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pregnancy COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy – the CDC now recommends it

The CDC endorses the COVID-19 vaccine for pregnant individuals based on a study showing no significant safety concerns. Research involving 35,691 pregnant participants found typical vaccination symptoms and no evidence of increased risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes. The findings suggest the vaccine’s efficacy and safety during pregnancy, reinforcing its importance for maternal and fetal health.

COVID-19 mRNA vaccines appendicitis

mRNA COVID vaccines are not associated with appendicitis

Initial concerns suggested a potential link between mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and appendicitis, with Pfizer’s Phase 3 trial indicating slightly higher incidences of appendicitis following vaccination. However, a new study conducted by Denmark’s University of Southern Denmark, utilizing national Danish registry data, found no significant association between the vaccines and appendicitis. This affirms a previous interim analysis also finding an absence of correlation.