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Del Bigtree compares anti-vaccine cult to Founding Fathers

Last updated on November 30th, 2016 at 01:51 pm

Vaxxed promoter and producer Del Bigtree has decided to take his ignorant anti-vaccine beliefs to whole new level – he compares himself and the anti-vaccine movement to America’s Founding Fathers‘ fighting against the tyranny of the British. You read that right. Del Bigtree thinks he’s a modern day Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. And he’s leading the charge against the tyranny of mandatory vaccinations.

I know, many of you are laughing so hard, it may not be possible to read the rest of the article. Don’t worry, it’ll be here after you catch your breath.

I was thinking maybe Bigtree has watched Hamilton too many times.

Now, part of the reason Bigtree conflates the anti-vaccine movement with the Founding Fathers is that many of these activists are Donald Trump type Republicans. He’s pandering to the anti-government and anti-science beliefs of these people. To be fair, a lot of the anti-vaccine gang are crunchy liberals, but they have their own special type of arrogance about science.

If Del Bigtree is going to compare himself to Adams or Jefferson, then let’s see how that works out. Warning – snark infested verbiage ahead.

Del Bigtree vs. the Founding Fathers


  • Founding Fathers – fought against British and Hessian soldiers.
  • Del Bigtree – fights against the scientific consensus that says vaccines are safe and effective


  • FF – declared independence from British tyranny
  • Bigtree – declares independence from mandatory vaccinations for public school children


  • FF – children die from vaccine preventable diseases, though not their fault
  • Bigtree – children will die from vaccine preventable diseases, completely his fault


  • FF – they were mostly learned men in political science, diplomacy, law, and science, studying in the finest institutions of the time
  • Bigtree – has no education in any relevant scientific discipline like immunology, virology, microbiology, public health, epidemiology, and high school biology


  • FF – the founding fathers are known by almost anyone with a cursory knowledge of US history
  • Bigtree – known by a few pro-vaccine activists and a handful of anti-vaccine ignoramuses


  • FF – never claimed that vaccines caused autism
  • Bigtree – claims that vaccines causes autism, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that says he’s lying


  • FF – some were executed for their support of the American Revolution
  • Bigtree – not a single anti-vaccination cult member has been executed despite their advocacy of harm to children







What have we learned?


I could go on and on, if I so chose. I’m not someone who looks upon the Founding Fathers as demigods or saints. Many, even Northerners, owned slaves. Many were quite disreputable individuals, with criminal backgrounds. And of course, there are no “Founding Mothers” in the group.

They gave the world a modern Constitution and Bill of Rights – something notably lacking in the world of the late 1700s and early 1800s. And compared to politicians today, they were thoughtful, philosophical, and pro-science.

Based on what we know about the pro-science beliefs of the Founding Fathers, along with one of them sponsoring smallpox immunization, we can assume that some of the families of the Founding Fathers were pro-smallpox vaccine. I’m sure that Jefferson and Adams would be appalled by a nascent anti-vaccine movement of Del Bigtree along with the comparisons to the Founding Fathers. Bigtree does not know his history.

I always find these false equivalencies to be obnoxious and filled with ignorance. There is nothing in common between the science denialism of Del Bigtree and the leadership of the Founding Fathers. Get your kids vaccinated – George Washington would insist.


Michael Simpson

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