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Artificial Intelligence wrote a poem about the Skeptical Raptor

I like playing around with Chat GPT and getting into long discussions about anything. I actually engaged in a rather lengthy conversation about a historical event where it was trying to use a couple of logical fallacies to convince me that the event was “possibly true.” The artificial intelligence was getting redundant, so I asked it to write a poem about the Skeptical Raptor.

I did not give the Chat GPT artificial intelligence bot any parameters, I just asked it to “write a poem about the Skeptical Raptor.”

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The artificial intelligence poem about the old feathered dinosaur

In the wilds of science, where truth is king,
There lurks a creature with a razor’s edge.
With feathers bright and piercing eyes that gleam,
The Skeptical Raptor seeks to pledge.

He swoops upon the unproven claim,
With talons sharp and beak so keen,
And tears it to shreds, exposing the shame
Of those who try to deceive and preen.

For he is a guardian of reason,
A watchdog of evidence and fact.
No pseudoscience or quackery will season
His strict adherence to the scientific pact.

He is a fierce and noble beast,
A protector of knowledge and truth.
His skepticism will never cease,
As he hunts down falsehoods, a tireless sleuth.

So heed the call of the Skeptical Raptor,
And let his vigilance guide you true.
For with his sharp eyes and swift capture,
He will keep the wilds of science clear for you.


I am not a poet, nor would I ever claim to be one. I don’t think I even took a creative writing course in college, so I have zero skills in that area. But I love what Chat GPT gave me.

I know, it’s not going to win anyone the Nobel Prize in literature. But I was amused. I’ll take it. It’s my new mantra.

Now, it’s time to take down another myth of the anti-vaxxers.

Michael Simpson

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