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Cancer vaccine

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mRNA vaccine for pancreatic cancer — excellent long-term results

Recent long-term clinical trial data reveals the personalized mRNA vaccine, cevumeran, elicits a lasting immune response in pancreatic cancer patients, significantly improving recurrence-free survival. The phase 2 trial explores cevumeran’s combined efficacy with chemotherapy, as this approach shows potential to revolutionize treatment for this hard-to-treat cancer, underscoring mRNA vaccines’ role in advancing medical treatments.

bcg vaccine liver cancer

100-year-old BCG vaccine — promising treatment for liver cancer

The BCG vaccine, initially for tuberculosis, shows promise in treating hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), common liver cancer, as per a study by UC Davis researchers. The vaccine, in animal models, triggered an immune response reducing cancer growth. With its history of repurposing for bladder cancer and potential in diabetes reversal, this FDA-approved vaccine may soon enter clinical trials for HCC.

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New mRNA vaccine for pancreatic cancer enters phase 2 trials

A new personalized mRNA vaccine for pancreatic cancer, cevumeran, has shown promise in a phase 1 trial and is advancing to a larger phase 2 trial. It works by inducing an immune response against specific antigens in each patient’s tumor, offering hope for a disease with typically poor prognosis. Developed by BioNTech, cevumeran complements standard treatments like surgery and chemotherapy, potentially increasing overall success rates.

HPV vaccine efficacy

HPV vaccine efficacy against against invasive HPV-related cancers

The evidence of the HPV vaccine efficacy against cancer is becoming overwhelming. A new article shows that the vaccine prevents invasive HPV-related cancers. People are always asking me when we will get a cancer vaccine — this is it.

I continue to write about the HPV vaccine because it is simply one of the best ways to prevent cancer. Drinking GMO-free, organic, blueberry-soy-kale smoothies is not going to prevent cancer, no matter how much you believe the nonsense on the internet. On the other hand, the HPV vaccine is going to prevent cancer, and we have evidence of its efficacy.

Let’s take a look at the newest peer-reviewed research.

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Cancer vaccines — they exist and you should get them

Viruses cause over 20% of cancer cases worldwide — and it should be celebrated that we have vaccines that can prevent some of those cancers. Considering the fear that many people have of cancer, getting these vaccines should be a high priority.

Part of the reason that these cancer vaccines are not a high priority is probably that cancer may not appear until long after the viral infection. If cancer appeared soon after the virus attacks, the cause and effect would be very clear, probably making the vaccine a much higher priority.

This article is going to focus on preventative cancer vaccines. There are cancer vaccines that are being developed as treatments for cancer — for example, there is a new mRNA vaccine that may be useful in treating colorectal cancer.

These “cancer vaccines” train the immune system, much like preventative vaccines, to attack existent cancer but they cannot prevent it. Furthermore, these types of vaccines are individually designed for each patient — in essence, unique antigens on the cancer cell surface are isolated and used to induce the immune system to attack the cancer cells. It’s a therapeutic technique that will still be used in conjunction with surgery and other adjuvant therapies like chemotherapy.

I might discuss this type of “cancer vaccines” more in the future as they become more prevalent, but for this article, I am going to be discussing preventative cancer vaccines.

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