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Because I’m so annoyed by the anti-vaccination gangsters, I tend to read nearly every article, blog, and CDC statistic (seriously, I’m a vaccine geek) about vaccines.  While doing some background reading on the Patriot Nurse (read about her if you haven’t), I found a blog called Autismum (it’s been promoted to my favorite blogs in the side bar).  Once I start reading a blog, I keep going back to see what’s up.

She wrote a short post about the French movie, Le Mur (the Wall).  It’s a French documentary about some of the abusive practices in the French medical system for autism, including le Packing, which is a procedure (no, a procedure is evidence based, this is just plain medieval) where an autistic child is wrapped in cold wet sheets.  Now, I’m a Francophile.  My ex-wife is born and bred Parisienne.  Both of my daughters’ first language is le Francaise.  I love French food (mostly).  I find the myths about France and the USA to be amusing and untrue.

But this nauseates me at the basic level.  How can a modern country allow this practice?  What’s worse is that the French government is censoring the movie because, I suppose, it offends them.  This makes me despise French political system and hope that whatever we do to improve the US healthcare system, let’s not emulate France.

If you do anything else, read Support the Wall, and give them whatever verbal, monetary, or political support you can.

Source:  Le Mur – Censored « Autismum


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  1. It’s good that the situation is slowly changing in France. Unfortunately the situation regarding the related issue of Holding Therapy is still not widely known in the UK. A young man who experienced HT between the ages of 11-13 describes his experiences here –


    A criminal investigation into the programme has been ongoing for 4 months now (the case is currently with the CPS) and Foot Anstey a major firm of solicitors, have been investigating a legal claim for 9 months. In spite of this, hardly anyone in this country knows that one of the largest and most systematic programmes of state-funded Holding Therapy in the world, takes place in the UK.

    Perhaps the campaigners against Le Packing and the campaigners against Holding Therapy can support each other in what seem to be very similar goals

  2. That’s why we should rely on evidence based medicine rather than some fallacious belief that some old treatment works. I’m shocked that it’s not stamped out in France. But then again they think homeopathy works.

  3. As you’ll see in my comments at http://childmyths.blogspot.com, this type of treatment has been going on for centuries– not to suggest that this makes it any less reprehensible, but it’s important to realize that it’s not an isolated incident historically or geographically.It needs to be fought on a broad front, as do other “alternative” treatments.

    1. A commenter at my blog pointed me to your’s and it’s really informative. I had no idea the “treatments” had such a long history. I’ve put in a few links to you for readers who want to know more.

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