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Anti-vaccine physicians who provide false information about vaccines

Recently, the vaccine deniers have pushed a list of anti-vaccine physicians, which gets copy-pasted from one website to another, and are similar to those lists of “scientists” who deny Darwinian evolution or climate change. But is this really made up of respected physicians and researchers? Does it really contain doctors who are experts or authorities on vaccines?

Well, thanks to Zared Schwartz, a senior at the University of Florida studying microbiology, cell science, and neurobehavioral, who took it upon himself to look up each of these individuals and see if they’ve got anything to offer in the discussions about vaccines. Guess what? It doesn’t appear so.

So if you run across this list of anti-vaccine doctors and researchers, wondering if any of them speak from authority, just check them out on this list.

Quack! Photo by Ross Sokolovski on Unsplash

Anti-vaccine physicians – A through I

  1. David Ayoub – A radiologist who is neither an expert in autism nor toxicology and believes the illuminati is using vaccines as a means of population control.
  2. Nancy Banks – Anti-Semitic HIV/AIDS denialist and holocaust denier who has no background in infectious diseases, has never done research, and only made self-published books.
  3. Toni Bark – A homeopath (see Note 2) who is an expert in hypnotherapy and sells many “quality” health and beauty products on her blog.
  4. Russel Blaylock – A retired neurosurgeon who became a scam artist. Despite having no experimental foundation for any of his claims, he promotes himself as an expert from vaccination to chemtrails (see Note 1). He charges ($48-$54) for his opinion pieces and sells a supplement called the Brain Repair Formula to exploit money from people who are at risk or have Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. He’s also into cancer quackery.
  5. Mary Ann Block – An osteopathic “physician” who promotes homeopathy (see Note 2). She’s also affiliated with Generation Rescue, which is organization that once pandered MMS, industrial bleach, as an autism “treatment” () and wants to take autism out of the DSM because she doesn’t understand the DSM lists neurological, psychological, and behavioral disorders.
  6. Jeff Bradstreet – An ex-minister who became a full-on quack and pandered multiple unproven “treatments” for multiple diseases/conditions. He killed himself to avoid prosecution from the FDA. One of these “treatments” includes using exorcism to “cure” autism.
  7. Kelly Brogan – A holistic “psychiatrist” for women’s health who is an HIV denier. She also tried to inform people with diabetes to avoid insulin. If you doubt her medical knowledge, just give her all of your money buying her water filtration system, sauna, mattress, etc.
  8. David Brownstein – A holistic “practitioner” who panders that iodine deficiency causes everything. Fortunately, you can buy iodine supplements and other quackery items on his online store.
  9. Rashid Buttar – An osteopath who was reprimanded by the North Carolina State Medical Board for a decade’s worth of medical misconduct involving cancer patients and children with autism, but, due to the alternative medicine crowd advocating “health care freedom law”, he can continue to scam patients with his unproven, expensive, and possibly dangerous “treatments.” He was also sued for fraud for exploiting cancer patients and diagnosing nonexistent “heavy metal toxicity” in order to use chelation therapy on them. Moreover, he is the same person who “diagnosed” and “cured” Desiree Jennings, who falsely claimed the flu shot give her dystonia which magically goes away if she walks backwards.
  10. Harold E. Buttram – A member of the Association of American Physicians and Scientists (AAPS), which is an organization well-versed in global warming and HIV/AIDs denialism, who pioneered Shaken Baby Syndrome, a condition caused by physical trauma and is well-associated with child abuse, on vaccines.
  11. Rebecca Carley – A former MD who lost her license due to a mental disability which impairs her ability to practice medicine. Overall, I would say she is completely and utterly insane.
  12. Shiv Chopra – A Canadian microbiologist who was a former employee of Health Canada’s drug and safety board and was involved in a whistleblowing incident which involved him being pressured to approve animal drugs. After that bit died down, he shifted towards anti-vaccination and anti-GMO “activism”. He thinks swine flu, bird flu, and the 1918 flu epidemic are hoaxes. For instance, he doesn’t think the 1918 flu outbreak happened because he never heard of it and blames the deaths attributed to the epidemic on people overdosing on aspirin. In other words, he thinks millions of people died from internal bleeding from aspirin overdose rather than communicable diseases. I guess it should also be worth mentioning that he is not an expert in immunization and does not conduct scientific research in said subject matter.
  13. David Davis – This individual thinks “the disease of the dancing cats” (Minamata disease), which was caused by mercury poisoning, somehow proves vaccines cause autism. From here, he makes an unfounded claim that material from mattresses combines with the “toxins” from vaccines to magically cause all of the SIDS and autism. Vaccination is associated with the reducing the risk of SIDS in half and vaccines are not associated with autism. Also, he is wrong about VAERS and  he apparently forgot adverse events are not linked to causality. Lastly, he is a proponent of chelation therapy as an autism “treatment,” which is unfounded.
  14. Richard Deth – A lone, maverick doctor who once tried to make a virtual wager that within the next 18-24 months scientific evidence will make the thimerosal-autism linked a near certainty. During the 2010 Dwyer decision, the Vaccine Court ruled Deth’s own research was unpublished, underpublicized, or mentioned for the first time during the Theory 2 general causation hearing. From there, they declared his work was poorly performed and scientifically implausible (pdf).
  15. Jayne Donegan – A general practitioner who turned her back on science-based medicine in order to promote homeopathy (see Note 2) and other medical quackery. She was tossed out of court as a “witness statement” for providing junk science.
  16. Mark Donohoe – An Australian physician who describes himself as into integrative medicine (see Note 4) and complementary medicine (which isn’t real medicine). He advises parents on vaccines, yet doesn’t provide vaccines at his clinic, despite his protestations that he is not “anti-vaccine.” He also buys into  the Wind Farm Syndrome, a thoroughly debunked psychosomatic disorder of people who live near large wind turbines. It was determined that the Australian oil industry was being the astroturfing of this nocebo.
  17. Mayer Eisenstein – A doctor who was first to thought of administering Lupron, a chemical castration drug, to children as an autism “treatment. He was also involved in one of the largest U.S. wrongful death lawsuits awarded ($30 million) to a family in history. Despite his track record and due to his belief in the autism/vaccine myth, he noted, “every doctor now essentially in this country has done something as heinous as the Nazis did, unknowingly.”
  18. Michael Elice – He is an integrative physician (see Note 4) who uses chelation therapy as an autism “treatment”.
  19. Frank Engley – A retired microbiologist and a proponent of chelation therapy. He claims that thimerosal is dangerous at any concentration. That would be amazing considering there is a concentration in which even cyanide is not dangerous. He also used the material safety data sheet (MSDS), which refers to industrial quantities, to highlight the dangers of thimerosal in vaccines.
  20. Srinvasulu Gadugu – A homeopath (see Note 2) who wants India to use homeopathic prophylaxis, which he claims to have the same function as vaccines except there is no biological plausibility of efficacy because they are water, against Japanese Encephalitis (pdf) and argues that homeopathy can be used to treat acute traumatic brain injuries as an effective substitute for conventional, or actual, medicine.
  21. Boyd Haley – A retired chemist from the University of Kentucky who described children with autism as having M.A.D. child disease (Mercury Acquired Disease of Children Disease) and tried to sell industrial chelator as a dietary supplement. He was so hated by the people of the autistic community that they filed a petition against him.
  22. Suzanne Humphries – A nephrologist-turned-homeopath who lacks training in the fields of immunology and vaccines, objectified the Bible and Koran for her own agenda, and is a vitamins scam artist.
  23. Philip Incao – A germ theory denialist, who is also into HIV denialism (pdf). He was involved in giving a HIV positive toddler antibiotics in an area that he was not licensed to practice in, did not recommend the incredibly sick child to go to a hospital, and the child died the next morning.
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Anti-vaccine physicians – J through R

  1. Guylaine Lanctot – A physician who lost her license and wrote the book called the Medical Mafia, in which she basically states that all diseases and conditions are created via a physical manifestation of a problem involving the soul. The Zionist financiers, who completely control the medical establishment, purposely hide the cause of the manifestation to make profit, even though it kills people. Her evidence of this elaborate global conspiracy that involves vaccines, AIDS, cancer, the WHO, the Rockefeller Foundation, etc. is mostly the fact that modern medicine has yet to simply cure cancer because that should totally be easy. What’s even more surprising is there are far crazier, illogical ideas that no sane person can take seriously in her book, but I digress for the sake of brevity. She also disregarded her bank account, credit card, health insurance, and duty to file tax returns because she wanted to separate her true being from her legal personality created by the government to control her. With that being said, she got trouble in Quebec and move down to Florida to run a varicose vein clinic.
  2. Douglas Mackenzie – A plastic surgeon who is a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) [see Jane Orient]. While he believes that vaccines are unsafe toxins, botox is okay.
  3. Susan McCreadie – A holistic pediatrician and wellness author who is also certified in acupuncture, homeopathy (see Note 2), and reiki. Her goal is to bring “spirit” back into medicine and, in order to do that, make sure to subscribe to her magazine and buy all of her supplements.
  4. Jim Meehan – A functional medicine (see Note 3) doctor who doesn’t understand how VAERS work and advances the debunked idea that physical trauma/child abuse as a “vaccine injury.”. He holds no background and/or expertise in vaccination/immunology; he just repeats the same anti-/safe-vaccination tropes.
  5. Robert Mendelsohn – An American pediatrician opposed water fluoridation, coronary bypass surgery, and screening examinations to detect breast cancer. He is on record that he opposed “all forms of routine examinations by any health practitioner of any kind.” Also, I guess it’s worth mentioning that he died about 28 years ago, which makes him not the most current source of information.
  6. Joseph Mercola – A multi-millionaire osteopath who pushes all sorts of science denialism, such as HIV and eyeglasses denialism. Moreover, he was ordered to stop spreading claims of cures without scientific backing for his products. He once tried to sell tanning beds as a reasonable, preventative method against cancer.
  7. Roby Mitchell – A doctor who lost his license, was effectively barred from practicing medicine, and is no longer able to uphold himself as a physician in 2012 after he prescribed “colostrum bovine treatment”, which he claimed can cure cancer. In this procedure, he draws blood from the patient, injecting said blood into a pregnant cow’s utter, and then required the patient to drink the milk from the cow.
  8. Richard Moskowitz – A homeopath (see Note 2), who thinks immunization is an act against god. Lastly, for laughs and giggles, here is his understanding of anthrax. There is not a single fiber of my being that can take this man seriously.
  9. Alvin Moss – An ethics lecturer who holds neither background in vaccination nor immunology. From his “testimonies”, he doesn’t understand the limitations of VAERS and the cell media used in vaccine manufacturing.
  10. Andrew Moulden – Well, he was never a licensed doctor because he didn’t finish residency. He claimed to have the ability to detect SIDS before it happens over the internet via his patented BrainGuard, which uses photos/videos and a bit of magic to make completely legit assessments.
  11. Meryl Nass – Thinks Ebola is air-borne because she doesn’t even understand what droplets mean, and VAERS can prove causation because she doesn’t understand how it works. She also has written papers (conspirarcy rants) on
  12. Garth Nicolson – He’s pretty accomplished. However, he basically blames everything on mycoplasma, which is not supported by evidence. He also repeats the same buzzwords like other vaccine deniers. Besides mycoplasma being the cause of everything, he also promotes “chronic lyme disease” (which is not a real disease). He even tries to setup Moregellon’s Disease, a condition manifested due to delusions, as a disease caused by parasites (pdf). Morgellon’s does not exist.
  13. Raymond Obomsawin – An HIV/AIDS denialist who panders the royal rife, a cancer “cure.” He is also an intellectually dishonest scoundrel who has neither experience in science nor epidemiology and distorted incidence data on vaccination to serve his agenda.
  14. Tetyana Obukhanych: An ex-lab technician who tries to claim to be an immunologist but seems to ignore her training in the field. She has never directed any research. Finally, she was involved with only eight published articles with three of them actually supporting the use of vaccines (see one, two, three).
  15. Jane Orient: The executive director of the Association of American Physicians and surgeons (AAPS), which is an radical conservative organization known for its predatory journal that includes studies involving HIV denlialism (pdf), trying to create a link between abortion and breast cancer, and promoting physical trauma, shaken baby syndrome, as a “vaccine injury” (pdf). She’s also the president of the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness group, which is an organization whose  goal is to refute “fake” threats, such as global warming () and focus on the totally legit threats, such as 9/11 truth and nuclear fear conspiracies.
  16. Lawrence Palevsky – A “wholistic pediatrician” who denies germ theory and panders chemtrails. Despite being against one of the most tested products of all of medicine, he recommends the following to be incorporated into medicine: acupuncture, chiropractic, essential oils, homeopathy, and other unproven woo-woo.
  17. Troy Ross – This person has no background and does not conduct research in vaccination and immunology. Based on the only anti-/safe-vaccination article that he apparently published, he has no clue how to read the inserts.
  18. Robert Rowen – He is an advisor of the American Board of Chelation therapy which is a system created by chelation therapists in order to be “board certified” in clinical metal toxicology. He also promotes ozone therapy as a cure for ebola and basically stated death is better than autism.
  19. Marco Ruggiero – An HIV/AIDS denier who mainly deals with “Bravo Probiotics”, or what I like to call magical yogurt infused with GcMAF quackery. Like all great scam artists and quacks, he gave a lecture at Autism One, which is the same conference that promoted MMS, industrial bleach, as an autism “treatment”.
  20. Patricia Ryan – A functional medicine (see Note 3) practitioner who made unfounded claims about the HPV vaccine.
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Anti-vaccine physicians – S through Z

  1. Stephanie Seneff – A computer scientist with neither background in immunology, epidemiology, nor autism. Besides her fear-mongering on vaccines, she also blames everything on glyphosate, which includes school shootings and the Boston bombing.
  2. Christopher Shaw & Lucija Tomljenovic – Two researchers, who specialize in ophthalmology and visual sciences and are infamous for churning out bad scientific papers (also, see this, this and this).
  3. Ken Stoller – A former UCLA pediatrician who panders hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which has no evidence to demonstrate its safety and effectiveness as an autism “treatment”. He also got into trouble for unjustly treating a child who was neither sick nor had any meaningful condition. Furthermore, he blames cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome, a condition caused by physical trauma and is well-associated with child abuse, on vaccines. Lastly, he is into being afraid of clouds…I mean “chemtrails”.
  4. Sherri Tenpenny – A washed-up osteopath who is not an expert on vaccination and conducted no research on the subject matter, is a germ theory denier, and tried to link the Sandy Hook elementary School massacre to vaccination. She also helped promote the BX protocol, a cure-all scam.
  5. R. E. Tent: A chiropractor who doesn’t seem to exist beyond YouTube and sells a plethora of untested supplements and other products on his website.
  6. Paul Thomas – An integrative physician (see Note 4) who panders to the alternative vaccine schedule nonsense. He is not an expert in vaccines nor immunology. He also doesn’t do research, but you should totally buy his book. Probably not.
  7. Terry Wahls: A functional medicine doctor* with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) who promotes a diet will cure MS.
  8. Andrew Wakefield Mr. Wakefield lost his license due to medical misconduct and research fraud.
  9. Jack Wolfson – A heartless cardiologist and holistic “practitioner” who has quite an anger issue and loves to victim blame. He also stated the following to CNN when asked if he could live with himself if his unvaccinated child got another child gravely ill. “I could live with myself easily,” he said. “It’s an unfortunate thing that people die, but people die. I’m not going to put my child at risk to save another child.”
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  1. Chemtrails are water vapor.
  2. The practice of using water to cure everything under the sun.
  3. Functional medicine is not medicine.
  4. Integrative medicine is not medicine.

Editor’s note – this list will be updated as the anti-vaccine groups add names to their list of anti-vaccine physicians.


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