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Happy Birthday Andrew Wakefield – a poll to choose the best gift

Today, 3 September is the 60th birthday for one of the biggest scientific frauds of our lifetime, maybe of the past 100 years or so. So today it’s time for the carnivorous dinosaur to wish a happy birthday Andrew Wakefield.

The Skeptical Raptor appeared to get a little nauseous.

Let’s remind ourselves of why we think so much of Mr. Andy Wakefield, defrocked physician:

  • Wakefield’s article in the Lancet was disowned by his coauthors and eventually retracted by the journal.
  • BMJ published a series of articles, written by Brian Deer, about Wakefield’s despicable deceit. You can read about it herehere, and here. Basically, Deer uncovered the Wakefield’s massive fraud – including working for attorneys who were suing MMR manufacturers, and trying to patent his own version of a measles vaccine.
  • Wakefield continues to litigate against BMJjust because, according to Professor Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, a legal scholar, he’s trying to make it appear that there is a legal debate about vaccines and autism – we’re on to him.
  • Vaccines are unrelated to autism. Let me repeat that – there is absolutely no reliable scientific evidence that shows that any vaccine has any link to any part of the autism spectrum disorder.
  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development says, “To date there is no definite, scientific proof that any vaccine or combination of vaccines can cause autism. It’s important to know that vaccines actually help the immune system to defend the body.”
  • With the advent of Wakefield’s claims, people believed that one of the safest vaccines that prevent some dangerous diseases was bad for their kids. And despite all of the science that has refuted the original lie, it’s always the original Big Lie that stands, and the truth, that the MMR vaccines does not cause autism, gets lost in the noise.
  • Because of Wakefield’s fraud, vaccinations against measles has dropped, and the incidence of measles has skyrocketed.
  • In 2014, there were 644 measles cases in 27 states. Thanks to Andy Wakefield, a disease that was nearly extinct is roaring back.
  • Oh yea, let’s not forget about Vaxxed, the self-promoting fraudumentarly, a steaming heap of horse manure.

So it’s time for a poll. What should the valued and loyal readers of this blog give to Mr. Andy Wakefield on his 60th birthday. Vote early and vote often for your choices. And if you don’t like any of the choices, just vote “other,” and offer it up in the comments.


Michael Simpson

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