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Godwin’s Law isn’t really a logical fallacy itself, but it is a subset of the strawman argument. At its core, a Godwin (internet shorthand), was named after a Wikipedia attorney who stated that ” “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”

In other words, as an online discussion, regardless of the topic, gets more comments and goes on longer, eventually, someone will make reference to Nazism or Hitler. The Godwin is used regardless of relevance or understanding of actual history.

Example of Godwin’s Law

“The very arguments used by today’s vaccine pushers to claim that the government should force everyone to be vaccinated against their will closely resemble the eugenics justifications of Nazi Germany.” Thank you anti-vaxxers for making my point.

Furthermore, most comparisons to Nazism or the Holocaust can be a form of antisemitism itself. Anti-vaxxers love to state that vaccine mandates are somehow similar to how Jews were treated in Germany. It’s not even close. So either these people are diminishing the actual Holocaust or have no clue about what happened.

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