Skeptical Raptor website housekeeping – 4

Skeptical Raptor website

I want to continue to thank all of you who clicked on the PayPal link on the left, and contributed to the running of the Skeptical Raptor website. This may not be the most personal way to say thanks, I just didn’t want random emails ending up in your PayPal inbox.

And if you’ve got an extra gold bar or two, please click on the PayPal button on the left. I could use a few.

This article is all about:

Improving search engine results


No, this is not going to be a how-to guide on how to improve search engine results, something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I am not an expert. But I’m implementing several things to improve the standing, which should make sure that my information about vaccines continues to eclipse the lies and misinformation of the anti-vaccination crowd.

A few days ago, I noticed a comment from a regular reader why articles from the Skeptical Raptor website don’t show up in Google news results. And since I get those results, I wondered too, so I did some testing.

Apparently, many of my articles do hit Google news reports, but there’s a big problem – Google news results don’t curate the articles, so widely read junk science articles about vaccines, for example Age of Autism, get a higher ranking. This is sad.

On the other hand, results for Google searches of science and medicine are mostly curated to weed out the bad science websites. Thus, if you Google “hpv vaccine myths,” this blog’s article on HPV vaccine myths is #2. Right behind a website in Australia. I’m ok with being #2 behind an Australian pro-vaccine, anti-cancer website.

The first hit with false information about the HPV vaccine, from the ironically named group called VaxTruth, ranks about #50. They should be lower, but I think the curation process at Google is still evolving.

The Skeptical Raptor website has had nearly 4,000,000 total views, so the costs for what was once just my hobby is increasing. I’ve been working to keep load speeds as high as possible, I’ve now maxed out the specs for my servers, which now cost just below $1000 a month.  I remember back in the old days (2012), I paid $15 a month.

Every time I see a GoDaddy commercial on TV for web hosting, I think to myself “sure that works, except when you become a success.”

At any rate, I’m begging for contributions, if you can afford it, to keep this place running. Once again, my shill masters at Big Evolution, Big Agra, Big Pharma, and Big Sugar keep refusing to pay me, even after I’ve sent them several bills. Now I have to hire attorneys to get the money.

To contribute, there’s a button on the left for PayPal. Or you can just ship gold bars, I take those too.

Again, thanks for all of your support, whether monetarily or just by reading an article or two. And for those of you who are getting pinged by all the updates here, sorry. It’s for the long-term good. I hope.

And Happy Holidays for those of you who celebrate something in December. No, that’s not a war on Xmas. I’m searching for shill funding from Big Christmas.


Skeptical Raptor website housekeeping – 3

Skeptical Raptor website

I want to continue to thank all of you who clicked on the PayPal link on the left, and contributed to the running of this website. This may not be the most personal way to say thanks, I just didn’t want random emails ending up in your PayPal inbox.

Over the past few hours, I’ve undertaken what I thought was going to be a small update to the articles on this website, but it ended up being much much more.

Earlier today, I found out someone couldn’t find a particular article written by Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, a frequent contributor here on vaccines, law, and a few other issues. These articles are complex and enlightening, and they are shared a lot over the internet. Because they are so useful.

To improve search results, I decided to slightly redesign my website to include her as a separate author. Google likes this. I like it. The world is in order.

Unfortunately, two things happened:

  1. Prior to May 2015, I was rather haphazard in how posts were written, and how I categorized Dorit’s articles. I had to take a few steps, like create her as an author on this website, then I thought I could just do a mass convert of her articles to her authorship. Nope, didn’t work that way. I had to do them one by one.
  2. By doing this one by one, I discovered a large number of SEO (search engine optimization) issues (I was really haphazard about that up until recently), image problems, and a whole bunch of stuff. I then re-edited all of her articles–which appears to be more than 50 of them.
  3. Stylistically, I changed how this articles appeared on the website. I tried to break down longer articles into sections with headers. I fixed image scaling, and removed excess images which cause all kinds of problems. It’s amusing to look at an article from about 12 months ago, compared to now. I was such an amateur. I had to convert all of Dorit’s old articles into the new style, which was fun.

All of this was a good thing. I have been wanting to clean up the SEO on my articles, but with nearly 900 posts over the past 4 years, that was not something I really wanted to do. So I’ve done 2-3 a week, when I felt like it. But now I fixed all of Dorit’s so that should help out in searches for her articles.

Because of the readership, the Skeptical Raptor website has had nearly 4,000,000 total views, there are more and more challenges to making the website professional looking. While still not appearing to be owned by Big Pharma. I know someone is going to miss the humor there.

Again, thanks for all of your support, whether monetarily or just by reading an article or two. And for those of you who are getting pinged by all the updates here, sorry. It’s for the long-term good. I hope.


Skeptical Raptor website housekeeping – 2

Skeptical Raptor website

More Skeptical Raptor website housekeeping

The very first thing I want to say is thank you to the whole bunch of you who clicked on the PayPal link on the left, and contributed to the running of this website. This may not be the most personal way to say thanks, I just didn’t want random emails ending up in your PayPal inbox.

I was trying to run this website all by myself, but I think I fell to the Dunning-Kruger curse and thought I could become an HTML5/PHP/Javascript expert by spending a few hours on Google. Yes, the irony was profound. I suddenly figured out that learning computer code is about as hard as learning epidemiology.

So, I hired someone to clean up the code, which caused lousy performance. My pages were loading in like 30 seconds, which 15 years ago would have been amazing. My IT guy (he’s a guy and he’s in IT, so there we go) had to look over like 15000 lines of code. He found the problem in like the 14,000th line, which is just my luck. Not that it matters but putting a “;” in the wrong place can be the death of a website.

So, it appears that pages now load in 1-5 seconds. Thanks IT guy.

He has some more code to clean up (I was sloppy). And we’ve got a boatload of re-directs to fix. He also removed a dangling piece of code that sometimes redirected the main page to a MySpace page. Of course, that begs the question of “who uses MySpace anymore?”

We’ll see if these fixes are actually permanent. I think an anti-vaccination shill has haunted my website.

With these fixes, I’m actually back to having fun writing here. The page loading problems made writing a 2000 word article tedious. Page loads cost me hours of writing time, and I was seriously ready to give up.

In some other news, Big Pharma still hasn’t sent me Shill Payments™ yet. If anyone knows who to speak to at Big Agra, Big Pharma, and Big Evolution, please tell me. I fell as though they’re using me.

So, if you have a chance, look at the left column, and you can contribute to running and maintenance of this blog with a simple PayPal click. Anything helps. I promise to remove it once the Shill Payments™ gold bars are shipped.

Please, no one who has contributed should do it again. Unless, of course, you received your Shill Payments™ gold bars. Then help out a fellow shill.

I feel like I just did one of those NPR contribution drives. “If we raise $10,000 in the next 30 minutes, Big Pharma will match the contribution.”

Skeptical Raptor website housekeeping

Skeptical Raptor website

The Skeptical Raptor website – and its blog – has been a labor of love for just short of three years. There are over 600 posts, or about one every couple of days. That’s a lot of writing, especially since I think many of these topics require three or four thousand words to cover all of the information.

A few months ago, I had to move to a dedicated server because of the popularity of this blog. The Skeptical Raptor website was accidentally crashing other smaller websites that sat on a shared server. We’ve fixed that. Good for everybody!

Since I was moving to a better server, I went through the process to upgrade the website to something a lot more modern. And more complicated.

I have been spending a lot of time rewriting or editing a lot of the more popular posts (some have had over a half-million page views) for lots of reasons. So it may seem like I’m taking the easy route and just republishing the good stuff. If it were that easy.

Generally, this is what I do to the revised posts:

  • Fix outbound and internal links.
  • Check for new research that may enhance or contradict my points.
  • Fix spelling errors, grammar and style.
  • Change images to higher quality.
  • Subdivide huge articles into smaller ones.
  • Modernize the format.

So when I republish an article, it’s almost a new one. But if you read it before, take the time to read it again. There will be new information, hopefully helpful to answering the question you’re asking.

Lastly, it’s very expensive running this website. And the Shill Payments™ from Big Vaccine, Big Pharma, Big Agra and Big Evolution aren’t reaching the levels I want to maintain this website and keep my Ferrari running. And I’ve had to lay off my personal Big Pharma gold bar polisher last week. It’s a rough world.

In the left column, you can contribute to running and maintenance of this blog with a simple PayPal click. Anything helps. I’ll remove it once the Shill Payments™ gold bars are shipped. But seriously, this website was once a hobby and now is a money pit. Fun, but a money pit.

I hope all of this information helps.

Website housekeeping note–Google Feedburner

Some of you use Google’s Feedburner system to get notified of posts here and other blogs. Unfortunately, Google has deprecated Feedburner and no long supports it (and hasn’t since 2012). I’ve begun to notice a lot of errors crop up (not just here but from other blogs) from Feedburner emails.

As a result, I’ve removed all subscription links to Feedburner from this website. You can subscribe through RSS feeds (if you prefer), email, or any social networking. It all works easily. There are subscriptions links in the column to the left (or right, I may make a change).

Try to do it soon, so you’re always up-to-date on snarky skepticism.

And the Skeptical Raptor has returned from internet hell


For fans, haters, and those looking for information, you probably knew that this website and blog wasn’t working for the last 7 days. Obviously, we’re back.

I won’t give you the long story, but the short one was that I was stressing out the servers for the old web host, because so many people were reading my articles. It’s one of those good news/bad news situations. Daily, I had issues with the website going down, because I temporarily exceeded limits of the servers. My website emails me when it disappears from the internet, and I was getting 50 a day.

I tried to stick with the old web host for as long as I could, but they finally had enough, because there were so many hits here, it was impacting performance on other websites that they hosted. This host were really good people, but they focus on small websites, not like my monster. To protect their server, the old web host locked out portions of my website, which wasn’t fair, but I was violating their terms of service for number of hits. I was over by a 1000X.

So, in one day, I had to find the best host for my needs, determine if they had a good rating (they did) amongst users, pay for it all, transfer my website, then….WAIT. The internet doesn’t work very efficiently, as I’ve found out. Lots of people and things get involved with domain names and transfers. Lots of secret codes need to be emailed. And then you wait.

Now, while I was waiting, I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t run tests. I couldn’t write articles. I just waited. It was like a vacation, except checking with the new web host every hour to see what was going on. I think they were annoyed.

Finally, today, the domain name officially transferred, then…problems. Too numerous to mention, but finally it all worked.

There will be lots of new articles. And we’ll have fun. I’m actually redesigning this website to be even more efficient with new graphics, but I think I’ve done enough this month. If you run into any problems with any links or anything whatsoever with this website, just comment here, or send a tweet to @skepticalraptor.

OK. Time for a little siesta or something.

The annual report of Skeptical Raptor’s blog–2014


Actually, it’s not so annual, cause this is the first time I’ve done it, more or less.

I started this blog in January 2012. Just three years ago. I really didn’t know what subjects would be my focus, but it was science generally. I kind of wandered around for the first few months, before I think I hit my stride with vaccines, junk medicine, evolution (though I really need to move back into that area), and other things that captured my interest.

In January 2012, I had precisely 262 page views. For the whole month. I really thought “why bother.” For 2012, I had 184,000 page views, which still made me wonder if the effort was worth it.

In November 2014, I had over 278,000 unique page views, meaning I did more in November than I did in all of 2012. For 2014, I had nearly 1.2 million unique page views, which meant this website is ranked 278,000th in the world. OK, that sounds terrible, except that there’s 1,200,000,000 (1.2 billion if you hate counting zeroes) websites on the interwebs as of this moment. So this blog ranks in the top 0.023% of all websites on the internet. It’s no Facebook or Amazon, but then again, I have reach goals for this blog, and those aren’t it!

My goal is to provide scientific evidence for science and medicine, while doing the same against pseudoscientific myths and memes that are popular on the social networks. I do it with my style–take no prisoners, and use the highest standards of evidence. I refuse to accept a cherry-picked study that supports an a priori conclusion, when the scientific consensus, based on a mountainous body of evidence, is a formidable fortress of knowledge.

I seriously get frustrated when people think that their opinion somehow trumps the scientific consensus. Or that they think they can lie or intentionally abuse data to fit their “beliefs.” Climate change deniers. Evolution deniers. Vaccine deniers. GMO deniers. HIV/AIDS deniers. All use the same methodology to make their points. Whining about so-called problems, based on nonsense and ignorance. Depending upon false authorities to “prove” that the denier point of view deserves respect. Finding the one study that is an outlier, and ignoring the mountains of evidence supporting the scientific consensus. Providing false-balanced presentations that make it appear that there is really a debate. Using personal attacks and conspiracy theories to attack the character of thoughtful and intellectually superior science supporters.

If it weren’t so dangerous, we’d laugh at these people. Well, I still mock them, but I know they are dangerous lunatics.

Continue reading “The annual report of Skeptical Raptor’s blog–2014”

New Disqus comments system

On 8 June 2014, I switched the comment system from Facebook based to Disqus, a different kind of commenting system. There were a few reasons for this decision:

  1. Facebook allowed too much spam in here. Because of Facebook’s tracking system, spammers could target fake comments that might be attractive to readers of various articles. It was almost creepy in how this spam fit with what was written
  2. You have to be on Facebook to comment in a Facebook environment, and there are a lot of people who did not want to set up a Facebook account. I empathize with that, so Disqus allows for several types of login, including setting up an account that is not on any social network.
  3. Disqus allows for threading of comments, which cannot be done with the Facebook system.
  4. Facebook constantly changed it’s programming which would break the comments section for a day or two every few weeks. It was frustrating, and because Facebook refused to publish its changes, they would happen without warning.
  5. Facebook had a binary moderation mode, either on or off. Disqus has a more vibrant one.
  6. You can up vote and down vote Disqus comments. This let’s the casual reader know who has contributed something useful to the conversation.

I pulled the switch on the change this afternoon. There are a few issues here and there, including a boatload of missing comments. I’m trying to recover them, and some have shown up, but others are being recalcitrant. They’re not lost for me, as I can see them in my database, but making the database talk to Disqus has been a challenge. Eventually it will be all worked out. I want to be able to see all of the antisemitic remarks for the Oberführer of

A lot of websites now use Disqus, and it’s pretty easy to remain logged on, so that you can comment to your heart’s content across the internet. Because you know, one day, we will correct all of the mistakes on the internet. OK, maybe correcting the mistakes on Wikipedia will have to suffice.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or complaints, leave them here. Maybe I can fix them. Maybe I can’t. Maybe in a year, I’ll switch back to Facebook Comments. Probably not.



Notice about this website

At 2000 PDT (you can convert that here), my website will be offline for a few hours. I’m upgrading security with a built-in anti-hacking virus, that causes the attacking computer to just hit Justin Bieber arrest sites. You’ve been warned.

Plum hamantaschen. Slurp.
Plum hamantaschen. Slurp.

Yes, I get several hundred hack attempts per day. I automatically trace every hack attempt, and it’s rather amusing how dumb people are. Like I’m going to use a simple password here. Or keep server backdoors open. Vaccine refuser cult members should get a job sweeping floors. Seriously.

Also, I’m moving to another data center for my server, so that’s going to happen. And we’re going to get fully vaccinated. 

While doing this, I’m going eat some GMO filled hamantaschen. And you should be envious.

OK, see you in a few hours. 

I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the Big Pharma Shill Party

The official Big Pharma Shill t-shirt.
My official Big Pharma Shill® t-shirt. Thanks to the Facebook group, Refutations to Anti-vaxx Memes.

Occasionally, I receive thinly veiled questions about my integrity and ethics in the comments of various posts, in emails, or on social networking sites. Mostly, I laugh about them since they are a form of Ad hominem argument, called the Big Pharma Shill Gambit, where one side of an argument tries to dismiss the scientific evidence of another side by accusing them of being a paid mouthpiece for pharmaceutical companies. My response is generally to state that I am “polishing the gold bars stored in the basements of Big Pharma offices,” and I don’t get paid very much to do that–it’s just about the only answer worthy of the stupidity of these accusations.

The problem with actually trying to dismiss these accusations is that it’s nearly impossible to dismiss the accusations with evidence, because as we know, proving the negative is almost impossible. I could post my investment documents, and you will see that I own many shares of stock and mutual funds that invest in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Companies I might discuss might make up 0.1% of the holdings of the mutual fund, which means I own around 0.000000001% of a single Big Pharma company. Now, I am certainly not arrogant enough to believe that what I write has any effect on some company’s stock price, but if it did, I reap the rewards of ½¢. Woo hoo. 

Of course, even if I did post my stock holdings, someone will accuse me of hiding my 2 million shares of Merck stock in my secret offshore bank account. Which probably is in the same vault as the shiny Big Pharma gold bars.  Continue reading “I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the Big Pharma Shill Party”