Google indexes Natural News again – it was fun while it lasted

Well, we all had a good laugh at Google blacklisting the pseudoscientific trash heap called Natural News, the mouthpiece for the crackpot Mike Adams, the self-named “Health Ranger.” For a precious few days, nothing from Natural News would show up on a Google search for the website or any of its 437,000 articles (really, 437 THOUSAND). Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and Google indexes Natural News once again, so the internet world can once again search for the junk medicine cures for all that ails them.

Google had confirmed that the website was penalized and deindexed by Google because of webmaster guidelines violation, called a sneaky mobile redirect. Of course, once that issue was cleaned up, Mike Adams could submit a reconsideration request through Search Console.

I guess Google was won over, despite being controlled by the CIA. And Hillary Clinton. And just about everyone who was not in Donald Trump’s back pocket. Despite Adams’ foolish, but hysterical, claims about a vast conspiracy against his good name, Natural News did clean up their offending code. And submitted a reconsideration request.

A Google site command for Natural News nows lists the home page and those offensive 437,000 pages. Really, he actually has 437,000 pages devoted to junk medicine?

Google indexes Natural News


Predictably, Mike Adams claimed that Google changed their mind because everyone knew they had targeted the honest folks at Natural News.

After six days of being blacklisted by Google, the website has been restored to Google’s search results. The action by Google follows the largest and most vocal backlash against Google’s de-listing of any website in the history of the company, and it has sparked many new discussions and debates about search engines, censorship and free speech.

I hate to break Mike Adams’ heart, but my guess is that most people had no clue that this happened. The only reason I talk about it is simply because I’m a scientific skeptic, and Natural News is offensive to anything scientific. But I’m guessing most people just cared more about baseball’s spring training than that garbage website.

Despite getting re-indexed, Adams’ just couldn’t resist trying to position himself as the hero:

Because Google is such an integral part of the internet ecosystem, with its dominant influence determining website traffic, e-commerce product sales and online reputations, Google’s power to censor is the power to destroy. At the flick of a switch, Google can destroy an entire family business… the business model of an online store… or the reputation of a truly good person.

Mike Adams, making yourself and your ignorant website out to be “truly good” is laughable. But sure, I guess your sneaky mobile redirect has nothing to do with anything.

Oh well. Back to ignoring him. His misinformation and junk medicine only rings true to his acolytes, not to those who embrace real science.



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