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2021 top ten list — I hope 2022 is better for COVID-19 and vaccines

Over the past few weeks, I republished each article that was in the 2021 top 10 list for the old Skeptical Raptor. It was based on one simple measurement — the total number of pageviews during 2021.

I like doing this because it’s fun to see what interested the reader. Number one, about my getting the Moderna booster, still surprises me. Over 100,000 people decided to read about my experience with the booster which was probably the most boring experience anyone had with the COVID-19 vaccines.

At the end of 2020, I thought I’d be winding down the frequency of articles on COVID-19 and vaccines, but that wasn’t even close to reality. I’m not going to make any predictions about 2022, but I do expect more variants and more articles about vaccines. Ugh.

So let’s get to the old feathered dinosaur’s 2021 top ten list, as I begin to decide what I’m going to write about next. Yeah, it will be about COVID-19 and vaccines.

2021 top ten list
Photo by Charlie Wollborg on Unsplash

The Skeptical Raptor 2021 Official Top Ten List

  1. I got my Moderna COVID vaccine booster – my immune system is powerful (101,347 pageviews)
  2. Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines are actually vaccines – ignoring anti-vaxxers again (82,895)
  3. Steven Brandenburg destroys COVID-19 vaccines because they change DNA (54,247)
  4. Dr Gregory Michael probably did not die from COVID-19 vaccine – facts (26,506)
  5. Adverse events surveillance after 11.8 million COVID mRNA vaccine doses (26,501)
  6. Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID vaccines are really vaccines – obviously (18,959)
  7. COVID-19 vaccine facts and myths – UPDATED info about the new vaccines (16,894)
  8. Tiffany Dover did NOT die after getting COVID-19 vaccine – harassed by anti-vaxxers (16,091)
  9. Doug Corrigan pushing bad science and anti-vax tropes about mRNA vaccines (12,817)
  10. COVID infection rates are NOT unrelated to vaccines – debunking research (12,204)

I think that getting over 10,000 pageviews is always a successful article. I wish I knew the magic formula to do that. Again, who would have guessed discussing my Moderna vaccine experience would do so well. I’m planning to get the new shingles vaccine in a couple of months plus my Tdap booster. I’ll write about those to see what happens.

I want to express my deep appreciation to everyone who supports this endeavor of mine. It is a love of mine to teach science. And learn science, because I research everything I write, and I’m often surprised to learn something new.

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