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Andrew Wakefield discredited – a collection of his attacks on vaccines

Between Dorit Rubinstein Reiss and I, we have written over 100 articles about that cunning fraud, Andrew Wakefield. Are you going to find anything positive about him in any of those +100 articles? No way. Is Andrew Wakefield discredited as a physician, scientist, and vaccine expert? You bet.

Why are we so obsessed with pointing out that he has been discredited? Because he has become, through media manipulation and many anti-vaccine acolytes and sycophants, the face of the “vaccines cause autism” meme. Note to the casual reader – there is absolutely no evidence that vaccines cause autism.

Is Andrew Wakefield discredited? Damn straight he is.

Mr. Wakefield is no doctor. He has been stricken off the list of physicians in the UK which is tantamount to having his license to practice medicine revoked. Because he is no longer a physician, he can no longer be found in the Royal College of Surgeons.

And let’s not forget that Wakefield’s article, that made him a hero to the anti-vaccine crowd, in the Lancet was disowned by his coauthors and eventually retracted by the journal. Interesting little bit of trivia – the very first article (other than a welcome-test article) I ever wrote on here was about Wakefield.

Just to make life easier for those of you researching Andrew Wakefield and his various frauds, I’ve organized many of my posts into categories, so that you can find the Andrew Wakefield article that meets your needs.

Andrew Wakefield discredited

Andrew Wakefield discredited – Vaxxed

Let’s start with Wakefield’s self-promoting fraudumentary, Vaxxed – from Coverup to Catastrophe. If you don’t know about this film, then here’s all the information you need:

Andrew Wakefield discredited – legal

Wakefield, after running from the UK to Texas, has attempted to game the legal system in some vain attempt to “prove” his innocence. Dorit Rubinstein Reiss has written numerous articles to point out his legal fallacies.

Andrew Wakefield discredited – entering politics

Andrew Wakefield discredited – thanks

Andrew Wakefield discredited – The Pathological Optimist

Andrew Wakefield discredited – fun stuff


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