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sushi vitamin D

The vitamin D hype is not supported by scientific evidence

Vitamin D supplements are popular but lack strong scientific evidence for treating or preventing various diseases beyond bone health. While maintaining adequate vitamin D levels is important for calcium absorption and preventing rickets and osteomalacia, the benefits of supplementation for other conditions, like cancer or diabetes, are not supported by robust data. Excessive intake may also pose health risks. It’s essential to differentiate between correlation and causation, and to understand that a balanced diet and sunlight typically suffice for adequate vitamin D levels.

homeopathy vaccines

Midwife gave homeopathy pills instead of vaccines to children

New York midwife Jeanette Breen was fined $300,000 after administering sugar-based homeopathy pills as vaccines to 1,500 children, compromising their health by leaving them unvaccinated against serious diseases. Breen also falsified their records. The fine includes a portion suspended on condition of future compliance, but critics argue the punishment isn’t severe enough.

Steve Kirsch vaccine debate

Steve Kirsch wants a vaccine debate — science doesn’t debate

The author declines a debate with tech bro Steve Kirsch on vaccine safety, arguing science isn’t subject to debate, and Kirsch lacks evidence to support his anti-vaccine claims. The writer emphasizes that thousands of experts in relevant scientific disciplines have solid evidence regarding vaccine safety. They denounce Kirsch’s usage of virulent misinformation and pseudoscience and view the proposed debate as a futile exercise, not needing or wanting any part in this pseudo-debate.