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COVID vaccines and prion disease — zombie trope debunked

For over two decades, various discredited anti-vaccine claims have reemerged, such as the assertion that COVID vaccines lead to prion diseases. Prion diseases, several of which exist, are always fatal and typically result from misfolded proteins. Despite concerns during the UK mad cow disease outbreak, no evidence links vaccines to an increased incidence of prion diseases. Recently, anti-vaccine proponents have misinterpreted data to suggest a link between mRNA COVID vaccines and prion diseases, yet no biologically plausible mechanism supports this. Vaccination data shows no increase in prion diseases, reinforcing the safety of COVID vaccines.


COVID vaccines are safe — that’s the science

In an evidence-based discussion, the author stresses that COVID vaccines are safe and the risks, though real, are minor and rare. Citing experts, large studies, and CDC assurances, they argue vaccine benefits far outweigh the risks. Anti-vaccine claims are dismissed as lacking evidence and relying on logical fallacies. The author concludes affirming the significant benefits and minor risks of COVID vaccines.

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Measles outbreaks in the USA are a public health problem

Physicians are concerned about recent measles outbreaks in the USA, citing misinformation as a contributing factor. Lack of public memory of measles’ severity, due to vaccine success, has lowered vigilance. Highly contagious, measles’ complications can be severe including death, with no cure but the highly effective MMR vaccine. Low vaccination rates and anti-vaccine sentiments risk exacerbating these outbreaks, undermining herd immunity and public health.

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Norovirus — highly contagious stomach virus hitting the USA

Norovirus cases are on the rise in the U.S., with 759 outbreaks reported by mid-February 2024. Despite being highly contagious and causing severe gastroenteritis, most people recover without medical intervention. Preventive measures include handwashing and disinfecting with bleach, as there is no cure or vaccine, though one shows promise in clinical trials. Severe cases, particularly in children, may require hospitalization for dehydration.

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Updated COVID-19 vaccines have high effectiveness

Recent research indicates that updated COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective against severe results like emergency room visits and hospitalizations among adults. Despite Omicron variants circulating, those vaccinated are significantly less likely to need medical attention if infected. Data underscores the importance of receiving the latest COVID vaccine for protection.

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The Trump school vaccine plan will be a public health catastrophe

Donald Trump threatens to defund schools implementing vaccine mandates, possibly risking a public health catastrophe by endangering vaccine rates for diseases like measles, which is highly contagious and potentially fatal. Historically, school vaccine mandates have been crucial in nearly eradicating diseases such as polio and maintaining high childhood vaccination rates in the USA. The potential repeal of mandates could lead to outbreaks, strain hospital resources, and have severe health and economic impacts. Leading experts strongly oppose the plan, forewarning of its dire consequences.

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BCG vaccine may be a weapon against Alzheimer’s disease

New research suggests the century-old BCG tuberculosis vaccine may also reduce Alzheimer’s disease risk. Originally developed against TB by Calmette and Guérin and proven highly effective, this vaccine now appears to have broad immunotherapeutic benefits. Clinical trials have demonstrated its potential in lowering Alzheimer’s and dementia risks, with studies indicating a 20-45% decrease in older patients with bladder cancer. Studies call for more research to validate these promising results, given Alzheimer’s growing prevalence and economic impact.

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100-year-old BCG vaccine — promising treatment for liver cancer

The BCG vaccine, initially for tuberculosis, shows promise in treating hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), common liver cancer, as per a study by UC Davis researchers. The vaccine, in animal models, triggered an immune response reducing cancer growth. With its history of repurposing for bladder cancer and potential in diabetes reversal, this FDA-approved vaccine may soon enter clinical trials for HCC.


Anti-vaxxers underestimate the dangers of measles

Measles is often underestimated as a benign disease, despite causing serious complications such as pneumonia, hearing loss, and a fatal brain condition called SSPE. The MMR vaccine is crucial for prevention, as measles can lead to death and long-term suppression of the immune system, making children more susceptible to other infections. Sadly, non-vaccinated individuals are enabling the spread of measles, exemplified by a case where a young girl named Angelina suffered and died from SSPE contracted as an infant. Vaccination is essential to prevent such tragic outcomes and protect public health.

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New mRNA vaccine for pancreatic cancer enters phase 2 trials

A new personalized mRNA vaccine for pancreatic cancer, cevumeran, has shown promise in a phase 1 trial and is advancing to a larger phase 2 trial. It works by inducing an immune response against specific antigens in each patient’s tumor, offering hope for a disease with typically poor prognosis. Developed by BioNTech, cevumeran complements standard treatments like surgery and chemotherapy, potentially increasing overall success rates.