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The three biggest risk factors for dementia

Researchers have identified modifiable factors like diabetes, air pollution, and alcohol as significantly increasing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease risks. Additionally, genetic factors affecting brain regions were noted, although they cannot be modified. The study emphasizes the complexity of these diseases and suggests healthy diet, active lifestyle, and social interaction as potential risk mitigators.

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Do COVID vaccines cause diabetes? Another anti-vax myth

Anti-vaxxers falsely claim COVID-19 vaccines cause diabetes, ignoring that the virus itself may increase diabetes risk. Diabetes, characterized by high blood sugar, comes in Type 1 (autoimmune) and Type 2 (often lifestyle-related). COVID-19 vaccines can briefly raise blood sugar, a minor issue compared to their protective benefits. No evidence supports vaccines causing diabetes, while COVID-19 has a proven link to the disease.

COVID vaccine diabetes

COVID vaccine reduces the risk of post-infection diabetes

Research indicates a potential link between COVID-19 infection and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, with the COVID-19 vaccine shown to reduce this risk. Studies suggest that vaccinated individuals have a significantly lower likelihood of developing diabetes after a COVID-19 infection compared to unvaccinated individuals. This underscores the importance of getting vaccinated to mitigate the risk of diabetes.