Your one stop shop for the anti-vaccine hate debate

I and others have written several articles on this website about the anti-vaccine hate debate – discussing the atrocious and hateful behavior of a large portion of the anti vaccination cult.

This kind of “free speech” goes beyond simple mockery, ad hominem attacks, or, though it rarely happens, arguments about the science. Ad hominem attacks are, by definition, personal attacks that are used in lieu of real evidence. So, if you lack evidence to support your side of a debate (even a fake debate like what is happening with vaccines), you attack the person, rather than the evidence.

Of course, if you do lack evidence, you will be mocked mercilessly for lacking said evidence. Cherry-picked evidence doesn’t count. Appeals to authority as evidence doesn’t count. Employing the Nirvana fallacy doesn’t count. The only evidence that matters must come from high quality sources that are repeated many times and are often rolled up into a substantial meta-review.

The vaccine hate debate on exists because they have nothing – no evidence of harm, no evidence of a lack of benefit. None. Ground zero of the Facebook anti-vaccine hate crazies is The Vaccine Resistance Movement (VRM) – read their hatred and lies. Donald Trump would be proud of them.

Vaccine hate debate list


Since there have been so many articles published here about the anti-vaccine hate debate, which is not really a debate, it’s just simple hate speech from the antivaccination cult, it might be useful to place all of the articles in one place, a one stop shop for their vile tactics. This article will be updated as we write about more cases in the future.

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16 Replies to “Your one stop shop for the anti-vaccine hate debate”

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      1. Megan, izzat you? You have an interesting, very short comment history (2 out of 3, at this point) flogging traffic to this blog . . . just sayin. Smells of sock. Or maybe a whiff of True Believer, I dunno.

        Anyone with a masochistic streak who wants to check out the mommy blogger’s opinions (because by her account, she’s married to a doc and related to others in healthcare, and she’s Done Her Research) could do so without bumping her search engine results at

    1. Yawn.

      “Vaccines didn’t save us” (a.k.a. “vaccines don’t work”): Intellectual dishonesty at its most naked « Science-Based Medicine

      1. Problem is the definition of ‘work’ from a septic perspective means published in medical peer reviewed journals. That is the same as published in the bible really, none of the studies on vaccines are independently funded or reviewed by peers who are not in some way connected with the industry. Nonsciencebasedmedicine is a good example of you rub my back and…….

        They are the sort of people who crank on about Bill and Melinda providing free vaccines etc, all they do is promote products that they have shares in.

    2. I have checked out the website as you suggested and it is best described as “a complete load of crap”.

      The ignorance is stunning. A perfect exampe is the claim that tuberculosis is an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

      So what next?

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