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Californians support vaccine laws – new poll diminishes anti-vaxxer power

A new poll from the LA Times and conducted by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies shows that Californians support vaccine laws. These laws mandate vaccines for students entering public or private schools while restricting the ability of some physicians to abuse the medical exemptions allowed in the original 2015 California bill, SB277.

During summer 2019, two new laws, SB276 and SB714, which restrict abuse of medical exemptions through a loophole in the original 2015 bill, were passed by the California legislature and signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom.

According to the new laws, in 2020, the state will review medical exemptions by physicians who have written five or more medical waivers and at schools with a vaccination rate below 95%. In a compromise between the Governor and legislature, the new laws say that the state can only reject medical exemptions issued after 31 December 2019, unless that physician has been disciplined by the Medical Board of California. 

In addition, all medical exemptions written by these physicians who have been disciplined can be invalidated.

As expected, the anti-vaccine zealots showed their nasty side by pushing violence against Dr. Richard Pan, odd racist metaphors, and all-around weird behavior. Because of their loud voices, you’d think that they were the majority opinion. 

Apparently, they aren’t.

Californians support vaccine

Californian wildflowers photographed by the avian dinosaur.

Poll shows Californians support vaccine laws

Let’s jump right into this poll and list out the key results:

  • 80% of Californians support vaccine laws.
  • 61% strongly support these laws.
  • 90% of Democrats support them.
  • 82% of independents support these new laws.
  • Even 73% of Republicans support these laws from a decidedly liberal California legislature and governor.
  • Even more surprising is that 67% of conservative voters support the bills.
  • 88% of individuals with postgraduate degrees (doctors, lawyers and such, including your favorite snarky feathered avian dinosaur) support the laws.
  • Support for the bills was strong across all income groups – 80% of those earning between $20,000 to $100,000 a year and 89% for those earning above $200,000.

In other words, Californians of all political stripes overwhelmingly support the new laws strengthening vaccination mandates. And protecting California children from deadly and debilitating infectious diseases.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Anti-vaxxers don’t need no steenkeen polls

Despite the near lack of support for the anti-vaccine misinformation in California, the anti-vaxxers are going full speed ahead to try to subvert democracy with a Quixotic quest to overturn the law. They have filed a referendum to attempt to block the new law. 

In California, the first step to overturn a law requires the group to file a proposal for a state referendum with the state attorney general. To qualify for the 2020 ballot, a referendum requires 623,212 valid signatures from California registered voters within 90 days of the governor’s signature on the bill. 

They have tried this before for SB277. It went nowhere because few Californians supported the anti-vaccine religion


California’s Sequoia National Park from your favorite skeptical avian dinosaur.


Eight in ten Californians support vaccine laws, including the new ones shepherded through the legislature by Dr. Richard Pan. This support is across the political spectrum, a rarity in modern US politics.

Despite the strong support of Californians, the anti-vaxxers won’t give up with their fear, uncertainty, and doubt. That’s because they have zero scientific evidence supporting their claims. 

Vaccines save lives. And Californians support vaccines.


Michael Simpson

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