Canadian anti-vaxxers book fake COVID-19 vaccine appointments

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In the Canadian province of Alberta, anti-vaxxers are allegedly booking fake COVID-19 vaccine appointments in an attempt to block legitimate appointments to get the vaccine. When no one shows up, not only is there one less person getting vaccinated, but also those doses could be spoiled when they can’t be used.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) was made aware of the fake COVID-19 vaccine appointments in a tweet:

This is infuriating.

The anti-vaccine goons are screaming and yelling “our bodies, our choice,” yet they are doing everything they can from those of us with functioning neurons to get our choice of vaccination to protect our bodies from a deadly disease.

As I have written, these vaccines are extremely safe and extremely effective at preventing COVID-19-19. All the anti-vaccine mob has got are lies, myths, and tropes.

The problem with this is that we all know that if it is successful there, anti-vaxxers will employ the same strategy elsewhere in the world. This is why I’m glad that the Alberta police are monitoring this – let’s hope that they track down anyone booking fake COVID-19 vaccine appointments swiftly and make sure that these people are charged with every crime that the police can find.

I wish that the social media giants would put an end to this misuse of their platforms. They are endangering people by keeping us from getting the vaccines for ourselves and our families. They have no right to do this to others.

Even though we know that their “choice” to not get a vaccine is ridiculous and based on pseudoscience, at best, we basically just let them be. We don’t try to restrict their right to be ignorant of facts.

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Just when I thought anti-vaccine insurrectionists could not go any lower, they find a way to do so. If they choose to catch the disease by not vaccinating, they can isolate themselves in a bubble somewhere so they don’t harm others. But if I choose to protect myself and my fellow humans, then leave me alone. Let me get the vaccine if I want (and which I did, of course).

I do not understand these people. I do not understand their hatred of science or their fellow humans. I do not understand their logic.

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