Nano silver, a fake COVID treatment, has been ordered off the market

The US Department of Justice has sued Natural Solutions Foundation, which sells a product called nano silver that they claim can be used as a treatment and potential cure for COVID-19. A federal judge ordered the company to stop selling the quack medicine under provisions of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Natural Solutions Foundation, run by “Vitamin Lawyer” Ralph Fucetola and psychiatrist Rima Laibow, MD, claimed that anyone who consumes nano silver, which supposedly contains a suspension of silver particles, should have “no fear or concern” about COVID-19.

Of course, there is no evidence that nano silver does anything for anything, especially COVID-19. It reminds me of “colloidal silver,” more quackery that anti-vaxxers claim treats everything, including vaccine injuries. Who knew silver was so powerful? Well, it isn’t.

Psychiatrist selling quackery

Nano silver and the law

Laibow has run into the Federal government’s lawyers before, when she and the company pushed nano silver as an Ebola cure — it did not work, in case you’re keeping score. You’ve got to admire grifters who just repackage their grift for whatever comes down the road.

The order to block the sale of the fake treatment has its roots in a consent decree which was related to a settlement of a Department of Justice (DOJ) complaint against Natural Solutions Foundation, Fucetola, and Laibow that was filed in November 2020 at the request of the FDA.

As you might have predicted, the complaint stated that:

Because there are no published adequate and well-controlled studies for the intended use of [Natural Solutions’] nano silver product to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent COVID-19, qualified experts have not come to the consensus of opinion that the product is effective for such use.

This is typical of many quack treatments for COVID-19 and other diseases, there is just no evidence that supports its use. Natural Solutions Foundation used typical pseudoscience like anecdotes, testimonials, and appeal to authority. What they don’t have are robust, repeated, and reliable clinical trials published in respected biomedical journals — of course, that takes hard work.

The proper use of silver. Photo by Zlaťá on Unsplash

According to the NIH, oral colloidal silver, which is similar to nano silver, has no clinically proven health benefits. It also has some serious side effects including argyria, a permanent bluish-gray discoloration of the skin. In the world of medicine, something that has no benefits and significant risks is dangerous.

Natural Solutions will have to recall any previously sold nano silver products and destroy the remainder of their inventory. Of course, they have to stop promoting and selling the useless product.

The FDA has taken strong action against grifters pushing fake cures and treatments for COVID-19. Soon after the pandemic hit the first wave in Spring 2020, the FDA slapped down quack treatments from several of your favorite grifters.

Although Natural Solutions has been forced out of the nano silver business, they still sell fake vaccine exemption and “sanitary mask directive” (claiming that masks violate the Americans with Disabilities Act) cards, because they have to find a way to grift.

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