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Like those Public Broadcasting System fundraisers, I’m here to ask (beg?) for contributions to keep this website going. And as annoying as it is to you, it’s more annoying for me. But this website isn’t supported by anyone but myself and your kind support.

I am hoping that some of you will contemplate making a financial contribution to the old feathered dinosaur, also known as the Skeptical Raptor so that we can continue to be that valuable resource that we have been in the past.

Although some may consider this a hobby, it is almost a full-time job for me. Researching and writing an article takes several hours of my time – I think it would be irresponsible of me to just write an article from the top of my brain. Setting that aside, all the other costs of this website are borne by me and through contributions.

I want to grow this blog to another level. Why? Because I want this blog to be at or near the top of the search results for topics that I focus on – vaccines, diabetes, GMOs, cancer, nutrition, and a few other narrow areas. I want to make sure that when someone is “doing their research” they get viewpoints beyond what the science deniers provide.

Please consider supporting this blog with a financial contribution of whatever level you think the old dinosaur deserves. It can be little. Or if you feel like it, it can be a lot, I’m really not going to complain.

How do I use your contributions?

  • Operating expenses such as web hosting, paid services, ISP charges, and other small but regular charges.
  • The hiring of contractors to regularly maintain the website or fix major issues (like the requirement to switch to https).
  • Cost of literature – reading an abstract on PubMed is hardly the proper way to analyze published research. Although there are several websites that allow one to get full articles illicitly, they are generally taken down through intellectual property claims, and I’m reluctant to violate intellectual rights.
  • Subscribe to a couple of journals that are the focus of this website.
  • Maintenance of hardware that is used to support the website.

This website will always remain free to use. I need your support to keep that happening. Many of you have made generous and continue to make generous contributions to this website that keeps it running. And I’m hoping some more of you will also contribute so that I can maintain and grow this website.

There are two ways you can help support this blog.

First, you can use Patreon by clicking on the link below. It allows you to set up a monthly donation in the form of a subscription.


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You can also support this website by using PayPal, which also allows you to either make a one-time donation or set up a monthly contribution. Either way, it will be greatly appreciated.

Please help out.


Please comment below, positive or negative. Of course, if you find spelling errors, tell me! And share this article.

There are two ways you can help me out to keep this website awesome. First, you can make a monthly contribution through Patreon:

Become a Patron!

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