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crop harvester with fresh eggplants in box

Eggplant (aubergine) and skin cancer — what does science say?

Despite internet claims about eggplant extract (BEC5) treating skin cancer, thorough research reveals no robust, clinical evidence supporting its efficacy. A study not validated by reputable journals or recognized by major medical societies is being overhyped without substantial backing. Medical professionals advise conventional treatments over unproven herbal remedies for skin cancer.

an artist s illustration of artificial intelligence ai this image depicts how ai could assist in genomic studies and its applications it was created by artist nidia dias as part of the

DNA in food or vaccines is not going to change your genes

A poll revealed widespread fear of DNA in food and vaccines, leading to calls for mandatory labeling. This pervasive pseudoscience myth suggests that consuming or injecting DNA can alter human genetics. However, DNA from food and vaccines is broken down and does not integrate into human genes. Education on DNA biochemistry counters these fears, explaining that DNA and its four nucleobases (CGAT) are consistent across all life forms, simply coding for proteins. Massive studies on animals fed GMOs and vaccinated humans illustrate no adverse effects from DNA consumption or vaccine administration. Such concerns are scientifically unfounded; eating GMO foods or getting vaccines does not alter or harm one’s DNA.