newer evidence suggests that a more central pathophysiological mechanism may be responsible for much of the toxicity of aluminum and aluminofluoride compounds on the brain. This mechanism involves activation of the brainâ € ™ s innate immune system, primarily the microglia, with a release of neurotoxic concentrations of excitotoxins and pro-inflammatory cytokines, chemokines and immune mediators. A large number of studies suggest that excitotoxicity plays a significant role in the neurotoxic action of a number of metals, including aluminum. Recently, researchers have found that while most of the chronic neurodegenerative effects of these metals are secondary to prolonged inflammation, it is the enhancement of excitotoxicity by the immune mediators that is responsible for most of the metalâ € ™ s toxicity. This enhancement occurs via a crosstalk between cytokine receptors and glutamate receptors. The author coined the name immunoexcitotoxicity to describe this process. This paper reviews the evidence linking immunoexcitotoxicity to aluminums neurotoxic effects.

        Journal of American Nutraceutical Association 6: 21-35, 2003.
        Interaction of Cytokines, Excitotoxins, and Reactive Nitrogen and Oxygen Species in Autism Spectrum Disorders,Russell Blaylock, MD* Medical Director, Advanced Nutritional Concepts Ridgeland, Mississippi


        There is growing and compelling evidence that excessive peripheral as well as central immune activation of brain microglia can result in alterations in brain growth and connectivity during rapid brain growth, the so-called “brain growth spurt.” A considerable amount of evidence, presented in this paper, demonstrates the deleterious effects of immune factors, such as cytokines, chemokines, and excitotoxins, when present in excess. The interaction between excitotoxicity, ROS and RNS injury and immune dysfunction is discussed. It is concluded that excessive activation of the brain’s immune system during critical growth periods can occur when vaccines are given as combination vaccines, using schedules that are too close together or by the use of certain live viruses in the vaccines.

        Autism Spectrum Disorders and Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants
        Lucija Tomljenovic, Russell L. Blaylock, Christopher A. Shaw

        Impaired brain function, excessive inflammation, and autoimmune manifestations are common in autism. Aluminum (Al), the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant, is a demonstrated neurotoxin and a strong immune stimulator. Hence, adjuvant Al has the necessary properties to induce neuroimmune disorders. Because peripheral immune stimuli in the postnatal period can compromise brain development and cause permanent neurological impairments, the possibility that such outcomes could also occur with administration of Al vaccine adjuvants needs to be considered. In regard to the risk of adjuvant toxicity in children, the following should be noted: (i) children should not be viewed as “small adults” as their unique physiology makes them more vulnerable to toxic insults; (ii) in adult humans Al adjuvants can cause a variety of serious autoimmune and inflammatory conditions including those affecting the brain, yet children are routinely exposed to much higher amounts of Al from vaccines than adults; (iii) compelling evidence has underscored the tight connection between the development of the immune system and that of the brain. Thus, it appears plausible that disruptions of critical events in immune development may also play a role in the establishment of neurobehavioral disorders; (iv) the same immune system components that play key roles in brain development appear to be targeted for impairment by Al adjuvants. In summary, research data suggests that vaccines containing Al may be a contributing etiological factor in the increasing incidence of autism.

        Research References, (endless)

        Microglia in the developing brain: A potential target with lifetime effects
        National Toxicology Program Laboratory, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

        Research Article: The Severity of Autism Is Associated with Toxic Metal Body Burden and Red Blood Cell Glutathione Levels

        A Parent’s Primer: Vasculitis and Vaccines, (more inflammation problems, likely due to the aluminum adjuvants, this time its in the blood vessels)

        • Ian Zacher

          And research suggests autism occurs during prenatal mental development, but is not easily diagnosed until the child becomes social around 2 years old.
          Your correlation does not equate to causation.

          • Skeptical Raptor

            Replying to Lowell Hubbs is not a wise thing. I would ban him, but he amuses many of us.

            Hubbs is a conspiracy nut who wouldn’t know science if it gave him a kiss.

            But if you want to amuse yourself, I’ll watch. :)

          • Ian Zacher

            Oh, so he’s just the dumb kid that we let play with forks and wall sockets just to see his reaction each time? Sounds good to me!

      • Lowell Hubbs

        Empirical Data Confirm Autism Symptoms Related to Aluminum and Acetaminophen Exposure

        Glutathione, Tylenol, Vaccine Adverse Reactions, and ASD


        Ann Neurol. 2005 Jan;57(1):67-81.Neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism.

        Vargas DL, Nascimbene C, Krishnan C, Zimmerman AW, Pardo CA.

        Source: Department of Neurology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 600 North Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21287, USA.

        Now, you did not see them mention and causation nor vaccines, in the last Johns Hopkins study above; nor did they suggest any causation as to the cause of that said neuroinflammation in the brain. They instead only refer to it as inflammation syndromes. They in this study do not even suggest a cause, and as if they are clueless as to the cause. They have proven that this situation exists; so why are they not at least suggesting a causation?

        However, many other studies we can find do show that this said repeat and chronic activation of the brains microgilia, is caused by aluminum adjuvants and thus the vaccines! That includes the published papers of Dr. Russell Blaylock, and studies a swell from several other sources. Sources that indeed are accepted and peer reviewed from real and substantial health care journals, but just not from a pharma connected journal. Neurology and toxicology related journals are the only place you will find them

        Pubmed, and in fact several other publications all have pointed to aluminum adjuvants having the effect of an inflammatory response and resulting sensitization as to the physiological mechanisms of adjuvant effect on the immune system, such as so as as the immune system will then recognize the vaccine manufacturing created and so called killed or attenuated pathogen/antigen. Yet most of these study publications have as well repeated claimed that the action of an aluminum adjuvant, is not fully understood. Obviously they have not understood as well the over activation of the brains microglia, and resulting chronic brain inflammation, due to repeat and multiple vaccines containing an injected aluminum adjuvant.

        A couple examples exist below.

        Nanomolar aluminum induces pro-inflammatory and pro-apoptotic gene expression in human brain cells in primary culture

        Walter J. Lukiw a,*, Maire E. Percy b, Theo P. Kruck b

        a Neuroscience Center of Excellence and Department of Ophthalmology, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center,

        2020 Gravier Street, Suite 8B8, New Orleans, LA 70112-2272, USA

        b Neurogenetics Laboratories, Surrey Place Center and Center for Research in Neurodegenerative Disease, Tanz Neuroscience Center, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont., Canada M5S 1A8

        Received 23 March 2005; received in revised form 19 April 2005; accepted 20 April 2005


        The promoters of genes up-regulated by aluminum are enriched in binding sites for the stress-inducible transcription factors HIF-1 and NF-kappaB, suggesting a role for aluminum, HIF-1 and NF-kappaB in driving atypical, pro-inflammatory and pro-apoptotic gene expression. The effect of aluminum on specific stress-related gene expression patterns in human brain cells clearly warrant further investigation.

        The Mechanisms of Vaccine Injury and Via Cytokine Storm

        Impact of environmental factors on the prevalence of autistic disorder after 1979. Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology – September 2014

        For Scientific Data: Homologous Recombination Study

        Computational Detection of Homologous Recombination Hotspots in X


        The dangers of using aborted fetal cell lines for vaccine manufacture have been debated by the FDA for over 50 years, and yet they have not done sufficient safety studies. The active component of a vaccine is a virus. Viruses are too large to manufacture in test tubes. Therefore, vaccine manufacturers exploit the natural method of producing virus– they inoculate
        cells and the cells produce the virus for them. Each vial of vaccine contains contaminants from the cells used to make the virus. When we use animal cells to make viruses, the residual material is not human and so we mount an immune response to it and eliminate it. However, in the case of vaccines produced using aborted human fetal cell lines, we have the dangers of triggering an autoimmune response and insertion of the contaminating DNA to disrupt the child’s own genes.

        In the US, autism has spiked up in 3 distinct years, called changepoints. The first changepoint occurred in 1981, the second in 19881, and the third in 1996. These spikes coincide with the introduction of vaccines that are produced in aborted fetal cells. In 1979, aborted fetal cell produced MMR II was approved in the US. Compliance campaigns brought MMR II use up from as low as 49% for children born before 1987 to over 82% for children born in 1989 and later. A second dose of MMR II was also introduced to the vaccination schedule for children born in 1988 and later. The third changepoint corresponds to the approval of aborted fetal cell produced Varivax (chickenpox) in 1995 (See figure below).

        Read more:

    • Mike Stevens

      If he wants to get rich, why does Offit donate the proceeds of his best selling books to autism charities?

      So tell us, which charities get the proceeds of Jenny McCarthy’s books?
      Or Doctor Bob Sear’s books?
      Or Kennedy’s?

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