Nurses who refuse to vaccinate, harm patients


There’s an irresponsible antivaccination group called Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines whose sole purpose is to oppose vaccinating nurses and other healthcare workers against vaccine preventable diseases. They claim that they are opposed to mandatory vaccination, yet if you look into their propaganda, they use all of the refuted tropes and lies found throughout the antivaccination movement.
These so-called nurses, whose profession is generally dedicated to protecting, maintaining and assisting people to live healthy lives, are so blinded by their antivaccine myths that they would rather risk harming patients and their co-workers rather than get a safe and effective vaccination. These nurses have arrogant and ignorant beliefs, no different than global warming deniers and creationists, that put at risk patients who are too young to be vaccinated. Immunocompromised patients who cannot be vaccinated. Certain cancer patients who are at risk to almost every disease. Instead of protecting life, they willingly choose to cause harm

I do not know why these “nurses” have such callous disregard for human life. It disgusts me. It nauseates me. These “nurses” are not nurses–they are vile, ignorant fools.

But there is a group that stands with patients and the honorable profession of nursing. A group that represents all that is wonderful and helpful about dedicated nurses. A group that thinks that patient care supersedes believing in ridiculous myths. Nurses Who Vaccinate. Check them out. Help them out. And give them your support in whatever way you can.

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  • Kathy


    Have you seen her new business?

    $200 for a pastor to sign your exemption letter!

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  • Chaosfeminist

    “Nurses against Mandatory Vaccines was founded and formed
    by our CEO Amelia Kenyon who became alarmed when mandatory vaccination policies
    were being introduced into workplaces, and there seemed to be no rhyme or

    The NAMV website:

    Kenyon’s website:

    Kenyon’s LinkedIn:

    Kenyon’s Twitter:

    Kenyon’s education:

    Kaplan University Post MSN AGNP, Adult Geriatric Nurse
    Practitioner 2014 – 2015

    Western Governors University MSN- Masters of Science in
    Nursing, Nursing Practice, Graduate Level 2012 – 2012

    Western Governors University BSN, Nursing 2011 – 2011

    Excelsior College Associates Science in Nursing, Nursing 2009 – 2010

    LPN (license # 4703103254)

    RN (License # 4704282245).

    • Katia

      It’s shocking to me that this woman has an MSN!

      • VikingAPRNCNP

        She is a geriatric np? Ancc should revoke her certification. …..

      • kfunk937

        It’s shocking to me that someone can complete nursing education entirely in for profit, online programs. I mean, wtf? How do they do their clinical training?OTOH, going strictly online does preserve the bubble, since one is way less likely to be exposed to ideas that challenge one’s preconceptions.OTOH (there’s a foot (-: ) there’s plenty of woo in resident nursing programs. I suspect the antivax nurses have other *koff* issues *koff* along those lines.

    • VikingAPRNCNP

      She is just another grifter. Her organization costs 20 a year to join.

      The nurses who vaccinate group is free…….

  • How can anyone who’s been to any kind of medical school be against vaccinations? That idiocy level is over 9000!

  • Sandy Perlmutter

    I just sent a link to the Mark Crislip article, which is well worth revisiting:

  • Sandy Perlmutter

    The Nurses Who Vaccinate site is very good; tell all your friends to sign up. I sent the link to former colleagues at Public Health Solutions.

  • Its hard for me to understand how a person in medicine can oppose vaccination. What other beliefs do these “professionals” have that go against science? Do they also think antibiotics are of the devil and soap a waste of time? If you make the decision to chose a profession where you encounter fragile people (the immunocompromised, the very young, the elderly), you must also choose the best course of action for protecting those patients. That means vaccinating yourself. Its the antithesis of a caring nurse to choose yourself over your patients.

  • Sandy Perlmutter

    They should call themselves “Nurses who don’t wash their hands” or “Nurses Against Health”. Ick! Almost as bad as Nurses Who Have A Sincere Religious Belief About Abortion or Contraception. Much worse than Pharmacists Who Have A Sincere ditto.

  • Amanda Ross-White

    I would like to know where they went to Nursing School. Accreditation requires that nurses graduate as information literate and these ones clearly are not. While I firmly believe all nurses should know how to read a paper, at the very least, they should know how to evaluate online sources as patient education is a critical part of any nurses’ job. And in the interests of conflict of interest disclosure, as a Nursing Librarian, I teach in a School of Nursing. If any of my students were supporting this claptrap, they’d be having to write a paper on the subject.

  • Dorit Reiss

    If they really believe their claim that they’re not anti-vaccine but anti-mandatory vaccines, they should stop using anti-vaccine tropes.

    • Heather Vanderweide

      Indeed. If they were limited to opposing mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers – well, they would still be wrong and misguided. But they wouldn’t include all these ridiculous links to Natural News articles and all the other quackety-quacksters like Tenpenny and Eisenstein that go way beyond the scope of just opposing mandatory vaccination. They make themselves look seriously ridiculous by justifying their reasoning by using anti-vax websites, vast conspiracy theories, and, in at least one case, claims of sorcery (!!!!).

    • Well, I support mandatory vaccination, but you’re completely right. If it’s just about the “right” to refuse vaccines rather than the vaccines themselves, I could almost be persuaded to join. But they clearly are not opposed to mandatory vaccination, they deny vaccinations period, end of story.