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The feathered dinosaur is not a Big Pharma Shill – please help

It’s been a calm Thanksgiving week. Compared to the last few wild weeks where this website was overwhelmed with hits after being accused of being Dr. Paul Offit, being David Gorski, and working for Dorit Rubinstein Reiss. The feathered dinosaur is confused.

That’s interspersed with the daily claims that the feathery dinosaur is being paid by Big Pharma for doing their bidding. If only it were true, this posting wouldn’t be required.

Your generosity so far has provided approximately 30% of what is necessary to keep this website running. But it’s an expensive endeavor, and the Skeptical Raptor could use a little bit more of a push so that the survival of this website is guaranteed over the next year or so.

So, if you have the ability, please donate to this website Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated.

There are two ways to contribute to this website.  First, you can make use of PayPal. If you wish, you can set up PayPal to provide monthly contributions, which are just as helpful. I prefer PayPal, because it doesn’t take out a fee, so if you send $10, I get $10.

Or you can use GoFundMe, if you prefer. They take off about 7%, but many people feel more comfortable with the anonymity of GoFundMe.

So click either the GoFundMe or PayPal buttons below to be taken to the secure website where you can contribute to the cause.


(Note – for some strange reason occasionally, the PayPal button doesn’t work, a problem on PayPal’s side. If that happens, try the PayPal button along the right sidebar, which almost always works.)

Please help out the funding of this website for both the short term and long term. The feathery dinosaur thanks you.

Michael Simpson

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