Appeal to popular belief – logical fallacies

Appeal to popular belief description


The appeal to popular belief – also known as the Argumentum ad populum – is the logical fallacy that states that if most or many people in general or of a particular group accept a belief as true, it is evidence that the claim must be true. Accepting another person’s belief, or many people’s beliefs, without demanding evidence as to why that person accepts the belief, is lazy thinking and a dangerous way to accept information.

appeal to popular belief
Just because every Stormtrooper thinks that the Death Star cannot be destroyed, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Example of appeal to popular belief

The appeal to popular belief is used in many pseudoscience arguments by stating that because 90% of Americans believe that X is true, then X must surely be true. For example, over 60% of Americans believe creationism is true, so evolution must be false.

One Reply to “Appeal to popular belief – logical fallacies”

  1. There are many medical fallacies that are regularly ejected on septic sites like this, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. One is that ‘vaccines save lives’. The evidence from this is produced in medical peer reviewed journals and paid for by the companies that make the vaccines. The UK has made vaccination laws to make vaccination compulsory and repealed them many times. This is because the vaccines didn’t work and caused more problems. There is no evidence that state sanctioned health directives across the board are in anyone’s interest.

    The recent bullshit fear about measles and Disney are a good example of appeals to emotion to get legal directives pushed through. Flu pandemics are another complete straw fallacy too. Poland was the only country in Europe to officially state that they saw no evidence of a pandemic and refused to mass vaccinate or use anti virals. Post bullshit pandemic audits show that they had less flu than countries that joined the hysteria.

    it is worrying that people like bill and melinda gates are pushing vaccine policy, especially when they own shares in the vaccine companies. This blog, run by a self confessed pill marketer has no right to offer pap critique of citizens who wish to remain independent of this crap.

    The same people who are bombing the middle east for ‘freedom’ are pushing this agenda.

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