Indiana measles outbreak illustrates disease risk

Last updated on June 13th, 2012 at 05:02 pm

Two individuals infected with measles attended the Super Bowl last week, and as a result, MSNBC is reporting “Indiana measles outbreak illustrates disease risk .” Measles is such an infectious disease, and even with relatively large vaccination rates, the unvaccinated are at a very high risk of getting infected.

Ten years ago, we thought that measles had been conquered.  With the falling vaccination rates, we are going to be reading more of these kind of stories.

The 13 cases confirmed this month by state health officials have been confined to two counties, Boone and Hamilton. But all cases are linked to two infected people who visited the Super Bowl Village together on Feb. 3, prompting Indiana officials to reach out to health departments in New York and Massachusetts — home of the participating New England Patriots and New York Giants — for fear that the outbreak could spread across state lines.

Concerns about a widespread outbreak are well-founded, said University of Minnesota professor Kristen Ehresmann, who was part of a research team that studied the disease’s spread across a large sporting event.

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