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Anti-vaccine crackpots lie about Sinead O’Connor’s death

As many of you are aware, on 27 July 2023, Sinead O’Connor, a singer with a beautiful voice and a troubled history, died and within nanoseconds, anti-vaxxers called it a “vaccine-related death.” We don’t know what caused her death, though many of us could speculate. But there is no evidence that Sinead O’Connor’s death was related to a vaccine.

We’ve seen this happen before. When NFL player Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the playing field from a hard hit to the chest, anti-vaxxers blamed COVID-19 vaccines. When Jeff Beck died of bacterial meningitis, anti-vaxxers blamed COVID-19 vaccines. And when LeBron Jame’s son, Bronny, suffered cardiac arrest, Elon Musk and his anti-vaccine sycophants led the charge to blame vaccines.

It’s predictable that whenever someone “famous” dies or suffers an unexplained issue, the anti-vaccine world jumps on social media to blame vaccines when there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that vaccines are involved. But here we are.

As Orac so eloquently put it, when writing about Bronny James:

Sure enough, it didn’t take long before antivaxxers started insinuating that it must have been COVID-19 vaccines that caused the cardiac arrest, invoking the “died suddenly” conspiracy theory mainly by JAQing off about whether Bronny James had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Like all these stories, there is absolutely no evidence that Sinead O’Connor died from a vaccine. She had a very troubled life, and anyone with a gram of empathy and intelligence would probably understand why she is no longer with us. And it’s not vaccines.

What do we know about what happened to Sinead O’Connor?

Frankly, we know very little. According to the London Inner South Coroner’s Court, who will be doing the autopsy:

The death of Sinéad O’Connor in Lambeth was notified to the Coroner on Wednesday 26th July 2023

No medical cause of death was given. The Coroner therefore directed an autopsy to be conducted. The results of this may not available for several weeks.

The decision whether an inquest will be needed, will be decided when these results are known and submissions have been heard from the family. If an inquest is to be opened, the date of the brief public hearing will be provided on our website. 

In other words, nothing substantial is known. Her family put out a press release that also did not mention her cause of death.

We could speculate a lot about Sinead O’Connor’s life. She had a difficult early life. She suffered from numerous mental health issues, and she tried to destigmatize mental health problems, especially depression, among musical artists. She was involved with criticizing the Catholic Church for sexual abuse of boys and girls in Ireland.

When she lost custody of her son, Shane, in 2017, she posted a video that she had been fighting depression and suicidal ideation for over two years. Sadly, in January 2022, Shane died, and in a series of Tweets, it appeared that she wanted to take her own life. She was subsequently hospitalized.

I am not a psychiatrist, nor do I play one on the internet, but I think that her cause of death is going to be related to her years of depression, suicidal ideation, and trauma from her childhood. And it won’t be a vaccine.

Sinead O’Connor and a vaccine, any vaccine

As you know, my mantra is that every claim demands evidence. And there is really no evidence whatsoever that a vaccine was related to her death. We don’t know what caused her death, but I don’t have to connect too many dots to get us to the point where we might know the cause.

Anti-vaxxers are just plain ghouls who want to blame every celebrity death on vaccines. They flood social media with their vast conspiracy theories to “prove” that vaccines are dangerous. Yet, in all of these cases, they do so without a single iota of evidence supporting it.

I was very saddened to hear about her death because I have been listening to her music for decades. I always respected her messages, especially about the Catholic Church. And I always empathized with her battles with her mental health issues.

I think her personal demons will ultimately be the cause of her death, and it will obviously not have anything to do with any vaccine.

Michael Simpson

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