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CDC reports low COVID, RSV, flu vaccination rates

As I have written before, during the winter of 2023-24, we might be seeing higher levels of COVID-19, RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), and flu infection. These are all serious respiratory diseases that can be easily prevented by vaccines.

Unfortunately, the CDC is reporting that the vaccination rates in the USA for COVID-19, RSV, and the seasonal flu are very low, which means that those at risk of complications from these diseases, usually very young children and seniors, are not protected from the diseases.

Let’s take a look at the vaccination rates for these diseases.

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COVID, RSV, and seasonal flu vaccination rates

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported the following vaccination rates for COVID-19, RSV, and flu for adults in the USA:

  • The updated 2023-24 COVID-19 vaccination rate is 21.4% for adults 18+, including 41.5% for adults 65+.
  • The influenza vaccination rate is 46.8% for adults 18+, including 74.1% among adults 65+.
  • RSV vaccination rate for adults over 60 years of age is 20.1%.

This survey does not include children, which will be reported by the CDC next week.

The only good news in this survey is that over 74% of senior adults have received the flu vaccine. The bad news is that seniors are lagging in getting the COVID-19 and RSV vaccines. The COVID-19 vaccination rate is low for all adults, even though COVID-19 is still prevalent in many areas of the world, including the USA.

Maria Van Kerkhove, the World Health Organization’s interim director of epidemic and pandemic preparedness, stated that “too many people are in need of serious medical care for flu, for COVID, when we can prevent it.” She also cited “incredibly low” vaccination rates against the flu and COVID-19 in many countries this winter.

If I could write one thing, it is to state that these vaccines are very safe and very effective in preventing dangerous respiratory diseases like RSV, flu, and COVID-19. I would especially like to encourage the elderly and very young children to get these vaccines so that they all can live long, healthy lives.

Vaccines save lives.

Michael Simpson

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