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Improving Immunization Rates: What Can the Law Do? 

Many of us are concerned at the rise of cases of preventable diseases and the role played in that by the decision by a minority of parents not to vaccinate their children. One question is what, if any, legal tools are available to address non-vaccination. This article attempts to map out the available tools.

Note that the focus of this article is what the law can do, not what the law should do. The fact that a legal tool is available – i.e. Constitutional, can be enacted or used by the courts – doesn’t automatically mean it should be. I would, in fact, argue that some of the tools discussed here shouldn’t be used in the context of immunization – in most circumstances, forced vaccination and criminal law are inappropriate. But mapping out what’s available seems like a useful first step in the discussion of what the law should do. The goal of this post is to provide a menu of options and a more or less logical way to classify them. My hope is that setting out what’s possible would help us think through what is desirable.

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Poll: how do you pay for your immunizations?

Spritzen und FlascheUntil recently, I didn’t think there was much of an issue about patients or parents paying for vaccines. My perspective is certainly USA-based, but it would be interesting to see how people are paying for their vaccines.








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Supreme Court upholds health-care law, individual mandate

The Supreme Court of the United States upholds Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare, including the individual mandate. This is shocking news, but an important piece of legislation.

Supreme Court upholds health-care law, individual mandate – The Washington Post.

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