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Mike Adams invents Tribeca vaccines conspiracy theory

Last updated on August 24th, 2019 at 05:20 pm

I thought I was done with the whole Robert De Niro/Tribeca Film Festival/Andrew Wakefield fraud documentary. De Niro pulled the film, and that was that. Story ends. But I did predict that the anti-vaccination crazies would invent all kinds of crap about this story. And behold, Mike Adams, the anti-science pushing nut behind Natural News, goes full batshit insane to invent the Tribeca vaccines conspiracy theory.

As Michael Corleone says in the Godfather, “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.”

But I refuse to be pulled all the way back – I’ll just pull a few quotes to show you Adams’, the so-called Health Ranger, crazy.

The Tribeca vaccines conspiracy theory


Adams published his demented screed today. Read it, but you may want to self-medicate, because there’s a few metric tonnes of wackiness there.

In case you have more willpower than I, and refuse to click on that link, here are some screenshots. I leave them here for your educational purposes only.

Tribeca vaccines conspiracy

Yes, of course. Mike Adams had a secret NSA level tools to listen into De Niro’s phone calls to Deep Throat. Scary stuff.

Tribeca vaccines conspiracy

Oh no. the “Vaccine Mafia” (Adams probably fails to see the irony and humor there) got to De Niro. I personally put the horse head in De Niro’s bed. And I made sure the toll booths on the Holland Tunnel out of lower Manhattan were armed with the Vaccine Soldier jackbooted stormtroopers were ready to shoot him unless he dropped the fraudulent movie.

Now where did I leave my stormtrooper costume?

Tribeca vaccines conspiracy

This would make more sense if, you know, it wasn’t comparing the pro-science world of being North Korea, which loves propaganda films. I’m kind of worried that the Health Ranger needs to get back on his meds. But you know, how would I know?

Tribeca vaccines conspiracy

The answers to your questions are:

  • No the film doesn’t show people being beheaded by terrorists, simply because it’s not a film about terrorists. But good strawman argument there Adams. But children will die if parents buy into the lies, misinformation, and outright fraud of Wakefield, then not vaccinate their children.
  • Yes, the film does feature lunatic quacks spouting total nonsense. Your point is what?

By the way, what American people are asking this? Over 95% of American children are vaccinated, so only the lunatic fringe is opposed.

Tribeca vaccines conspiracy

Well, science is a system of using unbiased evidence to answer a question. I mean once that question is answer, I suppose we all try to promote that answer.

But if we scientists were so capable of being dictators, why are there evolution deniers, climate change deniers, anti-GMO crackpots, and many other anti-science garbage?

And again with strawman arguments. Just because Hollywood is incapable of making a lot of good movies, doesn’t mean the fraudulent documentary by Wakefield gets a pass.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 14.02.12

Adams, you seriously are crazy. We have evidence and science on our side. Bomb threats are for crackpots and lunatics. But if you believe that, call the FBI. And please film how hard they laugh at you.

I need to wash after reading that claptrap.

Michael Simpson

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