lilady RN – a memory of a passionate vaccine supporter

In the world of social media, we generally don’t get to know one another very well. Out of the thousands of followers of this blog on Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets, I know only a handful people personally.

Individuals come and go, and sometimes you don’t notice when they come or go. But sometimes, an individual, even if they are anonymous, they make comments or make statements that remain in your memory, so you do notice when they are still around or not.

One such person is lilady RN, one of those anonymous individuals who also had a profound effect on this blog. She always was one of the first people who would comment on anything I wrote. She was positive, and would gently, if not very firmly, stand up to those who pushed an antivaccine agenda on here.

When I first started this website, I had no clue what I was doing. I didn’t have a voice. I’m not a journalist, so I just wrote. And she was one of the first people to post a comment on here. Over the past year, she has commented over 300 times to my articles, but thousands of times on Disqus to hundreds of articles that focused on vaccines, healthcare, and apparently other issues about which she was obviously passionate.

This past weekend, I was running a report about who commented here most, and her name was at the top of the list. Her comments suddenly stopped on April 14, 2015. Not just on my website, but across the internet. I was curious, but people stop commenting for lots of reasons. I guess I imagined she was working for Doctors without Borders or some organization helping people who needed her help.

Today, I found out what happened to her, and the truth was very sad indeed. I saw an article by a fellow blogger, Harpocrates, who wrote this statement about lilady:

It is with a very, very heavy heart that I write this. I recently learned that a member of our community, known to most as “Lilady”, passed away. She was a vocal and fierce advocate for public health and children, especially those with special needs. Her own son suffered physical and intellectual issues due to a rare genetic disorder, ultimately predeceasing her in his 20s. She also helped care for the son of her dear friends, who similarly suffered from multiple medical issues, including profound mental retardation and autistic-like behaviors. Until her death, she visited him every week.

In her youth, she saw first-hand what diseases like polio could do, with the virus taking the life of one of her childhood friends. She also once mentioned how a cousin was left with permanent brain injury due to measles encephalopathy. These early experiences inspired her to pursue a career as a public health nurse. Her years as a licensed registered nurse and epidemiologist gave her particular insight into infectious diseases and how they could best be controlled. Lilady dedicated herself to improving the lives of others.

Lilady has been an active voice online, particularly on the topic of vaccinations. She was often one of the first to respond to anti-vaccine myths on news articles from around the country. I first “met” Lilady over on the blog Respectful Insolence. We eventually corresponded via email, and her passion for science and justice always inspired me. She never shirked from telling the hard truths, even if it meant being perceived as gruff or “mean”. And it was amazing to see her in action across the web. Whenever a news story cropped up on autism or vaccines, just as surely as anti-vaccine activists would swoop in to fill the comments with myths and nonsense, you could be sure that Lilady would be there, too, to counter them with science and fact.

She has been a great friend to many of us, offering support and comfort in our own times of need. I am honored to have known her, and my one regret is that I never had the opportunity to meet her in person. My thoughts go out to her family and friends.

She was inspiring. And now that I know more about her, about her life and family, I know that her comments here and elsewhere wasn’t out of a desire to be well known as a commenter, but to counter the myths that pushed onto people by those who have some agenda that does not have the best interest of her fellow human beings at the forefront.

She also inspired other bloggers. She used to frequent Orac’s blog and the good people at Science Based Medicine, frequently posting something I wrote that was germane to their comments. Orac’s personal eulogy to lilady was also just published, and made me smile, in the way that we smile when we remember how someone made life a little bit easier, a little bit sunnier:

And it’s true. I’m starting to realize how much she added to the community that has, incredibly enough, formed around this blog. Whenever some new antivaccine troll would show up, spewing the same old antivaccine nonsense as though it were new, as though she had been the first person to think of it, as though scientists hadn’t thought about it many times before and refuted it, lilady would be there, slapping down the nonsense so that I wouldn’t have to.

…I will miss lilady, because no one can do it quite like she did.

For me, the best thing that lilady did was handle the numerous antivaccine trolls that frequent this blog. I have no patience with them, but lilady had just enough patience to snark them into silence. I read through most of her comments here, and I was trying to find the right one, but I couldn’t. There were so many.

But I think found one that perfectly represents lilady RN’s feelings about the antivaccine crowd:

The “feedback loop” is there. Not only do you have a reading comprehension problem, you also seem to have an auditory processing problem.

If, in fact, you have a relative who is a physician, and if, in fact that physician told you she doesn’t report minor events (redness and pain at the injection site, mild/moderate fever, crankiness, etc.), she correctly does not report those reactions.

Get to know the difference between minor reactions and Severe Adverse Events, which physicians are required to report.

I worked as a public health nurse clinician-epidemiologist at a large (1.2 million population catchment area) County Health Department-Division of Communicable Disease Control, where I investigated cases, clusters and outbreaks of vaccine-preventable-diseases. During my tenure there, I administered thousands of vaccines to infants, children and adults and never had a Severe Adverse Event reported to me by a parent or a treating physician. My colleagues (~ 40 doctors and nurses) at the Health Department, during their collective tenures, administered hundreds of thousands vaccines and they never had a Severe Adverse Event reported to them by a parent or a treating physician.

I had contact with every doctor (pediatricians and family practice doctors) who administered vaccines to infants and children in my County, they never reported a Severe Adverse Event for any vaccine.

Cripes, get a life, get an education in basic science and stop perseverating.

Immunology 101, Virology 101, Bacteriology 101 and Epidemiology 101…learn some.

The troll never replied back.

I too regret never meeting her, never chatting with her privately. I just knew she was there, and she did so much for me and this website, I’m not sure I could put together the right words for her.

I am saddened that she is gone. She must have been a hero to her colleagues and a wonderful person to her family and friends. There isn’t much I can say to make anyone feel better, but she did make the world a bit better by righting some wrongs. And what more can we expect from a fellow human being.

Thank you lilady RN. You will be sorely missed.

The Original Skeptical Raptor
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  • Crapostacon

    The funniest part is the “donate” button

  • Jon kimble

    I mean maybe an alias counts as a real person to souless people like you who live in an online fantasy land, but in the real world we pay respects to real flesh and blood human beings with real names. Not some troll who could have just as easily been a 70 year old man for all anyone knew

  • Jon kimble

    Hey how’s Kermit the frog and the other online weirdos doing? The thing I find most amusing about this thread is how you expect people to sympathize with a dead alias who called people holocaust deniers. That’s all she was, some random alias who never left her computer. No wonder no one else bothered to listen. What a horrifying waste of time.

  • jason Voorhees

    I always thought gorski would play a great Kermit the frog. He wouldn’t even need a costume, and he’s already got all his looney Muppet friends at his side. Could be a blockbuster

  • I hate doing this, but I’m sick and tired of the antivaccination cult hatred. I’ve screenshot all of the relevant comments for a later date on antivaccine bigotry and hatred. Starting right now, I’m blocking and deleted all users who posted something hateful regarding lilady and her lifelong support of children’s health.

    Some of the threads aren’t going to make sense. But with the generally abusive and nasty comments from the antivaccine hate crowd, it’s clear they don’t make sense.

    I rarely censor comments. But I think it’s time.

    One more thing to some of the idiots who have commented elsewhere about this article. No, the “vaccine shills” do not track IP addresses or anything. To use this comment system, you need to be registered with Disqus, one of the top commenting systems on the internet (the other being Facebook). Since you’re registered, and accept the Terms of Service, guess what? We know what every comment you make all across the internet world. I use this same logon for every single Disqus comment I make, and I’m pretty consistent. You anti-vaccine trolls blow.

    • Todd W.

      Thank you. Those commenters were incredibly insensitive and shameless. I mean, how would they have reacted if any of us went over to, say, Age of Autism, and engaged in the same behavior they showed here? My guess is they would have been up in arms about how rude it is to trash talk someone on the memorial post. While their comments were instructive examples of how morally bankrupt they are, this post isn’t the place for them. Like you, I am not a fan of censorship, but decorum rules in this instance.

      • They would have screenshot them and posted them every where and say “look, they’re mean.”

    • Zogby

      You left ciaparker2

      Couple things about your comment

      1) The disqus mods for a site can see the IP of all commenters and their email addy. So… if you frequent Natural News, or Vactruth, couple others. Beware. Mike Adams and Jeffry Aufderheide are just the kind of assholes who will track and troll you, like they did with lilady. She was smart to keep her nym private

      2) The Disqus Admin panel also shows how many flags a given user has gotten, and how many deletes. It goes to a Disqus Rep score. If a user’s rep score is too low, all their comments go to moderation. Personal attacks, spammy links — use that flag. Shut them down.

      Lilady was a warrior, and that I respect.

      • True on both points. I allow trolls specifically because I think their ignorance and hatred need to be shown to the planet. I do delete spammers because Disqus catches them.

        Yes, I have the IP addresses, the terms of service for Disqus makes this clear if you register. Anyone who thinks there’s privacy on the internet has got to be insane. Write anything, and someday it will trace back to you. I once hired a sales rep (and in Big Pharma, they are highly vetted and educated), when a bunch of crazy tweets got back to one of the sales managers. They were racist and hateful. We had to terminate him.

        Whatever you say on the internet follows you everywhere.

    • Jon kimble

      Did it ever occur to you weasels that “liladyrn” is not a real name? Nor does anyone have any proof she was who she said she was, or even that she was a woman? You weirdos basically created a memorial for an avatar.. not a human being, and you accuse people of hatred? Whoever the hell commented from that account called people holocaust deniers, so who in their right mind is going to feel bad for an avatar making these accusations? Online might be the only world for you loser absent minded bloggers, but you are a small insignificant minority.

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  • Matt Carey

    She was a good lady. A strong advocate for her family, fighting the good fight for her son (and her “other son”) for decades, since back when it was even harder than now to get appropriate services for the disabled.

    Her efforts countering misinformation on vaccines, autism, fake medicine and the like made a difference.

    I will miss her.

  • AQ

    I shall dearly miss her skillful wielding of the trollbeater. RIP Lilady RN

  • AutismDad

    BARFOLA what a load of bull. A fitting send off to a Troll who supported vaccine adverse effects.

    • You mean she used real science to put down your lies and ignorance. And it shows just how moral and kind you antivaccination cultists are. Someone died, and all you can see is hate. Good for you. I wish I believed in hell, because I’m sure there’s a circle therein which would be perfect for your kind of hatred. But alas, you too will die, and all of your molecules will be recirculated through the universe. And your hatred will mean nothing, nothing at all.

    • Chris Preston

      Yet another poster gloating that someone over lilady’s death.

      It does seem to be true that anti-vaccine means pro-death.

    • Lawrence McNamara

      Yet more reasons why the average person believes that anti-vaxers are fundamentally crazy…..

    • Allyson_et_al

      Insulting a dead woman in the comments to a memorial post? I don’t think she was the troll, sir.

    • Matt Carey

      Your attack here is an embarrassment to our community. Lilady was a strong voice both for disability rights and for sound science.

      Yes, this is a rebuke from one Autism Dad to a claimed autism dad.

      • Jeff

        Matt Carey, someone who claims to be an advocate
        for autistic children yet sits on a committee with one of the CDC
        employees being accused of scientific fraud relating to the vaccine
        autism link. And you have the balls to call Andy Wakefield a charlatan.
        You are pathetic.

  • Proponent

    David Gorski’s appearance on this page.. lead me to play catch with the comments placed following his tribute to lilady R.N. at Respectful Insolence.

    One in particular, stood out.. by Autismum.

    Followed the link (“Goodbye, Lilady RN | Autismum”) to her blog.. where she wrote a beautiful and moving tribute of her own.

    And some others are noted as well on Autismum’s page:

    Just the Vax | “In Remembrance of Lilady”
    EpiRen at | “The people thought you were immortal”

    All.. very touching and moving remembrances and portraits of.. lilady R.N.. Give them a read.. keep the tissues handy.. and of course, be ready to smile, too.

    Yin and yang.. life and death.

    … …

    lilady @Respectful Insolence:

    “The overwhelming majority of parents I know who have children with severe and profound developmental disabilities, love their children deeply, have rearranged their lives to care for their children and are quite concerned about their children, when the time comes when parents can no longer care for their kids.

    These loving parents work tirelessly to change the system, to fight for increased funding/resources for in-home and out-of-home respite care, for medical insurance benefits for therapies that have proven track records to ameliorate self-injurious/self stimming behaviors, for physical, occupational, speech/language therapies and for employment opportunities for those adults who have the ability to work.

    And yes, these activist parents advocate for alternative living arrangements, nearby, “right at home, right in the neighborhood”, commensurate with the individual needs of children and adults born with developmental disabilities…so that they can live out their lives with dignity and participate in society.”

    (Tip of the hat to Autismum for leading me to this particular comment.)

    … …

    “May the sun never set on the good you did for the world.”

    (Tip of the hat to EpiRen for this quote.)

    • Davïd Foster

      Thank you.

    • Yes, this is the lilady I will remember, along with her impressive ability to wield science against antivaccine activists.

      • Jon kimble

        The lilady I remember was some nasty nameless old disgruntled troll who called people holocaust deniers. She was a joke on so many levels

  • Skeptologist

    Sorry to hear. My condolences to her family. I was fortunate enough to have a few interactions with lilady RN on Disqus. As you’ve mentioned in your article, her patience and persistence made an impression on me. You’ll be missed lilady.

    • Thanks for your comments. As you can read below, a few not very nice people are happy that she’s no longer with us. Sad.

      • Skeptologist

        That’s the internet for you though. Some people will never pass up the chance to be insensitive jerks.

        • To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised at how few nasty trolls showed up at my tribute to lilady.

          OTOH, I’m blessed with a commentariat who will not put up with such nasty antics, and the antivaxers know it.

          • I’m envious!!!

            • Todd W.

              Thankfully, I haven’t had any show up at my post yet. Guess I’m too small-cheese to warrant attention. Not that I’m complaining about a lack of trolls.

            • I’m torn. While I hate to see antivaccine trolls defame the dead, having a few around would help reveal just how nasty they are. Besides, apart from donating to a pro-vaccine charity I can’t think of a better tribute to lilady than to carry on her online work of slapping down antivaccine loons.

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  • Gail

    There is more involved in this vaccine debate, than whatis being brought out. People are trying to protect the health of their children that are against vaccinations. I have a proposal that is fair. I propose that doctors and nurses are trained on what are in the vaccinations and how they are made, because it has come out that they only repeat what the CDC has told them to say, without the training of what are actually in vaccinations.
    They need to be trained that the vaccinations are blood products from several species in each of the vaccines, learn about all the toxic chemicals in the vaccines and each chemical’s side effect, and that when they give a vaccination, they relay this information to the recipient or their
    parents, and they also give the Manufacturer Insert, and the manufacturer has to have all items listed as full disclosure on the inserts, without leaving any items off. (On the vaccine inserts, they state they have left some items off, and the manufacturer needs to give full disclosure of all items on the vaccine inserts.)

    At the present time, people are only given a Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS) instead of the Manufacturer Vaccine Insert. I propose that all doctors and nurses receive the training on what they are injecting into us with which of the many species of blood products that are in each of the vaccinations, and it needs to be required to let people know that with any blood products, there are high risks of contamination. They are using cancerous cells to grow cells in vaccines, because they multiply fast and the cell lines never die. Those cells they are using are referred to as continuous and immortal cell lines, and the scientists admit they are Tumorigenic and Oncogenetic. I propose that we get out all the truth and put it on the table for everyone regarding vaccinations, being as there are high risks with what is coming through the needle. The legislatures are voting to keep that information from all of the people, and it needs to come out. Otherwise, it is genocide, without full disclosure of all the risks and what are in the vaccinations.

    In this article, the CDC admits contamination problems of vaccinations. CDC Article regarding Adventitious Agents and Vaccines – 3rd paragraph states, “In the past, biologic products have served as vectors for viral diseases. Examples include the contamination of yellow fever vaccine with hepatitis B virus in the 1940s (because a human-derived excipient contained hepatitis B virus), contamination of early polio and adenovirus vaccines with simian virus 40 in the late 1950s and early 1960s, contamination of blood products with hepatitis viruses and HIV, and contamination of dura mater grafts with the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease agent (a fatal brain disease referred to as “mad cow” disease). In these examples, either human or animal materials used in production usually caused the contamination.”

    Right from The National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health – PubMed is a Federal Government Medical Website, admitting the polio vaccine in India paralyzed 47,500 children, and MANY DIED! Furthermore, while India has been polio-free for a year, there has been a huge increase in non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP). In 2011, there were an extra 47,500 new cases of NPAFP. Clinically indistinguishable
    from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received. Though this data was collected within the polio surveillance system, it was not investigated. DID YOU GET THAT? THE ORAL POLIO VACCINE THEY GAVE TO THE CHILDREN IN INDIA PARALYZED 47,500 of THEM AND IT WAS NOT INVESTIGATED. Sound familiar? Like what they are doing here in the US?

    There is so much more information out there, and that is why it is important that all the information come out regarding vaccinations, because anything that injected into our body is an invasive procedure, and carries high risks.

    • MethScented Shart

      oh boy

    • Chris Preston

      Right from The National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health – PubMed is a Federal Government Medical Website, admitting the polio vaccine in India paralyzed 47,500 children, and MANY DIED!

      Oh dear.

      PubMed is a compiler of medical research papers.

      This particular paper was not research, but a comment written in an obscure Indian journal for ethics. It was written by a doctor from Delhi by the name of Jacob Puliyel who describes himself as a ‘vaccine whistleblower’ .

      Puliyel is wrong in his claim that the oral polio virus was the cause of non-polio accute flaccid paralysis. Research has consistently shown that non-polio enteroviruses are to blame for many of the cases.

      The number increase coincident with the campaign to eradicate polio from India, because every case of paralysis needs to be investigated to determine whether polio was the cause. There was a correlation with looking harder for AFP with the onset of the campaign. Puliyel seems to have forgotten this.

      • Andrew Lazarus

        Puliyel seems to resent that Western donors are willing to fund the polio campaign while his hospital gets nothing for basic needs. I suppose you can get a lot of bang for the buck either way.

    • Skeptologist

      Good grief. Another graduate of Google University has it all figured out. I wonder why people bother spending years to get MDs and PhDs when apparently you can learn everything that the experts know by reading a few blogs. Oh that’s right, because you can’t.,

      • Bjorn Fowler

        Honestly a bachelors degree gives enough of an education to know the antivaxxers don’t understand anything they say

        • If you have two neurons that work, you should understand the stupidity of people like Gail. But I’m setting a high standard.

      • It is depressing to behold, but unfortunately the Dunning-Kruger effect guarantees that people like Gail will never let anything like science, expertise, or knowledge interfere with their delusion that their spending a few hours on Google prepares them to make a credible criticism of vaccine science. Just watching them Gish Gallop around, not understanding the studies they cite, would be amusing if it weren’t so saddening—saddening because these lies and this misinformation endangers children.

    • There is NO debate about vaccines. One side has all of the scientific evidence. The other, just lies, misinformation, and ignorance.

      The ONLY side of this fake debate that is concerned about children’s health are those who want all children to be protected from vaccine preventable diseases that harm or even kill.

      You have absolutely no scientific knowledge, and you show your ignorance throughout your “cut and paste” job.

      • Gail

        What you do not understand is that vaccines have given people serious diseases like cancer from the SV40 virus and other tumorigenic and oncogenic cell substrates. Again. In this article, the CDC admits contamination problems of vaccinations. CDC Article regarding Adventitious Agents and Vaccines – 3rd paragraph states, “In the past, biologic products have served as vectors for viral diseases. Examples include the contamination of yellow fever vaccine with hepatitis B virus in the 1940s (because a human-derived excipient contained hepatitis B virus), contamination of early polio and adenovirus vaccines with simian virus 40 in the late 1950s and early 1960s, contamination of blood products with hepatitis viruses and HIV, and contamination of dura mater grafts with the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease agent (a fatal brain disease referred to as “mad cow” disease for bovine calf serum which is blood). In these examples, either human or animal materials used in production usually caused the contamination.”

        FDA ADMITS TO IMMEDIATE VACCINE-CANCER LINK: ‘Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) is a recently discovered human retrovirus that has been found in both chronic fatigue syndrome & prostate cancer patients. There is a potential safety concern regarding XMRV in cell substrates used in vaccines…’

        I know we all have cancer cells because they are in the vaccines. Click on the pdf file on the FDA NON-BINDING Guidance to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

        • You are so fucking ignorant, it’s just sad. Layton High School flunk-outs like you were known as the most stupid in Utah.

        • TsuDhoNimh

          Read it … what part of “IN THE PAST” do you not understand?

          The technology to detect contaminants has advanced since the 1940s.

      • Gail

        This was in the Polio Vaccine, and the CDC took down this information, but it is still in the archive. Why do you think we see so much cancer today. The monkeys they grow vaccines in are carriers of SV40 cancer virus, HIV, and SIV. Like I told you, vaccines are biological blood products, and they are contaminating our blood with many species.

        Really look at this and study it. Ingredients in Vaccines by the CDC: Controversial products used to make vaccines: African Green
        Monkey (Vero) cells, aluminum, cow products, Cocker Spaniel cells, formaldehyde, human fetal lung tissue cells, insect products, and mouse brains. Doctors, Nurses, and Politicians are not trained on how the pharmaceutical industries make and they do not know what are what are in vaccines. (Be sure to scroll down and read II. GLOSSARY AND DETAILS FOR INGREDIENTS of what are in the vaccines) This site goes into a lot of detail. Also, here is the CDC Website that does not go into as much detail, but lines up with the other link by Procon.

        • Chris Preston

          Oh dear he we go again, another anti-vaccine trope. One type of early polio vaccine did get contaminated with SV40 (a monkey ERV).

          This was more than 50 years ago. The vaccine production was changed in 1961 to eliminate the virus. There is no evidence that SV40 causes cancer in humans or increases the risk in AIDS patients or indeed any cancers and the virus may not even be circulating in human blood.

          • AutismDad

            No but it was introduced into humans and is likely still circulating.

            • You ignorant pathetic fool. Your knowledge of virology and oncology are so lacking, you should be embarrassed that you actually waste precious resources to exist within your stupidity every day. How sad.

        • Bjorn Fowler

          “The monkeys they grow vaccines in are carriers of SV40 cancer virus, HIV, and SIV. Like I told you,
          vaccines are biological blood products, and they are contaminating our
          blood with many species.” This line shows you don’t even know what a is. They only use a purified attenuated virus or antigens of a killed virus. They don’t pump animal blood into our veins you wacko.

        • TsuDhoNimh

          ” The monkeys they grow vaccines in are carriers of SV40 cancer virus, HIV, and SIV”

          It sounds like you believe that ALL vaccines must be grown in monkeys. That is not true.

          BTW, I KNOW I got one of the SV40 contaminated batches of polio vaccine … that was over 50 years ago. What horrible effects should I be experiencing? Besides a notable lack of polio?

        • Ah, the old SV40 trope. it’s an old antivaccine chestnut that was discredited decades ago.

          With a dash of the “toxins gambit” thrown in for good measure, another bit of discredited antivaccine misinformation:

      • MethScented Shart

        Let me save you some time. Everything this schizo posts is a copy pasta from her copy pasta here.

        Now who comes to a wake and brings leftovers?

        Drop the ban hammer, brother.

    • TsuDhoNimh

      “They need to be trained that the vaccinations are blood products from several species in each of the vaccines,”

      Why would you want this to be “taught”, when it is untrue?

  • Gail

    My concern is in this subject of vaccinations is that no one is
    bringing out that these vaccinations are biological blood products
    according to the FDA and World Health Organization, and then there are
    the type of cells they grow the vaccines in which they are continuous
    cell and immortal cell lines, which means they are tumorigenic and
    oncogenetic, and the cross species transfer of infectious particles from
    what they are growing the viruses in, for the production of these
    vaccines. They are growing these viruses in the African Green Monkey and
    other animals, insects, tumors, etc. They are contaminating our blood,
    and that upsets me just as much as all the toxic chemicals they are

    Please review this information, because this is
    what you are not being told regarding vaccinations with information from
    the CDC, FDA, and World Health Organization (WHO) Websites.
    Ingredients in Vaccines by the CDC: Controversial products used to make
    vaccines: African Green Monkey (Vero) cells, aluminum, cow products,
    Cocker Spaniel cells, formaldehyde, human fetal lung tissue cells,
    insect products, and mouse brains. Doctors, Nurses, and Politicians are
    not trained on how the pharmaceutical industries make and they do not
    know what are what are in vaccines.
    (Be sure to scroll down and read II. GLOSSARY AND DETAILS FOR
    INGREDIENTS of what are in the vaccines) This site goes into a lot of
    detail. Also, here is the CDC Website that does not go into as much detail, but lines up with the other link by Procon.

    • lynneb

      Gail, repeating science-y sounding stuff that you don’t understand isn’t actually helpful. You’re scaring yourself with a combination of stuff that you don’t understand and stuff that just ain’t so — and while of course you have a perfect right to do so if you want, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to try to scare other people with it, and it certainly isn’t a good idea to try to make people base public health policy on it.

    • What you are stating is simply not true. You are propagating a lie, no different than what is stated by other liars. Vaccines are not blood products. They contain less formaldehyde than what is found in an apple or pear. You are just a liar.

      • Gail

        Yes they are. All Vaccines are blood products and are listed as biological blood products on the FDA and WHO Websites. Please do your own research to learn the truth.

        • MethScented Shart

          That’s right. Who needs those silly doctors with all their fancy book learning?

          • Gail

            I am not against doctors or nurses. I believe in doctors when there is a need and nurses have the hardest job, taking care of people in hospitals. The fact remains that most doctors and nurses are not trained or educated on how vaccines are made and what are in them, and neither do politicians, or lay people.

            • MethScented Shart

              Isn’t this where you tell us about your degree in Biological Warfare?

            • AutismDad

              We need nurses to wipe incontinent butts.

            • Lawrence McNamara

              Perhaps you should take a step back & think about how your statements would be received by the average person….

        • TsuDhoNimh

          No, you do yours … Being listed together on a web page means nothing.

    • TsuDhoNimh

      “These vaccinations are biological blood products according to the FDA and World Health Organization”
      Well, they certainly weren’t going to classify them as a food product.

      Please note that the FDA classification is not “biological blood product” it is “Vaccines, Blood & Biologics” on their web site. The punctuation is important … “Vaccines COMMA Blood AND Biologics” …. means that they are discussing separate things.

      Allergen Extracts, Allergen Patch Tests, Antigen Skin Test

      Blood & Blood Products
      Blood, Blood Components, Blood Bank Devices, Blood Donor Screening Tests

      Cellular & Gene Therapy Products
      Gene-based Treatments, Cell-based Treatments, Cloning

      Tissue & Tissue Products
      Bone, Skin, Corneas, Ligaments, Tendons, Stem Cells, Sperm, Heart Valves

      Vaccines for Use in Children and Adults, Tuberculin Testing

      • accidie

        It would be fun if they DID classify them as food products. Then all the moon-howlers could throw those famous ‘aborted foetal cells’ into the mix and, hey presto!you’ve got ‘Soylent Vaccine is people!’.
        Remember you saw it here first.

  • Al Mather

    Thank you for sharing this. I was also impressed by her clarity and measured restraint.

    • AutismDad

      killed another six pack?

  • Hans Meyer

    Bravo for posting this eloquent and moving tribute and memorial, @skepticalraptor:disqus .

    You’re good people, my friend… Someone who lilady RN would most certainly be proud to call friend.

  • Proponent
    • No longer. It’s been featured at the top of the comments section, because it should be.

      Thank you very much Proponent.

  • Proponent

    Quite enjoyed the following.. when Zogby (to name one) rallied to lilady’s side, after being set upon by her pet trolls..

    Zogbylilady R.N. • a month ago

    You don’t know me, but I have a solution for this problem.

    New, Improved Troll Spray®

    What makes Troll Spray® better than the competition? Our patented secret formula:

    We start with pure Magic Water and carefully infuse it with 1 nanomolecule per billion of genuine Eli Lilly Thimerosal, then add a dash of aluminum salts for that perfect punch. Safe for humans* but kills 99% of Internet trolls on contact.

    New Improved Troll Spray® Ask for it by name!

    (*These statements have not been evaluated by Mike “Health Ranger” Adams)

    • Zogby

      I am so tempted to open up a can of that right now, but Mom says “decorum.”

      • This piece was meant to be a memoriam for a fine person. It has turned into a sad and awful memorial of the hatred of the antivaccination cult. I should delete all of their hateful messages, but maybe when someone reads these, they will come to their own conclusions about these awful people.

        • Verna Lang

          I think the problem is that in our definition of decorum, we are just parrotting what we learned without thinking. We are using the old school meaning, not the enlightened, free-from-bias new meaning that means showing up at a memorial service to argue with and berate the friends and relatives of the deceased.

        • Davïd Foster

          Okay, so. Troll identification purposes.

          lilady R.N. Boris Ogon • 10 months ago

          “I don’t think I’m confusing Stone’s harassment of Reuben Gaines on his job. He’s the U.K. editor of AoA; he and all the other editors who moderate comments put personal information up about Dorit Reiss, her place of employment/name and telephone number of her supervisor at the law school, where she teaches, her family, her husband’s name and place of employment, her home address and the name of her child:

          “I lay the blame on Olmsted, Dachel, Stone, Stagliano and the hundreds of comments they themselves posted and the hundreds of comments with personal information about Professor Reiss for the harassing, threatening telephone calls:”

          That’s who these awful people are.

  • Liz Ditz

    Thank you for posting some of these examples, Michael. Her voice will be missed.

    • AutismDad

      No it won’t.

      • Well, it will be missed by those who appreciate logic, intelligence, wit, and scientific honesty. Therefore, you obviously won’t miss it. Thank you for making my point.

      • Allyson_et_al

        It will be missed by the sort of people who wouldn’t dream of trolling the comments section of a memorial page, i.e. decent people.

  • seniorcraig

    Great examples of her scientific discourse. Thank you.

  • Pingback: Goodbye, Lilady RN | Autismum()

  • DoreeenParsons

    I read her comments on many fora, I feel like I have lost a friend.

    • sabelmouse

      i feel like i lost a sadistic torturer.

      • ciaparker2

        You made me laugh, Sabel! Seniorcraig’s comment and your upvoting it also made me laugh!

        • sabelmouse

          you’re welcome. i’m amazed it’s still here.

          • Mike Stevens

            This is an online memorial blogpost, Sabelmouse.
            By trolling and posting insults you and Cia Parker reveal your true colours.

            • Katia

              Boy, isn’t that the truth! Boo, sabelmouse!

            • Mike P

              Ok. Even I have to upvote that! That was good. 🙂

            • You think those two horrific sociopaths care? They don’t care if children die of vaccine preventable diseases. They don’t care when an educated and passionate promoter of healthcare issues dies? They just don’t care. Awful human beings, showing exactly what kinds of horrific people they really are. I’m leaving up the nastiness so that the world can see what kind of people they are.

            • Heather Vanderweide

              Indeed, Mike. Truly two nasty individuals.

            • Chris Preston

              Jennifer Craig is not any better.

              I think it is much more important that we behave like adults and just let their vindictiveness demonstrate their moral vacuity.

              The gloating of Cia Parker et al. is ample demonstration of the effectiveness of lilady at countering their lies.

            • sabelmouse

              so we’d better not mention how often she told people to jump of a bridge if the didn’t agree with her?

            • Proponent

              Yes, please recite and link to the comments surrounding this fabricated tale conjured up by the Flying Monkey Squad.

              It is one of the most telling incidences of the lengths that you in your camp will go to in your lies and deceits.

              And.. don’t run away, sabelmouse and pull a ‘nwmt’ as you so often do.. counting on you to stand your ground and not be a coward. You’re not a cowardly sniveling piece of human excrement, are you?

              Prove me wrong.. back that stuff up.

            • Mike Stevens
            • sabelmouse

              yeah, another mikey comment that. telling it how it was about a nasty person isn’t trolling. her death does not change what she did or said even though pro shills clearly admire her.

            • ciaparker2

              I don’t think they really admire her, they have just been told to talk as though they did.

            • sabelmouse

              they might admire her unrelenting tenacity. but of course they have to praise her, and vilify us. apparently i’m harassing people by not singing her praises.

            • Lawrence McNamara

              Get stuffed Ms. Parker – Lilady was 100x the woman you are & always will be.

            • Don’t be late for your shift at Subway.
              I would really appreciate it if you don’t skimp on the pepper this time.

            • sabelmouse

              that’s very uninspired.

            • sabelmouse

              you eat subway?!?

        • You are nothing more than a sociopath.

          • ciaparker2


            • Then why comment in the first place, you ignorant cunt

            • Lawrence McNamara

              @Ms Parker – Lilady would probably be proud that she’s been a big enough thorn in your side that you would take time and effort to desecrate an online memorial to her memory…..

            • ciaparker2

              While I was startled by her aggressiveness when I first interacted with her at Shot of Prevention nearly three and a half years ago, I soon realized that it was just a persona, and I just accepted it with equanimity. Do you remember several months ago when an anti-vax commenter at SoP called Cynthia, with three children, made a comment there? You and your colleagues went berserk with anxiety, believing that it was I who had returned there. I must take it as flattery that you guys have tried to say that most of the thousands of anti-vax comments posted there were really written by me. Lilady intervened to try to bring you guys back to reality, saying that Dr. Parker had one child, not three. I was touched that she should call me Dr. Parker (which is correct, Ph.D.), and that she should have accepted the truth, without disputing it, of my having one special needs daughter, and no more. It was respectful of her, and I, in turn, respect that in her.

            • Mike Stevens

              “Professor Parker” was her sarcastic reference to your “I-know-it-all (more than the experts)” attitude.

            • ciaparker2

              In your opinion. In that context, she was not being snarky, but kind of critical of the hysteria of the Shot of Prevention board of pharma-defenders. Cynthia said she had three children and said something critical of vaccines, Law and several others went berserk saying she was me, and Lilady intervened dryly, saying that Professor Parker had one child, not three. She called Dorit Professor Reiss. I have a law degree (J.D.) and a Ph.D., and taught college-level French and Spanish for many years. It was correct (and surprisingly respectful) of her to make the comment she did.

            • Proponent

              lilady RN: “Does this mean you are discontinuing this latest marathon posting jag, Parker.

              Good for you. Now, back away from your computer and spend some quality time with your special needs child.”

            • ciaparker2

              Yes, a frequently-repeated witticism of hers. I try to do it all, translate, homeschool my daughter, and advocate for vaccine awareness. All three necessary and worthy activities which I try to keep in balance, not always successfully.

            • Proponent

              It wasn’t.. a witticism.

              It was.. advice.

              it was.. instructional.

              It was.. a reminder to accept your daughter as she is.. to stop trying to ‘fix’ her.. and more so, to channel those erstwhile energies towards and on her instead.

            • ciaparker2

              I just spoke with an autism advocate today who has an independent business unconnected to any school or agency. She said she thought she was going to get maybe twenty clients when she started less than five years ago. She now has four hundred families she tries to help. She says many of them show up at her front door sobbing, begging her to help them, that no one else will. She said ALL of them are in the same boat I am, saying the schools have no appropriate programs for our children, and there are no plans for how they are going to be housed and fed when we parents are gone. I told her how terrified I was, and she said all the others are too. She said she was on a committee connected to the schools, and they were told there were too many autistic students on the class rolls. (Remember, it’s all supposed to be better diagnosis, and not the real explosion (vaccine brain damage) that it is.) So the educators have been told to strip the diagnosis from a certain percentage of the kids, and just throw them in with the sharks, as they did with my daughter. There’s neither money, knowledge, techniques, or materials, no housing, no nothing. Light it up blue? Right. The bottom line is that no one cares, no one is doing anything but try to damage as many more as is possible, with lucrative vaccine mandates. The parents protested, saying you can ‘t just fix the autistic kid with a stroke of the pen, x-ing him off the list of autistic students he used to be on. She said that since that was highly immoral and unethical, that she resigned from the committee.
              Nothing to fix? My daughter can’t communicate, can’t talk to people. Can’t talk about any experience, or independently use adjectives or adverbs, or most tenses of verbs. Can’t relate it in writing either. Our pet sitter the other day asked what I was going to do, it’s so obvious that she’s never going to have meaningful employment or be independent. So what do you suggest? Just pushing her out the front door in three years when she’s 18 and locking it? Those members of our society who can see the mind-boggling dimensions of the problem are scared to death. No, I guess I’m projecting. I’m scared to death. Their employers have told them to turn their backs on the plight of autistic people and their families, throw them out, and lock the door, so that is what they are doing. Will it work long-term? Gee, what an intriguing question.

            • Lawrence McNamara

              Leave it up to Ms. Parker to make a memorial “all about her.”

              Get help, seriously psychiatric help.

            • ciaparker2

              I thought Lilady was all about bringing the tragic situation of disabled children to public attention. So you’re saying that she wouldn’t have given a darn about children disabled by vaccines, only by diseases?

            • Lawrence McNamara

              Here’s Ms. Parker again “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!!!”

            • ciaparker2

              Can’t do better than that, Law?

            • Lawrence McNamara

              No need – you’re the one in the mud here.

            • The first sign of sociopathy.

            • sabelmouse

              i can imagine. my daughter has some serious health issues too.
              she had to give up on so many ”normal” things. we’re lucky to be living in a country that hasn’t yet given up on social security.

            • Proponent

              ciaparker2: “Nothing to fix?”

              No.. there is nothing to fix.

              The only operative words here, as her mother.. should be.. accepting, nurturing and loving.

              And yet.. that seems beyond you since you continually reference her and others as.. less than.

              You could learn a lot from other parents that have taken a decidedly different path.. if.. you chose to.

            • ciaparker2

              The autism advocate says all 400 of her families here are frantic with worry and that nothing is being done to help normalize their children, or provide for them if they can’t be normalized. You say it doesn’t matter, just accept them as they are, but do you realize that all the agencies are insisting that they can all work full-time and be independent, and have no provision to take care of the 85-90% who will never be employed or capable of living independently?

            • Proponent

              Will you speak to your priest/spiritual person come this Sunday mass.. about your conduct here, ciaparker2?

            • Lawrence McNamara

              Do you homeschool? Because you also complain about your daughter’s classes at school….so which is it?

              As Likady would have said, Ms. Parker doesn’t seem to keep her stories straight.

            • ciaparker2

              I’ve always homeschooled her one to three school days a week, for the last few years only one day a week. But the public school actively refused to let her have instructional materials on her level which she could learn from, their speech therapy was misdesigned for language problems students had forty or fifty years ago, not for students with the language center of their brain and the inborn grammatical structures damaged by the vaccine encephalitis, and she didn’t speak one word better at the end of eight years than at the beginning. They said their language therapy came in two flavors: instructional (vocabulary used in typical lessons) and social (conversations have a beginning, middle, and end), with no thought given to low-verbal autistic students who couldn’t even say I see a kid on the playground. And they refused, saying the modern paradigm is the inclusive classroom, premised on the idea that sitting near typical kids would somehow improve the damaged neural circuits. And she was lonely, bored, felt inferior, overwhelmed, and so I took her out last November, and now homeschool her every day I can. Teaching her English as a foreign language from Cambridge Connect series for middle schoolers. She has to just memorize answers to questions I type out from the What Your -Grader Needs to Know, I don’t know what else to do. The school, after she had a nervous breakdown in the typical classes, put her alone to learn from PLATO online curriculum: I thought at first it was for the language-disabled, but when, four months later, she failed all the tests last May, they realized she hadn’t been understanding anything. It was designed to be challenging even for typical students, and she didn’t understand a word of it. But they had no other ideas, and wouldn’t accept mine (adapted materials and worksheets on her level). I wrote and talked to many “educational professionals” on every level, in special ed and autism resources. The school psychologist said that if there were an autism school here, they would send her to it, but there wasn’t. The special ed teacher said she couldn’t be in the special ed classroom because it was full with ten students, and my daughter is considered to have normal intelligence, but she can’t use, speak, or understand much language, which is a big impediment. The autism advocate here told me the other day that she was on a special committee which had been told that the exploding numbers of autistic students simply weren’t acceptable, there were too many of them, and were told to just cross off a predetermined number of autistic students off the list, to save money. The advocate told them they couldn’t solve the exponential increase by just crossing students off the list, and it was illegal to try to make the local definition of autism harder to meet than the state definition, but there you go. I think that’s why they put my daughter into middle school with an assurance given at her IEP meeting two years ago (which I protested) that she could now converse with typical peers at a typical level, when she can’t say anything at all to anyone. Never has. Did you see the AoA article yesterday about autism being sixteen times more common in Scottish schools now than it was fifteen years ago? John said in the UK as well, the educators are being told to hold the level of autistic students to 2%, when it has passed way beyond 3% (as it has here as well).
              At this time there are no plans for how to care for them in the future, our county case manager told me that at this time they’re all still living with their parents, the oldest is thirty now. It’s getting harder for them to get SS Disability too, I guess the SS inquisitors have also been told to hold the line at 2%, since the official word is that there is no real increase, just better diagnosis. I have read that 85 to 90% of autistic kids are never meaningfully employed, and never independent. What a conflagration this will be when everyone finally realizes/admits the truth. Kip Kendrick, our former case manager, the autism advocate the other day, a woman who has a support group, all say that the numbers have exploded and are continuing to do so, severely impaired kids who would not have been overlooked ten years ago. The increase is real and it’s because of vaccines.

            • Lawrence McNamara

              Again, as Lilady would have said – “what a crock.”

              Not only is what you’ve said illegal, but it would invite multiple lawsuits and publicity that would have to be seen to be believed.

              As one who has actually worked with and knows personnel assigned to protect the rights of disabled students, including those with autism, I can say that you’re making up that story out of whole cloth. Advocates, working with the schools systems, would never submit to anything that you’ve said & plenty of lawyers would line up to file suit in the case it was even suggested.

              You’ve bought into the line that your daughter is “beyond repair” and hopeless…..I feel the utmost sympathy for her, having a mother like yourself, who has descended into absolute madness. I’m shocked that Social Services has not been called in on behalf of your daughter, because you are doing her no favors….and your blatant lies about the education system serve no one either.

            • ciaparker2

              I’m glad to hear you say that. I spoke with the autism advocate for the first time on Monday, and I asked her if she thought I could successfully bring a lawsuit. I have read in books on special education that parents had best forget about suing, as it would be long, drawn-out, and expensive, and very rarely successful. I’ve talked with my neighbor and friends, asking if they thought I’d win, or if it would just be a waste of time, energy, and money I don’t have. Last year I met with a guy in charge of special ed at some level in the Aslin Building (administrative), together with Kip Kendrick and Liana Vessel (assistant autism resources). Liana said my daughter’s problem was only social anxiety, despite the fact that she’s never used a complete sentence ever with anyone, ever, and was diagnosed with autism when she was small. The man, whose name I’ve forgotten, looked at my daughter’s grades, and asked why I had a problem, that they were good, As and Bs. I said they WEREN’T As and Bs: the autism person in charge changed her Ds and Fs to As and Bs by fiat. He looked quizzically at Liana, it was news to him, and she nodded, yes, that was the case. At an IEP meeting a year and a half ago in December, I said my daughter should get adapted instructional materials and worksheets she could do, the principal nodded and said Of course, but then they got to her too, because she said nothing when I brought it up again at many subsequent meetings.
              I’m sure you’ve also been following along in my quest to get the brand and lot number of the hep-B vaccine she reacted to. Federal law since 1988 says they have to keep it until the age of 20, 21, 23, I’ve seen all three of them, but my daughter’s only 15. The hospital is adamant that they don’t have the information. I’m going to send them a certified letter requesting it, I want to know how much mercury was in it, among other things. One of you guys suggested that I ask for the stock records for 2000, to at least find out what brand they were using that year, but Kelly in Medical Records at Capital Region Medical Center called the pharmacy, called back, and said they do not have the stock records either. Several of my friends say they’re obviously lying, I have a feeling they know that they gave her a mercury-containing vaccine without permission, a year after the congressional hearing that said it was an unsafe vaccine and should never be given with mercury. My daughter had a rash, sweating all over her head that first week even in cool rooms, and a lot of drooling until she was ten, all symptoms of mercury poisoning. When I reported it to VAERS, the girl called the hospital to see if it had been from a hot lot, but the hospital told HER it didn’t have the information.
              I’ve told my friends that both things are so clearly illegal, SURELY I’d prevail in a lawsuit. My daughter is going to a social skills/speech summer camp for one week, so I’ll be seeing her and I’ll have to ask the advocate, or someone else, what lawyer I should go to about suing the school district. I have dozens of emails to everyone, including the three women on the school board, pleading to let my daughter have materials adapted to her level. Liana and the man whose name I don’t remember offhand said that only the school board could permit the use of materials other than the typical ones, but one of the school board members wrote back and said only the educational professionals could permit it. The new autism resources guy Lukin Murphy seemed helpful and concerned last September, made a copy of a page in a Lindamood Bell catalog I had of instructional resources for the autistic and otherwise language disabled, it offered a narrative test of ability to use language, which I thought they should use to show my daughter’s weaknesses. But then after the dark side got to him and explained where things stood, he completely stopped offering anything concerned or helpful, and said there WAS no test to evaluate how much language she understood and could use independently now. None. He said ten or twenty years ago under the old paradigm of adapted materials in the special ed room, she would probably have learned more, but the new paradigm of the inclusive classroom held that it was better for impaired students to sit in the same classroom as their typical peers, regardless of how little they could understand or join in. The previous autism resource specialist, Jena Randolph, when I called a special IEP meeting a year and a half ago because my daughter was already foundering two months after starting middle school, and she rejected everything I said and suggested, finally saying that the “scaffolding” method was what was called for. Meaning have a para or me do her typical, complex, and overwhelming homework (tons of it every day) IN FRONT OF HER, and theoretically she’d learn how to do it on her own. But her language disability is so severe that she just turned off, not understanding anything. It was just a way to try to float this do-nothing policy as long as they can. Last August they had to start a new autism classroom at Derby Ridge, because they got a large new influx of severely language-impaired autistic children, and they had no room for them with their two old self-contained autism classes.
              Write to me by private email, and I’ll forward all of the dozens of emails I wrote to her teachers, the principal, the school board, Kip Kendrick, the autism resource personnel, with their replies.
              I wrote to the editor of the Daily Tribune, Jim Robertson, several times, last fall he seemed shocked and interested, and said he’d bring it up at the next editorial meeting, that they were definitely going to do a story on it. But then I never heard from him again. I was thinking I should give him another chance, this news about the public schools having been told to just withdraw the autism diagnosis from a set number of autistic children, to deny their numbers and their presence, you would think would be huge news. I’m not sure who gets to these people, and what threat they hold over their heads, if they allow to truth to be released. I could send you our exchanges as well.
              Thank you again, actually, I am telling the truth. It’s been less than a week since I learned from the advocate of the deliberate culling of autism numbers to keep people from realizing the steep increase, and I’m still shocked, still turning it over. It was a couple of days later when I saw the story about autism numbers in Scottish schools being seventeen times more now than sixteen years ago, and the comment about the schools in the UK having been told to cap autism numbers at 2%, and not allow them to go higher. When my daughter was born, I remember reading speculation that soon autism numbers in the US would hit 1%, and that was huge and horrifying news. And now we’re up to 3%, and the response is just denial and doing nothing to help my daughter. You’re right, this is egregious illegality and abuse. I could call the advocate as witness to testify as to the rank illegality of denying recognition of the needs of the autistic.

            • Gail

              Proponent – Your day is coming from your harsh words. I am not judging. Those who cannot see truth, it will come around to them in one way or another.

            • Proponent

              Gail: “Proponent – Your day is coming from your harsh words. I am not judging.”

              The fact that you cannot see the hypocrisy in your posted words above.. leads me to think that the following will fall on deaf ears.


              This is an online memorial for a person recently passed. At least respect that fact.

              If you wish to troll me.. there are plenty of other sites that I post on, such as the one you just left.

            • You’re still a sociopath you evil, immoral little fuck.

          • sabelmouse

            lol! for outing one?

        • Dorit Reiss

          Nobody is asking you to suddenly become a friend of Lilady, but basic decency would suggest – to both of you – not adding nasty comments on a memorial. Just like it would be inappropriate to express joy at the passing of Dr. Meyer Eisenstein, RIP, on sites used by his admirers and family, while not being required to express unfelt sorrow.

          The appropriate thing to do, if your only feeling at a death are glee, is to stay away from tributes. We can all respect the dead that much.

          • Katia

            I really don’t think those two know what “basic decency” is! I’m appalled.

          • ciaparker2

            It is actually not my only feeling. I have been thinking a lot about her and her life, wondering what she was like in real life. On Friday when I learned of her death, I thought how she had not interacted with me for over six months, since September, and I had thought maybe she was ill. I prayed for her on Friday, and again at Mass this morning. I know you will not agree, but I prayed that she might experience the pain of the vaccine-damaged and their families, which she had mocked and dismissed, and regret deeply the part she took. I thought that now she can see us, see my daughter, and know first-hand of our difficulties and sorrow. And that she might then be received into Heaven. I will not judge her further: her soul is now in God’s hands, and He knows her heart as I do not.

            • Chris Preston

              Have you talked with your priest about your problem?

              Praying that someone might experience pain…

              How contemptible.

            • ciaparker2

              It’s called Purgatory, and my priest believes in it as the only way to allow most of us to become fit for Heaven.

            • Chris Preston

              I was actually talking about your unchristian attitude to others.

            • ciaparker2

              I, like you, am a sinner. I am not able to display only patience and love for someone who treated me as badly as Lilady did. I have pondered the meaning and practicality of a policy of always turning the other cheek, it would mean leaving innocent people unprotected in many instances. And I have also thought a lot about the meaning of “I come not to bring peace, but the sword.”

            • Heather Vanderweide

              Using your religious beliefs to justify your ugly behavior? Also disgusting.

            • You’re a sincereously sick fuck. You need your goddamned head examined. Don’t respond, just go away and get yourself a psych eval.

            • We can all be ever thankful that praying (baying at the sky) does diddly squat….. or we wouldn’t need vaccines to prevent gods Diseases…

            • Pieter B

              There’s only one thing in that smarmy sanctimonious screed that I agree with, which is that you did not know her heart. No matter, though, ’tis but one thing of many you know not.

            • Gail

              I believe that many people may feel the pain of the vaccine-damaged and their families. It will be happening more and more, with all the additions to the vaccine schedule. Many here may suffer what you have gone through, if they do not wake up to what is going on. I am so sorry for your sorrow and pain, and my prayers are with you.

            • Katia

              Talk about using religion inappropriately! Good Lord, cia!

          • Gail

            How old was she, what was her real name, and what did she die from?

            • Dorit Reiss

              Lilady was very careful about her privacy, in large part to protect her family. She would not want those details provided, and I am not going to respect her privacy less in death than in life, I’m afraid.

            • Gail

              Dorit Reiss – What did she die from?

            • Dorit Reiss

              I do not know.

        • Maned Wolf

          Have you no decency? Shameful.

      • kellymbray

        You are one sick motherfucker sabelmouse. You are not even the shadow of the woman she was. You are jealous because her education and years of experience showed you to be the loser that you are. I am going to make sure that comment follows you where ever you go.

      • What the fuck is wrong with you? Were you dropped on your head, or something? Show a bit of the respect that you denied her while she was alive, you ass.

        • sabelmouse

          i show her as much as she ever showed me and calling it as it was.
          i’ve known her a long time and she was always , at least online, a truly horrible person.

          • Proponent

            True, lilady did not suffer fools gladly.

            And you, sabelmouse.. qualify in spades on the note of being a fool.

          • Because she had a dislike of lying liars who lie. Huh. Connected the dots for you.

            • sabelmouse

              in that case she must have hated herself with a vengeance. and proceeded to merrily project. explains a lot.

            • Lawrence McNamara

              If you are glad she’s dead, you could have just kept that to yourself – which would still make you a horrible person, but since you’ve decided you needed to publicize it, that not only makes you a horrible person, but also an incredible jerk as well.

            • sabelmouse

              i didn’t say that i’m glad she’s dead, reading comprehension. i’m glad i don’t come across her online nastiness anymore.
              however,i’ve never subscribed to the weird idea of speaking nicely of a horrible person because they are dead.

            • Lawrence McNamara

              Then keep it to yourself, dickhead.

            • sabelmouse


            • Lawrence McNamara

              Thanks for showing your true colors, once again – and the true colors of the anti-vax contingent.

              I’ll be using these screenshots (I think AVWOS would love to see these) whenever anyone tries to cry “bully” from your side.

            • sabelmouse

              knock yourself out. we can always use a laugh.

            • ciaparker2

              Isn’t it funny how they can show their true character here on Skeptical Raptor? Obscenities every other word? Most sites would not permit it, but when the head villain is the moderator, well, there you go!

            • Mike Stevens

              Most online memorial sites set up to remember someone would not tolerate the vicious nastiness and abuse you and Sabel have displayed.

              In the UK, those posting such comments have been convicted of internet trolling and spent time in prison.

            • I’m a big believer of the ability to state what you want in whatever manner you want. I don’t tolerate violent threats, which is my limit. However, with this antivaccination cult hatred and bigotry, I had to draw a line. And this is it. I deleted everything.

            • kfunk937

              Thank you, Skeptical Raptor.

              Dulce et decorum est, vivo pro publicus valetudo.

              RIP, lilady.

            • sabelmouse

              well, funny is one word.

            • MethScented Shart

              No time to explain, cia. Just eat the bag of dicks.

            • Verna Lang

              Where did you learn what constitutes appropriate behaviour? The Westboro Baptist Church? They also think it is appropriate to show up at a memorial service to argue and push their agenda. But never mind. Their appallingly bad behaviour also brought out supporters to screen them from the mourners and drown out their shrill accusations. I’m hoping that you and sabelmouse will have the same effect here.

            • wow- online reality is now called “online nastiness”.

            • sabelmouse


            • She was nasty because you lie and she doesn’t? You have a seriously warped view of the world.

            • sabelmouse

              no dear. SHE lied all the time, insulted people and wished them ill.

            • MethScented Shart

              So you DO have a shift key.

              Hey, mouse. Since we’re bein all open and honest and stuff. What about that Lielady R.N. B.S. account?

              Come on. You can tell us. I’m thinkin that was you

            • sabelmouse

              well, if i were the kind of person who takes credit for other’s work i happily would.

            • Funny, but I knew her online for nearly five years, when she first started commenting on one of my blogs, and I have yet to see an example of her wishing anyone ill. As for insults, well, compared to what was directed at her she was downright restrained in her response. As for you, after seeing what you’ve posted here I’d be more than happy to send a few insults your way. You deserve them.

            • sabelmouse

              maybe she was different there or maybe that says something about you.

            • One notes that you have not produced a single example of lilady’s alleged transgressions that are so horrible as to justify your disparaging her in the comments of a memorial post.

            • sabelmouse

              like what?

            • Lawrence McNamara

              So, lilady was a “bully and nasty, etc. etc. etc) yet it is the likes of the anti-vaxers here who continue to hurl invectives at her, even when she has already passed…..the lack of self awareness is quite astounding.

            • sabelmouse

              you seem to have trouble with various concepts here./

            • Lawrence McNamara

              The only person who seems to have “troubles” is yourself – given that you find it amusing to continue to defame the dead….

      • Gail

        I actually want to know what this woman’s name was, because she was very nasty to some people that disagreed with her views regarding vaccination, especially Dr. Bob Sears. Anyway, I don’t wish death on anyone, but if these people who keep pushing for forced vaccinations and then drink their own koolaid, this will be the end result, eventually. She was always one to say that they she never saw one child vaccine injured in her career, and yet this article brings up her own son suffered physical and intellectual issues due to a
        rare genetic disorder (which vaccines can cause), ultimately predeceasing her in his 20s. She also helped care for the son of her
        dear friends, who similarly suffered from multiple medical issues, including profound mental retardation and autistic-like behaviors. I
        guess she never made the connection. Those who are pushing for forced vaccinations do not get it. I believe they will see more of their bloggers pass away in the future. I remember asking her on one of the blogs if she was updated on the New CDC Schedule of Vaccinations, and she said she was. If you have any information on who this woman was, that they called Lilady RN, please let me know. I am curious on how old she was, and the cause the death.

        • sabelmouse

          i’ve no idea. i’d known her as internet poster a good few years, from the huffelpost initially.
          i think she may have been even nastier then. i’ve done my best to avoid her generally.

          • Lawrence McNamara

            You do a very bad job in avoiding her, if you come all the way to an online memorial to continue to attack her.

            • sabelmouse

              no i don’t. i reply to comments addressed to me. and she’s not ON this thread, is she?
              i avoided interacting with her when she was alive as she brought up to many ”being abused by evil stepmother” feelings in me.

            • Lawrence McNamara

              You are such a sick, sad little person….that you get enjoyment out of this really does speak volumes on your character.

              You might want to quit before you hit China, because you’ve dug quite a hole for yourself.

            • sabelmouse

              you might want to quit addressing me then. the only treason i’m ”on” this thread.
              meanwhile; i am very sorry for your lack.

        • MethScented Shart

          You want to know what this woman’s name was? Well, you first.

          Gail Lynn Fitches. Layton UT

          Lilady always had a way with words. If she was here, she’d probably mention you’ve never been quite right.

          For example, dropping in on this article and spewing your crazy, where no one really gives a single flying fuck about what you think..

          Fuck off you crazy bitch.

          • Gail

            Oh, you have such a way with words. It shows the caliber of person that you are, and your communication skills. Talking about not a good sign. You should learn how to express yourself in a normal manner, but I have noticed that many, not all, in your group has a hard communicating facts and doing it in a civil manner.

            • MethScented Shart

              ima let you in on a secret.

              LDS girls like to be virgins when they get married, or at least they did back in the day.

              When I was in school, that means they took it up the ass until they got the ring. For you mom’s generation, that was a little too taboo.

              Lil Janet sucked cock. Lots of it.

              Unfortunately, there was no HPV vaccine when she was sucking all that dick, so she ended up with cancer of the mouth.

              Ain’t that a fact, Gail? Your mom is probably sucking cock in hell right now.

              Now hurry back if you got some more shit you wanna talk about the dead.

            • MethScented Shart

              Hard communicating facts, you say? Ima let you in on a secret.

              LDS girls like to be virgins when they get married, or at least they did back in the day. That’s a fact.

              When I was in school, that meant they took it up the ass until they got the ring. For your mom’s generation, though, that was taboo. Those are facts.

              So, Lil Janet, that’s your mom, she sucked cock. Lots of it. And that, my dear, is a fact.

              Unfortunately, and this is a fact too, there was no HPV vaccine when she was sucking all that dick. So she ended up with cancer of the mouth.

              I’m guessing she was a spitter

            • lynneb


              Decorum. This is a memorial thread.

            • sabelmouse

              THAT is your problem with this comment?

            • MethScented Shart

              u right. Went back and fixed the grammar and punctuation.

            • Gail

              You are one sick man, and I am not LDS. You did not clean up anything. You have a distorted sadistic vulgar mouth.

            • MethScented Shart

              Sugar, I am absolutely uninterested in conversation or debate.

              You don’t walk into someone’s home and shit on living room table. It’s not good manners.

              Your mom was LDS. She died from mouth cancer. That’s why you have this SV40 fixation. But it wasn’t some monkey virus that did her in.

              My guess is she was a spitter. Otherwise, it woulda been throat cancer.

              Now, need someone to show you the door?

            • Gail

              You are an idiot. My Mother died from brain cancer, which I will never know if it was a vaccine that caused it, because it was inoperable. Four other neighbors within our block also died from brain cancer. Almost every house with 6 blocks have had at least one family member die from cancer. You are pure evil and sick. It shows what vaccinations has done to your mind. My Mother was raised Baptist.

            • MethScented Shart

              Cause of death was a staph infection actually.

              Every time you come back to this page, picture your mom.

              Your mom sucks cock in hell.

            • Gail

              Well you picture this. Your eternal soul in darkness and in hell, because that is your eternal life. You are already living in hell.

            • MethScented Shart

              Works for me.

              What kind of seriously fucked up life do you have that you keep coming back to chat up people who do not even like you?

              No one, and I mean no one visiting this page gives a shit about your “truth.”

              Are you really that fucking delusional?

            • Says the woman who shits on lilady’s memory.

              My tribute:

            • Gail

              No I have done no such thing. I do not wish harm on anyone. I want to see all people healthy and know the truth.

            • Keep telling yourself that.

          • Thanks for outing this awful person. Obviously, after reading her Facebook wall, she is nothing more than a sociopath with an agenda.

            • Gail

              I am the not the sociopath that wants for force these deadly vaccines on people.

        • Chris Preston

          She was always one to say that they she never saw one child vaccine injured in her career, and yet this article brings up her own son suffered physical and intellectual issues due to arare genetic disorder (which vaccines can cause)…

          You are wrong here. It is not possible for vaccines to cause a rare genetic disorder. Rare genetic disorders, by definition, are genetic.

          • AutismDad

            Where can we find this definition then?

            • Chris Preston

              “Rare genetic disorders, by definition, are genetic.”

              Where can we find this definition then?

              I see you have all your brain cells switched on at once today.

              Let me give you a hint. It is in the name, the bit that goes “genetic”.

              Don’t mind me calling you an idiot will you?

        • That you don’t get to know, because she lived a good life, and doesn’t deserve your hateful and lying commentary.

      • Andrea

        I had one exchange with her. Not a kind or compassionate person. I
        stopped believing in a God after witnessing regression and illness in my son. If there is one she is answering for her coldness and cruelty.

        • Ivan

          Wow. One exchange almost a year ago.

          I must confess, going through your comment history, I caught a whiff of something familiar …

          But anyway, is this the comment upset you?

          You know, if you keep holding onto that anger, it’s gonna eat you up inside.

        • sabelmouse


        • frosty7530

          Hi Sabelmouse: I think I remember you giving me support when I had a real nasty interaction w/her. I always say, there is something “real special” about Bobby Kennedy Jr. “Haters”. (after hearing how Obama Admin is mis-using the word “hater”, I don’t like using it, but Lilady was a perfect example. she made me clench my fists! I thank you both, for being there and helping others who stand with you. Let’s hope her exit allows the rest of us to live in a little more peace!

      • AutismDad

        More air for the rest of us.

      • Allyson_et_al

        Stay classy, sabelmouse.

        • sabelmouse

          i do, thank you.

          • Allyson_et_al

            I doubt that. I really do.

            • sabelmouse

              oy, how will i bear it?

  • Proponent

    Respectful Insolence | In memoriam: lilady

    … …

    I kept checking for her posts, as she was one of the first that I ‘followed’ via the Disqus platform.. here’s the last comment posted by lilady:

    Not true. *Dr. Bob Sears’ deliberately non vaccinated patient who traveled to Switzerland with his parents was the “index case”, responsible for the 2008 huge measles outbreak in San Diego:

    *Dr.Sears testified yesterday before the California Senate Hearing claiming he “represents the 77,000 autistic children in California and he is against passage of the pending legislation”.

    Have an upvote.. as one last e-tribute from me to a very knowledgeable, passionate and giving woman.. R.I.P., lilady.

  • Lila Vinçot-Abiven

    Some people are donating to Shot@life in her honor (see comments at Respectful insolence)

  • Mike Stevens

    Thank you Lilady, it was a pleasure “knowing” you, and your passing will make me more determined to carry on the good fight in any way I can. That will be my tribute to you and to your legacy.
    I extend my condolences to her family.

    • sabelmouse

      you have some way to go to reach her level. that’s a compliment mikey!

      • I’d call you a cunt, but you lack both the depth and the warmth, you sick freak.

        • SandraBCade

          ◔◔◔◔◔◔$89 /hour on the internet@me33//



        • Proponent

          Nice on the turn of phrase, R.w..

          • Thanks, but I can’t take the credit for it. I stole it from a shirt over at Foul Mouth Ts.

  • Sandy Perlmutter

    It is sad that she is gone. I enjoyed reading her expressive and sensible comments.

  • Verna Lang

    I’m so sorry to hear that lilady died. I always enjoyed reading her rebuttals. As a woo fighter, she leaves behind a great legacy to try to emulate.

  • Liz Ditz

    Thank you for this lovely tribute. I was always especially moved by her love for her late son and her “other son”.

  • Todd W.

    Thank you for this wonderful tribute to lilady. There’s going to be a void on the web that will be so hard to fill. For me, it was such a shock to find out she had passed, and I keep hoping that I got it wrong. I keep hoping I’ll see an email or comment from her quoting Mark Twain.

  • Bloody hell. I, too, thought she was busy in the real world, helping people. I learned a lot from her, and when I doubted myself and my contributions, she told me that I had her respect. I’m going to miss her so very, very much. Thank you, Raptor, for this post in her memory.

    • I found one comment where she snarked on you, but in a very lighthearted way. You laughed back at her comment, which made it enjoyable. I almost posted that one as one of my favorites.

      Yeah, I thought the same thing. She just got busy.

  • Very sad to hear of her death. It is true that the bonds made on the virtual world can be strong in surprising ways. I’ve lost some “virtual friends” in the past, and found myself sobbing as if I had grown up with them next to me.

    I love her reply you chose to feature in this article – I think it highlights her personality and her passion very well.

    My condolences to you…

  • Dorit Reiss

    Lilady was a powerful and unique advocate. Thank you for this incredibly touching post in her honor.