Evolution vs. creationism scorecard: 2012

Since the beginning of 2012, Republicans throughout the country tried to violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution by pushing religion into public schools. They lumped evolution denialism and global warming denialism into the broad terminology of “scientific controversy” (in case you’re reading, there are no scientific controversies over these theories, just political ones). And those Republicans tried their best to give the children in those states the worst science education ever. Evolution is the foundation of biology, that field of science that is the basis of our health, of medicine, of agriculture, of our environment, and of every living thing on the planet.

 So far, in 2012, there have been several attempts by Republican controlled state legislatures to force religion into public schools. It’s been a mixed bag, with several close wins for the science side, and a notable loss.

The Losses

  • Tennessee–the Monkey Bill, HB 368, was passed by the state legislature and allowed to become law by the governor. The legislation allows public schools to teach the scientific controversies about evolution and global warming.
  • Private school scholarships–taxpayer funded scholarships are used to by schools to teach creationism.

The Wins

  • Indiana–brilliant move by state senator, Democrat Vi Simpson (not related), amended the bill in such away that schools would have been required to teach every form of creationism including some obscure ones. Legislature leadership pulled the bill, but also the Republican Speaker of the Indiana House stated that the legislature shouldn’t be mandating what is taught in science classrooms. Rationality in Indiana prevails.
  • Oklahoma–HB 1551 and SB 1742 died in committee in March, 2012.  Then the Republicans tried to amend HB 2341 to allow for schools to teach the scientific controversies in evolution and global warming. That bill died too.
  • Missouri–HB 1227, an antievolution bill, died in committee before coming to vote.
  • Alabama–HB 133, a bill that would have allowed Alabama public schools to allow teaching of creationism for school credit, died in the legislature prior to a vote being held before the legislature adjourned for the year.
  • New Hampshire–by a resounding vote of 280-7, the Republican dominated legislature defeated a creationist bill. 
  • School teachers–A California school district was sued by a student because his teacher referred to creationism as “religious, superstitious nonsense.” The school district won. The Supreme Court of the USA refused to hear the claim so the school district won again.

So the good guys, the pro-science side, won the legislative year by a score of 6-2. Not bad, except a few of those losses were a result of parliamentary maneuvering rather than an outright vote. Except for the New Hampshire heroes.

Let’s remember, evolution is a scientific fact. And so is global warming. Whatever the Republican legislatures want to do, it just makes the country a scientific weakling in the world. And it violates the constitution. Amusing irony from the political party that whines about the constitution and American economic power. 

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23 Replies to “Evolution vs. creationism scorecard: 2012”

  1. I am satisfied that only the maker of the universe has complete knowledge on how the human race came about, why we are here and our ultimate fate. That is enough for me – the major task of mankind is to live in peace with all and try to leave the world a better place for future generations. Legislation in these matters serves no purpose other than to impose your view on others and infringe on free expression and basic human rights.

    1. But of course the radicals insist there was no creation and they use the classroom to assert the theory that life evolved spontaneously by unknown and unspecified processes with the sole intent to deny the reality of God as Creator. It does not matter thaey lack even the slightest clue as to how life came to be–the point is that God did not do it.

      So while you do not want to tell others–they are very intent on telling your kids God did not do it. So is it great to lay down for the ignorant so their denial is taken as factual?

      1. Are you seriously claiming that creationism is a rational explanation for ANYTHING? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

        If God, “did it,” why in the world does a mistake like YOU exist?

        1. I have indicated here that the science class posits no theory as how life could have begun. Further, there is no science of evidence suggesting the “how” of creatures evolving into other creatures–except for the belief that because one form of life changed over time–by inference–bacterium somehow become human life forms. Just don’t ask for the fine print about that.

          How that happens–they haven’t even a guess–much less evidence.

          It is interesting that the Jewish tradition and our sages formulated the age of the universe to be 15 billion years old and that it was created out of nothing in an instant with simply pure energy and total matter of a kind smaller than a “mustard seed.”

          They mocked us for thousands of years. Modern science now confirms that the universe began in an instant about 15 billion years ago from what is called a “big bang.”

          You see science can be right about something if we wait long enough to catch up with what was disclosed to our sages some 3500 years ago.

            1. But you crowd cannot claim that and they do not–it is all conjecture. It is not as if they understand even the slightest about how all this has happened and the mechanisms that work scientifically to create a bird from a dinosaur for example.

              Note the recent findings from the Cambrian also show vertebrate fish–coming with an incredible number of life forms all exploding in one very short period of time.

              These advocates then say –ok–it was all “punctuated”–but what does that mean concerning the theory and the time it takes for the supposed evolution to happen.

              The narrative cannot be in doubt here–only the spin and the understanding. Almost all of the time of earth has been no life–then for a period of time only bacteria. Then–all of a sudden a profusion of very complicated life forms in a very short period of time.

              It is not very scientific to say–well that is just how it happened–once it got started–it just really got going quickly. OK–fine–by what mechanisms? Natural selection of genetic mutations have no creative capacity.

              How does “nature” create life?

              Sitting back and claiming you know it all when you know none of it is just a bluff. But sadly–your people do not even have a clue–even a theoretical construct.

              This is why they jumped over this Darwin jerk. Being desperate to find an explanation does not equal having an explanation. It is merely a tiny bit of intellectual for those uncomfortable thinking about the reality of God.

              Luck is the backup theory here. OK–trust luck all yoiu want–it is not a scientific explanation. Magic is the bottom line with your people. Childish make believe.

              I am here to whisper in your ear to say that it is time to wake up and grow up.

              This is why my stand here is to not teach “creationism” but to refuse the opportunity in the schools to declare the concept of God as creator is dead. To simply say it is beyond our understanding as scientists and as people to understand how life evolved.

              You, by contrast, are all wrapped in politics. I push sanity and modesty in the face of things we will not understand scientifically.

            2. Now I’m starting to think you are a troll.
              They do not teach that there is no god, they simply teach what we currently understand to be true. Just because some religions shot themselves in the foot by claiming a god just created people and animals as they were – which shows inaccuracies in their doctrine – doesn’t mean we should toy with children and deprive them of knowledge and facts.

              Luck and Magic is entirely what religion is based on, I find it absurd you would make such a comment about science while your personal beliefs DEMAND magic. Your comment here is further evidence of your lack of integrity and shows you have no real desire for the truth.

              The whole thing about evolution and science in general is that it DOESNT require anything other then natural processes, the reason religion cannot be involved in the science class is because it DIRECTLY requires magic in order to be true.

              What I find the most interesting about you and your intellectual dishonesty is the fact that you (like many other ignorant fools) spend all your time trying to say how evolution is false rather then just proving your own hypothesis – that a god exists.

              Why don’t you just prove your point instead of trying to disprove others. (because you have no evidence to support your point)

              ***IMPORTANT NOTE***
              If you managed to prove evolution was false tomorrow it would add zero weight to god argument. You actually need to prove your point, not disprove others.

            1. Everything has a creator-you were created by your mother and father. The planets were created by the Creator.

              The Creator is defined as that force that is beyond space and time and has no creator.

              This is one of the oldest discussions among human beings. Te Greeks had their crude way of discussing the question.

              The best answers in our tradition comes from kaballah–but this is the real stuff and not the center in Los Angleles where Madonna and Hollywood stars visit.

            2. Why does the “creator” have no creator?
              Do you believe in abiogenesis?
              I guess you must do…..

            3. Real science doesn’t require a “creator” of any type. It requires no magic. No supernatural beings. No mythology.

              Science CAN answer, given enough time, any question presented in the universe. We know how life started. We know how the universe came into being. We know how energy and matter can come out of nothing through simple quantum physics.

              You can live in your ignorance, trying to explain the natural world with a mythical being invented by uneducated, clueless goat herders living in the unenlightened world of the Bronze Age. That’s fine if you want to “believe” in bullshit written for the illiterate masses.

              But I’m not going to do that. I’m going to rely upon evidence and high quality evidence, not a book of myths.

              You shouldn’t be here on science website. You don’t have the education, wits or wisdom to really participate.

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