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Michael Simpson

Lifetime lover of science, especially biomedical research. Spent years in academics, business development, research, and traveling the world shilling for Big Pharma. I love sports, mostly college basketball and football, hockey, and baseball. I enjoy great food and intelligent conversation. And a delicious morning coffee!


Long COVID cases have dropped — thanks to vaccines

A new study shows that COVID vaccines significantly reduce the risk of long COVID, while unvaccinated individuals face increased metabolic and gastrointestinal issues. Analyzing health records of veterans, researchers found a notable decrease in long COVID cases over different COVID variant eras. However, limitations include the study’s demographic focus and data period.

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Mediterranean diet may have benefits for children and teens

New research highlights the Mediterranean diet’s potential cardiometabolic benefits for children and teens, linking it to lower LDL cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, triglycerides, and higher HDL cholesterol. While studies suggest the diet aids overall health, limitations exist due to study design and variations in diet adherence. Despite skepticism, the evidence grows.

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Asthma incidence lower in children who received COVID vaccine

A newly published study in JAMA Network Open shows that increased COVID-19 vaccination in children correlates with a reduction in parent-reported asthma symptoms. Each 10 percentage point rise in vaccination coverage led to a 0.36 percentage point decrease in asthma symptoms. COVID-19 vaccines potentially offer additional protection against other coronaviruses.

Influenza is linked to myocardial infarctions

A study published in NEJM Evidence shows that influenza infection significantly increases the risk of acute myocardial infarctions, especially in individuals without prior coronary artery disease hospitalization. The research supports the importance of flu vaccinations in reducing heart attack risks by highlighting the connection between flu infection and heart attacks.


A multivitamin a day won’t keep the doctor away

A study published in JAMA Network Open analyzed data from three cohort studies over 27 years, concluding that daily multivitamin use slightly increased the death risk by about 4% in the first follow-up period and had no significant mortality effect in the latter half. Healthier lifestyle habits likely have a greater impact on mortality and chronic diseases.

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Tetanus vaccine may reduce risk of Parkinson’s disease

A preliminary study suggests that the tetanus vaccine may reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease with a time-dependent effect. The study shows significant risk reduction up to 15 years post-vaccination. While the findings are intriguing, they require peer review before confirming any causal relationship between tetanus vaccination and Parkinson’s prevention.