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Nine vaccine questions from an anti-vaccine activist

Some of you may remember the nine vaccine questions from anti vaccine activists answered so capably by Dr. Mark Crislip. Apparently, anti-vaccine activist Lowell Hubbs (who spends a lot of time trolling the comments section of this website) came up with his own set of nine new vaccine questions – which have no more validity than the original nine. In a post titled “9 Questions For The Pro-Vaxers” – to which I would rather not link here, but if you come across it, you will recognize it (we decided that few the thousand readers of this post shouldn’t have any incentive to click on a link to his website).

Let’s take a look at Hubbs’ nine vaccine questions, and provide the appropriate answers.

The nine vaccine questions

Question 1 – Where are the safety studies regarding the vaccine safety of the current CDC vaccine schedule?

Try PubMed – the studies are everywhere, or do you want me to bring one or 2 safety studies for each vaccine? Alternatively, you can find them here, here, here, or even here, straight from the CDC.

Question 2 – Where are the vaccine safety studies regarding the known practice of injecting a small child with from five and up to nine or more vaccines, in a single day and office visit?

First of all, no, no child gets 9 or more vaccines per visit, unless you count the individual component of each vaccine, and secondly, that’s rare. For the first year schedule, go here. More information on the myth that the schedule is not tested can be found here.

Question 3 – Where are the vaccine safety studies in regard to the safety of injecting vaccine aluminum adjuvants?

Here’s one example.

Question 4 – Where are the vaccine safety studies regarding the practice of injecting both vaccines with attenuated live viruses in them, together with as well killed vaccines with aluminum adjuvants in them.

Most vaccines are tested against the current schedule to check if there aren’t any ill effects from them. Or you can look right here. Or you can check this out again.

Question 5 – Where are the studies showing the vaccine safety of vaccines which are contaminated with human diploid cell short and long chain DNA contaminants, due to the use of human diploid tissue in the growing of the vaccine antigens in childhood vaccines? Where are the vaccine safety studies in regard to any other vaccine that has been known to be contaminated with the substances that the vaccine antigen was grown on, and from? 

For the DNA thing, most vaccine studies which compare vaccines vs placebo are enough. They are everywhere. Just look at all of the links above and below. And check out this article about DNA transfer to humans – it just doesn’t happen.

Question 6 – Where are the vaccinated verses entirely un-vaccinated health outcome studies? Thousands of children still exist in the US, with active vaccine exemptions. The Amish community as well have had thousands of un-vaccinated children within their communities. Just because a small group of Amish were falsely fear mongered into vaccinating and ended up at a clinic in the attempt to diagnose and treat resulting childhood autism; does not mean that the entire Amish community vaccinates, and has been falsely eluded to. Obviously there is no need to not vaccinate, simply to do this study.

Debunked here. Moreover, the claims about the Amish not vaccinating is, in fact, incorrect. The Amish vaccinate less, but they do vaccinate.

Question 7 – In regard to the MMR vaccine. How does the CDC as well continue to ignore this long list of studies showing the harmful effects of, the vaccine injury effects of; and as well in these studies there as well appears be an obvious MMR connection to autism? The controversy does not only revolve around a single 1998 study by Wakefield, and as well a single study connected to the CDC’s, William Thompson. And the so called official word that they tell you is that any vaccine/autism link has been disproven, and debunked; right? Really? Lets look further.

Because actual scientific research demonstrates that autism starts in the womb and probably cannot happen outside. Huge epidemiological studies have found no increased autism rates in any group either – see reviews of the depth of scientific evidence that affirmatively shows no link between vaccines and autism. And, there is a body of research that specifically refutes the claimed link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Question 8 – Can you explain how it is possible in regard to the comparisons of systemic adverse reactions, for the FDA in the review and in the approval of vaccines through clinical trials, to allow the substitution of saline placebo, a replacement such as other similar vaccines which the FDA has previously approved as safe? 

Yes, they try to test for immune reactions, adjuvants are generally safe, so the only difference is the active component, which is the antigen in the vaccine, they check for the safety of that. Then again, many vaccines are tested against real saline placebos, showing that they are safe. That, too, was addressed here.

Question 9 – Are you aware of the fact that SV40 a known contaminant in the early 1960’s polio vaccine, is still being found in children today, and which are to young to have ever had that known contaminated vaccine? SV40 is as well known to cause benign tumors, and cancer. Are you as well aware of the fact that vaccines today still contain the unresolved risk of there being contaminants in them that can cause and create adverse health effects? Contaminants from any once living animal, or human cell source, on which the vaccine antigens were grown on and from. 

Again, there is no evidence that cancer rates increased when infected with SV40 – and there is no evidence that SV40 is a cause for cancer in humans. None of the alleged contaminations in vaccines turned out to be an issue. See, for example, analyses of ingredients in the HPV vaccines – here, here and here.

So, Lowell Hubbs, are those answer to your nine vaccine questions good enough?

This guest post was written by Antonio Baduy Cámara, a “pro-vaxxer” who resides in Mexico. This is his first post here, so give him a hearty welcome in the comments.



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