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Miracle immune boosting flu protection – Big Pharma hates it

Last updated on September 14th, 2020 at 12:03 pm

So what is this miracle immune boosting flu protection – is it being suppressed by the CDC, FDA, WHO and the Illuminati? And why does Big Pharma hate it – is it keeping them from printing money?

These are the important questions.

And of course, there are no immune boosting flu protection miracles. Well, except for the one actual miracle – the seasonal flu vaccine, and that’s not a miracle, it’s outstanding science that created it.

It is very safe, unless you ascribe to myths about flu vaccines. It is usually very effective, although the vaccine is based on reasonable and scientific estimates of what mutations will be prevalent during the flu season, and sometimes, they’re off.

Your immune system is very powerful, and, except for instances of chronic diseases or malnutrition, it is always very powerful. You cannot boost your immune system through junk science – one of the few ways to “boost” your immune system against flu is the flu vaccine.

And why does Big Pharma hate the flu vaccine? Because if more people got sick from the flu, they’d make an economic windfall from all of the stuff they’d sell to hospitals. And Big Mortuary would be just as happy. Even though flu vaccine uptake is not as high as we want, it’s still keeping the gold bars away from Big Pharma and Big Mortuary.

And that is a good thing.

That being said, today, I received my flu shot. It cost me nothing, because my huge health care plan gives almost all vaccines to all members–for free. It’s not that they’re being nice people, it’s because they are financially pragmatic.

Big Healthcare Insurance (it just doesn’t roll off the tongue like Big Pharma) doesn’t like paying for claims. They don’t like hospitalization. And if they can invest $10 in a flu vaccine that saves them hundreds or even thousands of dollars in emergency room visits or pediatric intensive care beds for members, they’ll do that.

I always laugh at the lack of business acumen on the anti-vaccine side. They fail to see that health care insurers are some of the most financially greedy people on the planet. If vaccines really were unsafe, they’d stop giving them in a second, because they wouldn’t want to cover all those kids who got autism from vaccines (note, vaccines don’t cause autism).

But because health care insurers want to keep their members from getting sick, they give out vaccines, usually for free.

I know, Big Healthcare Insurance (we’ve got to have a better one) is evil. If they think the cure costs more than keeping you sick, they’ll block an innovative cancer treatment in a second. But still, at the level of vaccines, their evil pragmatism matches the needs of we basic humans.

So, if you’re anti-vaccine, and every medical product or procedure is based on cold financial calculations from the healthcare market, you’d understand that that avoiding vaccines would add tons of profits to Big Pharma. Not vaccinating is what a cold, financially efficient Big Pharma industry would want.

But back to my story.

When I was getting my miraculous immune boosting flu protection, I mean flu jab, I had to first answer a few questions, like “are you allergic to eggs.”

While in line, an older lady asked a question of the nurse – “my daughter told me I couldn’t visit my grandchildren, because they will catch the flu from me. Is this true?”

Of course, it’s not true. The flu virus is dead and cannot spread. The nurse said it more politely, but she explained that she could not give the flu to her grandchildren.

Then the grandmother said something classic, “I paid for my daughter to get a master’s degree. And now she thinks she knows more than a doctor.”

I immediately began laughing, until people started to look at me like I should be immediately removed to the psychiatric floor. I’m certain that my pro-vaccine Big Pharma shill friends would have all lined up to give grandma huge hugs.

Go get your flu vaccine and make grandma happy.

Michael Simpson

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