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Cyber Begging for the old feathered dinosaur

Last updated on November 11th, 2021 at 01:42 pm

For those of you who don’t know me personally, for the past 18 months I had been working on a project to talk about science in the USA by traveling to various locations in the USA, documenting cool scientific facts, and building a new website and YouTube platforms. A personal issue (both good and bad) interrupted those plans. COVID-19 really interrupted those plans.

I had invested all of my savings and energy into these plans. I had hiked to remote locations, like Bumpass Hell in Lassen Volcanic National Park. Yes, that is its name.

And Lava Beds National Monument:

Or Joshua Tree National Park:

Unfortunately, my car was broken into, and my camera equipment, drone, backup drives, GoPro, tools, hiking clothing and footwear, tools, and backpacking equipment were stolen. Nearly $12,000, a big chunk of my investment.

Then my relatively new SUV, which got me to some beautiful places, decided to break down. Everything from tires, to the starter, to shocks, to brakes, to electronics, to the overpriced battery that should never die, decided to pile on to my stress.

And then there’s this website. It is my full time job, and it was, in combination with my other income, enough to cover my living expenses. But COVID-19 has taken a toll on both readership and advertising. And my other income.

So, I’m here to beg for help from my loyal readers. Many of my friends have chipped in, which allowed me to get my car up and running. And yes, I have an extended warranty (so please don’t call me), but it doesn’t cover things like shocks, brakes, battery, and tires.


There are three ways you can help me out. First, you can make a monthly (or even one-time) contribution through Patreon. There’s nothing I can really do special for those of you who have contributed, but I’m hoping you think of this as a service that relies upon subscriptions.

Just click the link below.


Or you can help out through GoFundMe. This is where many of my friends have helped me over the past couple of months, but honestly, it just got me to survival status, not to getting my dream vision of science-based travels to reality.


I know money is tight for everyone, but easy way to help out is clicking on the link below whenever you want to buy ANYTHING from Amazon. It won’t add anything to your cost of buying anything at Amazon, but I get a tiny percent. So, if you’re buying a new Playstation 5 for your kids, just click here. And maybe I’ll get enough to replace one lens for my camera.

I really appreciate your consideration and assistance. Thanks!

Michael Simpson

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