Physician vaccine hesitancy — new polling shows about 10% are anti-vaccine

physician vaccine

A new poll published in Vaccine showed that physician acceptance of vaccine safety, effectiveness, and importance was extremely high. However, physician vaccine hesitancy seemed to be higher than expected, with about 1 in 10 primary care physicians not believing that vaccines are safe.

I want to examine this poll about physician vaccine hesitancy and give my opinions on what was found.

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Did a recent poll claim that 45% of Americans doubt vaccine safety? NO

You’ve probably seen the clickbait headlines across the press that, in a recent poll, 45% of Americans doubt vaccine safety. At first, such a poll would make me think that the anti-vaccine zealots were gaining some sort of traction with their fear, uncertainty, and doubt campaign against the settled science of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

Then a friend of mine, a pro-vaccine nurse in northern California, gave me a heads-up as to the actual data.  And it wasn’t even close to that number doubting vaccine safety.

Even the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), which is one of the leading American science organizations, which generally casts a very critical eye toward this kind of data, kind of got it wrong. 

Let’s take a moment to review the polling data, and show that the poll actually said that only 8% of Americans doubted vaccine safety, which feels about right. Clickbait headlines that never examine the data do a disservice to all of us.

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Adult vaccine schedule – what do you think about the CDC recommendations?

adult vaccine schedule

I just published an article about the CDC’s adult vaccine schedule by age and by medical condition. I knew this existed. Of course I did, since I’ve been focusing on vaccines for like nearly my whole adult life. I wanted to poll my readers as to your own reaction to the CDC’s vaccine schedule (which is probably the same in many other countries, not just the USA). Did you know you might have to get the Hib vaccine? Or MMR?

Or do you stand with Donald Trump, who thinks the CDC vaccine schedules are dangerous? Very dangerous. Bad for America.

So, I’d like to know about what you think of the adult vaccine schedule. Vote early and vote often.

Website construction poll – how are we doing?

website construction polling

Skeptical Raptor 4.0 has been out in the wild for almost a month, and we’re not sure what we think about it. For example, most of you didn’t know that clicking on the bright red Skeptical Raptor logo brings you to the home page, where you can search for almost any article. We wanted to throw in a couple of website construction polls to find out what you all are thinking, maybe to help decide which direction to go next.

The current website is really a beta, with issues popping up all the time (like the date of the article is no longer at the top, but now at the bottom – we know that’s an issue that needs to be fixed).

(Throw any additional observations and suggestions down in the comments.)

We hope you notice a few things about the new website. First, we’ve cut out almost all of the embedded ads (those within the body of the articles), because the fundraising model means we can operate the website without relying on ads (though we kept a few along one side). If continued fundraising remains healthy enough to support this website, we will remove more of the ads.

Second, the new design should be faster, and allow for quicker navigation between articles.

Third, there is a new landing page which lists the most recent articles and the 5-6 most popular articles published on this website.


We’re still trying to raise money for the feathery dinosaur to improve the website (such as fixing the date issue, something that’s harder than we originally thought). Because of some really odd hacking attempts, a lot of what we budgeted for website improvement was put into plugging any potential security flaws.

Again, if you’ve got a few spare dollars, please click on the links below. We can use the help in removing more ads, upgrading the website even further, and giving this place a long future of providing content about everything from vaccines and the law to GMO myths.

Please contribute. We can use the help.


Poll – dog comments on Andrew Wakefield

Once again, let’s talk about  MrAndy Wakefield, one of the greatest frauds in medicine over the last 100 years. I’m not exaggerating, he really is considered that.

Lately we’ve had to put up with his anti-vaccine lunacy with his fraudumentary, Vaxxed, which is out in theaters even now. In the “documentary” (scare quotes intentional), Wakefield rehashes his same old misinformation, ignorance, and utter nonsense.

I do try to ignore him, like I ignore that Australian expatriate, Ken Ham, who is wasting American taxpayer money to build a temple to that biblical myth that has all of the scientific basis of, well Wakefield’s claims. But sometimes Wakefield just keeps coming, without muzzling his mouth.

The latest is the photo below that’s hitting the interwebs. The picture includes a sad looking dog, possibly a German Shepherd (but I am not a dog expert – I’m a cat person), sitting next to Mr. Wakefield.

Wakefield is holding a couple of hand written signs that say, ” My name is Tex. I was injured by vaccines.”

dog comments on Andrew Wakefield
I don’t think that’s what the dog was thinking.


There’s an old saying about a person – you can judge a person’s character by how they treat children and animals. Wakefield’s treatment of children is well known – he committed a fraud to profit from trial lawyers and his own patented measles vaccine. And that fraud lead to massive measles outbreaks, and permanent injury to children. So, he fails miserably on the “treating of children.”

Now he’s trying to do the same for our pets? Dogs are protected from some serious diseases because of vaccines and other preventative medicines. Rabies. Distemper. Parvovirus. Bordetella. Hepatitis. Lyme disease. And many more.

Not only are these diseases dangerous to our dogs, they can be passed to us. Rabies is a horrible disease, and if a dog contracts it, they may have to be euthanized. And if that rabid dog bites a child, they have to endure a very painful series of vaccines.

No, rabies cannot be prevented by a gluten free, organic diet for your dog. They are bitten by some rabid animal because, well, dogs are curious, and can be bitten by a bat, raccoon, wild cat, and who knows what else – and once bitten, the disease transfers to them.

And, we can only conclude that Wakefield also fails on the “how he treats dogs” category.

If dogs could talk, I wonder what the dog comments on Andrew Wakefield would be. Here’s a poll of what I believe the dog thinks about Andrew Wakefield. Choose your favorite. Or reply in the comments with a better one. I love that!

Poll – who is the genuine Skeptical Raptor

Online Poll

There are so many rumors about the genuine Skeptical Raptor – I think I could find a full-time job amusing myself. I mean, who is the person behind the carnivorous dinosaur?

I’ve been accused of being Orac. I mean, I could be. I really try to hit the high level of snark. But I’m really just an amateur compared to the masterful Orac. I am not worthy.

I’ve been accuse of being David Gorski. Except I just couldn’t live in Michigan. And he’s a surgeon. Surgery is icky. I had to do human anatomy, and I know that zombies will be chasing me down.

I’ve been told I’m a Canadian. Canada should probably be insulted.

I’ve been accused of being a minion of Dorit Rubinstein Reiss. Maybe I’m one of those cute yellow ones.

Apparently, the real Skeptical Raptor is a minion.
Apparently, the real Skeptical Raptor is a minion.


The Age of Lying about Autism rails on about who the genuine Skeptical Raptor is. Yawn.

And of course, the genuine Skeptical Raptor is an astroturfer.

And who can forget the anti-Semitic anti-vaccination fool who claims that Allison Hagood writes attack pieces against her on the here.

Genuine Skeptical Raptor

I’m sure if I actually did a Google search, I’d find out that I’m really President Obama pushing vaccines that contain nanobots which will convert everyone to “the Islam” so that I can implement Sharia Law, and put all the gun owners in FEMA camps. I might have a few details confused.

So this time for a poll. I haven’t done one in a while, but we need a break. Choose your top three choices. And Vote Early Vote Often on who is the genuine Skeptical Raptor.


Poll – vaccines and religious exemptions

Both California and Illinois recently have enacted legislation tightening vaccine exemption requirements. California’s SB277 made vaccinations nearly mandatory (except for those children with legitimate medical exemptions), whereas Illinois’ SB1410 tightened up religious exemptions, although I am skeptical that it will really do anything.

So what do you think about vaccines and religious exemptions – what would you like to see?