“Homeopaths without Borders” going to Haiti to provide water

Yes, there is a group called Homeopaths without Borders. Apparently, the group that does lifesaving work across the world, Doctors without Borders, are too busy, utilizing real evidence-based medicine with real medications, risking their own lives, and doing great works, to be worried about homeopathy, a pseudoscientific concept, even if this group steals their imprimatur without shame.

Homeopaths without Borders are sending their water magicians to Haiti, a country that has had to suffer so much during the past few years. During their time their, “the team will be in Port-au-Prince to complete the final session of the Fundamentals Program—a foundational curriculum in homeopathic therapeutics incorporating theoretical and clinical training.” Clinical training on the poor residents of Haiti? Have they not suffered enough?

Let’s review the science behind homeopathy:

The first dilution is one part to 100 parts water.

  • Homeopathy is based on dilution, based on the belief that diluting a substance increases it’s potency. Of course, there is no evidence for this, and it violates all the laws of quantum physics, but homeopaths believe this nonsense.
  • The ridiculousness of their beliefs are based on this dilution effect. First, one part of a substance (whatever it is, it could be duck guts of that is diluted in another 100 parts water. Each dilution is called 1C, so two dilutions would be called 2C, with one part of the similar diluted in 10,000 parts water. But it doesn’t stop there. Homeopathy uses >30C dilutions, which means that the dilution is simply water. At 30C, the dilution is now 1 part substance to 10^60 (or 10 followed by 60 zeroes) parts water. You would need to drink 10^34 (or 10 followed by 34 zeroes) gallons of water (which is about 10 billion times the amount of water on earth) just to get one molecule–one single molecule of the original substance. That’s just impossible.
  • Homeopathy is considered quackery by the medical community.
  • There is no evidence that homeopathy works in clinical trials.
  • And again.
  • And again.
  • And again.
  • And again from Cochrane.
  • And again from Cochrane.
  • And again from Cochrane.
  • In case of overdose, consult a lifeguard.

I could go on.

Well, I guess the people of Haiti need fresh water, and at least we know that homeopathy is good at delivering fresh water. But the sad fact is that anyone in Haiti who is expecting real medical treatment from these quacks isn’t getting it and may be forsaking the great medical treatment from the outstanding physicians at Doctors without Borders. I hope the people of Haiti never confuse the two. Unless they need water. But I think the latter group has water too.

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      • notation

        Don’t get stuck in the Sahara with one. He’ll either bore you to death or you’ll die of lack of water.

      • David

        Homeopathy was and remains serious science because it works. I have no knowledge of this Haiti link–that is not my argument. The history of medicine is fascinating and I encourage everyone to seek out the truth. With a free market, homeopathy won the minds and devotion of the American people throughout the 19th C and the best and brightest attended universities of homeopathy. The “regulars” as they were called–more often called “quacks” conspired to quash competition and by force of law pushed out all other forms of medicine so what we have left is monopoly medicine by the quacks who have taken us from a healthy nation to a sick nation and have stolen the nations money while doing so.

        Homeopathy once worked beautifully but in truth, the medical mob has created problems in the society so deep and so difficult, many homeopathic regimes are now ineffective although others have real applicability.

        The ‘modern’ founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hannemann is literally enshrined in bronze in Washington, DC as the hero of the people who saved so many lives. We once truly lived in a nation that knew the score. Now we have a corrupt gang of liars raping the nation of our health while taking all of the money for kicks,.

        No homeopathic doctor ever could do that since it he did not produce results, no one would ever see them.

        To let the people decide is the call of the day but we have state run and state controlled medicine and we must take what they give us: poisons.

        I suppose no one is going to construct a monument to toxic vaccines or antibiotics. Alas, we have no hero in our generation.

        • notation

          Oh, bullshit, like everything else you post. If you can’t cite any studies that SHOW that homeopathy “works,” then it DOESN’T, you moron.

          • David

            In a straight up test of what works and what does not–the American people throughout the 19th C chose homeopathy. The point that the allopaths are so close-minded they do not understand how it works cannot defeat an entire success history.

            So in the same way we must ignore the victims of the modern medical mob–we must also ignore the patients that celebrated their incredible cures.

            Sorry to observe that real medicine is functional is an important point lost of the current mob intent on doing what the system calls for and NOT what is good or of value to the patient.

            The patients know–let them choose! If the hallowed halls of allopathy are so wonderful–who would choose homeopathy. But of course, homeopathy is standard medicine in Europe and thrives–for instance in the most medically sophisticated nation in the world: Germany. People who take the cure–heal.

            But in the US after the disgusting and illegal monopoly status given to the weakest, ugliest and most ineffective branch of medicine–homeopathy has been reduced to the back corner of the health food aisle and although favored by millions–its current practitioners are not professors of the best and brightest of our medical schools as they were in the 19th C. Now–studying poisons takes top billing–the patient and his cure is no longer offered.

            The stand of MONOPOLY is all one needs to observe since if they were right–there is no need to push out every other form of medicine. Except that in a sane world, public interest would demand that the poison pushers be marginalized and not those who actually heal and help the people.

            • notation

              I don’t give a fucking shit what people chose, you moron.

              Post studies, or go home.

            • David

              That is right–if the patient loves the remedy or hates it–he does not get to VOTE. It works only if the mob approves it.

              Well put. We got it. And the vulgarity adds the contempt for the people.

            • notation

              If you can’t cite a study, just say so, dear. It won’t shock anyone.

            • I’m not sure why comments are suddenly appearing on a two-year old article, but I’ll bite.

              There is simply zero evidence that homeopathy has anything beyond a mythical placebo effect.

              There is not one tiny plausible way that water could have a memory, unless we are to throw out a century of knowledge about quantum mechanics, physics, chemistry and who knows what else. If someone wants to present evidence that does throw out that knowledge, there’s about 15 Nobel Prizes waiting.

              But here’s the thing. That’s not going to happen, because homeopaths push pseudoscience, not real science.

            • notation

              No question. No sane person believes that homeopathy is anything but crap.

            • notation

              No cites, no studies, no evidence.

            • notation

              Homeopathy was and remains serious science because it works”

              Hardly. If it “worked,” honey, you’d be able to cite studies that show that. You can’t.

              Impotence, thy name is David.

        • notation

          Well, you’re certainly not the “hero,” honey, considering you can’t back up a single thing you post.

        • Mike Stevens

          Monuments to vaccines?
          How about narrowing that down to just one important figure in the history of vaccines, Edward Jenner:

          A statue of Jenner by Robert William Sievier was erected in the nave of Gloucester Cathedral.
          Another statue was erected in Trafalgar Square and later moved to Kensington Gardens.
          London’s St. George’s Hospital Medical School has a Jenner Pavilion, where his bust may be found.
          A group of villages in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, United States, was named in Jenner’s honor by early 19th-century English settlers, including Jenners, Jenner Township, Jenner Crossroads, and Jennerstown, Pennsylvania
          Jennersville, Pennsylvania, is located in Chester County.

          Seems you are wrong about that, just as you are wrong about everything else.

          • David

            OK–nothing in the US but Jenner in the UK. So the thought here is that Jenner and smallpox is worthy of mention–while Hannemann and his contributions to health are also mentioned. But Jenner gets a tiny monument without cause or merit while Hanneman’s huge statue–could not be denied by those healed among the people and among the political elite.

            But consider the fact Jenner did little to curb the smallpox epidemic and his “science” here is nonsense. Simply by observing people who worked around cows were less vulnerable to cowbox is a statement of natural immunity. He one his argument by observation of a handful–not scientific testing. When one boy who had smallpox was injected with the live virus–he actually lived. But the injection had little to do with that–afterall smallpox had many survivors.

            And as the century of death from smallbox unfolded–mass outbreaks and deaths coincided with mass vaccination programs. A trubute to Jenner is not to be found in all the other nations of the world where his “cure” did nothing. While Hannemann–who was not from the US–had such a powerful impact that the US gave him a monument. As the century unfolded–the vaccine did not help and if you say it was only because it was not the right kind or the right type–etc. you are only desperate to claim some kind of victory.

            But this is interesting to discuss since modern vaccines are based on the same unscientific and unproven assumptions as they were when Jenner first picked up the notion. It is all very theoretical and not at all proven.

            The proof here is that the people who are getting the vaccines are the same people getting the disease and dying. Not a good statement of product liability.

            The history of vaccines PROVES they do not work and when silver and better nutrition defeated polio in the early 20th C and sanitation defeated measles and a host of other vexing medical problems BEFORE THE mass introduction of the vaccine–all that is left is the shear gall of the medical mob to claim credit when they did not help. After the problem was virtually solved–they swept in to introduce some vaccine and then provided after the fact numbers that their unproven concept was the genesis of the reduction of the problem. That is called a scam.

            They are lying.

            This is why we have health problems coming out of nations with poor sanitation. Facts and logic are required to assess problems–don’t you agree?