Polio vaccine causes cancer – myth debunked

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The interesting thing about social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Google, reddit) is that it’s fairly difficult to thoroughly and completely debunk pseudoscientific myths. The first problem is that individuals choose to accept a meme or a Tweet as factual without using any critical thinking skills (for example, not even clicking on the link to the original article to determine the veracity of it). The second problem is that social media fallacies have multiple lives, so when someone reads one of these memes a year from now, they think “yeah, this is great information”, and pass it along as if it’s the Truth. Which means we skeptics have to debunk it again and again and once more, again.

I wrote an article a while ago about some nonsense meme on Facebook that contended that eating ripe bananas cured cancer because the bananas contained a protein called tumor necrosis factor (TNF). It was based on some “Japanese scientific study,” which took significant effort to find. After a critical and thorough reading of the article, I concluded that: the study made no claim that bananas made TNF, AND even if bananas did, you couldn’t ingest enough bananas to get a bioactive dose of TNF, AND even if you could, you wouldn’t absorb any TNF through the digestive tract, AND TNF doesn’t do what the meme writer thought it does (TNF is badly named, and does not directly attack cancers).

Thus, the best we skeptics can do is keep debunking these social media fables and tall tales, and move along to refuting the next one in line. At least I can save time by not having to write the article again, we can just update with any new information and re-debunk (yes, I have the absolute right to invent words).

Recently, I ran across two presumably “breaking news” (scare quotes intentional) articles that gave the impression that someone has uncovered the fact that polio vaccine causes cancer. Now, I tend to take notice when “cancer” and “vaccines” intersect in the blogging world, mostly because I assume that the article will be about Gardasil and HPV related cancers. In these cases, I was wrong.

The articles, CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An 8-Year Span When It Was Contaminated With Cancer Virus and CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine Contaminated With Cancer Virus. The former of those two articles is authored by Dave Mihalovic, is a naturopathic doctor (typically someone who eschews science-based medicine in favor of pseudoscience like homeopathy and acupuncture), who claims to be a “vaccine researcher.” If he’s a vaccine researcher, he has published exactly zero indexed articles about vaccines, or any other field of real medicine. In other words, his research probably means he spent a few hours on Google and thinks he’s now as smart as anyone who actually has a bachelor’s and doctoral degree in immunology, virology, biochemistry or some other biomedical science along with a decade or two research in a world class laboratory. Mihalovic is as much a vaccine researcher as I am an Oscar winning screenwriter. I can say that I write screenplays. I can claim that I am Steven Spielberg’s best buddy. But it would take you about 14 nanoseconds to find that there is no evidence of my being a screenwriter, and you’d just think I was nuts. Mihalovic, of course, thinks he’s as brilliant as a real scientific researcher, but like my credibility as a screen writer, he has approximately no credibility as a “vaccine researcher.”


Nevertheless, let’s get back to what these vaccine deniers are claiming:

  • Polio vaccines were contaminated with the SV40 virus (known as simian virus 40, a polyomavirus that is found in both monkeys and humans),
  • SV40 causes cancer,
  • And, the CDC admits that 98 million Americans are at significant risk of SV40 infection and thus cancer.

I would be frightened by these articles if I weren’t a scientific skeptic and didn’t utilize my critical thinking skills. Because of those three statements, none, with the partial exception of the first one, are supported by evidence and high quality science. Here’s story, based on scientific and historical information, available to anyone with the ability to critically analyze a story:

  • The groundbreaking and lifesaving polio vaccines, developed by Jonas Salk (injected, inactivated virus, vaccine) and Albert Sabin (oral, live virus, vaccine) in the early 1950’s, and were produced using VERO green monkey kidney cell lines. Typically, viruses used in vaccines need to be “grown” in a cell line, because viruses cannot replicate themselves without hijacking an infected cell. You just can’t grab a handful of virus and will it to reproduce and multiply.
  • In 1959, microbiologist Maurice Hilleman found a monkey virus in both vaccines—it was the 40th simian virus tone discovered by scientists, hence the SV40 moniker. Back in the 1950’s, we didn’t have the technology that we do now to screen for contaminants, so the SV40 virus had contaminated the VERO line well before production of vaccines. Not all of the cells in culture were contaminated, just some of them.
  • Salk’s inactivated virus vaccine, which was treated with formaldehyde (only a tiny amount remains in the vaccine), had very small amounts of the virus. On the other hand, Sabin’s live oral vaccine was heavily contaminated with SV40.
  • Worried about the potential effects the virus could have on humans, researchers injected it into hamsters, finding that nearly all of them developed massive cancerous tumors. But, as I’ve said on numerous occasions, primary research should be examined carefully before accepting that it has any type of applicability to human health.
  • Upon further review of the initial studies, it was observed hamsters that ingested SV40 instead of being injected with it didn’t develop any cancers. In other words, Sabin’s live oral vaccine (which actually had a higher burden of SV40 than the injected, inactivated virus Salk vaccine) did not cause any cancer. Additional studies showed that children who were given Sabin’s vaccine did not develop antibodies to SV40; apparently, the virus quickly and safely passed through the child’s digestive system, never causing an SV40 infection.
  • On the other hand, Salk’s vaccine, which contained very little SV40, but was given by injection, and there was evidence that some of these children might have been infected with SV40. However, recent studies have shown no credible evidence (here, here, here and here) that those children who received SV40 contaminated vaccines had an increased incidence of cancer as unvaccinated children. No plausible evidence suggests that SV40 has ever caused cancer in humans.
  • And polio vaccines have been SV40 free since 1963 in most advanced countries, although Soviet bloc vaccines were contaminated until the 1980’s.

Predictably, the information spread by the “polio causes cancer” articles pushed by the vaccine deniers are wrong on so many levels. First, not all polio vaccines were contaminated, and the SV40 virus in the oral vaccine merely passes through the digestive tract without causing an infection. SV40, as shown in so many published articles, does not cause cancer in humans. If it does, it’s at such a low rate that it’s impossible to detect unless we check tens of millions of patients. Finally, the number of “98 million” is an incredible scary, but ultimately inaccurate number (a tactic employed the antivaccination crowd whenever it suits their needs to establish dangers of vaccines). The facts are before the SV40 virus was removed from the vaccine, around 98 million children got one of the two forms of the polio vaccine. However, eliminating those who got the oral vaccine, which, as we have established, did not infect children with the SV40 virus, approximately 10-30 million Americans were immunized with the Salk vaccine that contained the SV40. Potentially, only those 10-30 million Americans are at actual risk of contracting the SV40 virus; however, given the low levels (very low levels) of actual SV40 contamination of the vaccines, those numbers probably vastly overstate the SV40 risk.

What can we conclude? First, and most importantly, if you don’t believe anything about SV40 and cancer, those who received the vaccine after 1963 have no worries. There was no SV40 after that date, so if you’re under 50, you’re thinking “why did I read this story then?” And those over 50, there is no increased risk of cancer from SV40 contamination, so you also can say “why did I read this story then?” Well, I only investigated it because I was curious about what constituted evidence.

The problem with the lying liars who lie in the antivaccination movement is that if you just looked at the headlines for those articles, you’re probably terribly concerned that giving the polio vaccine to your children puts them at risk of cancers. Except the worry was eliminated 50 years ago. And there is no evidence that SV40 is causally linked to any cancer.

Polio vaccines have saved and will save many many lives. And we have irrefutable evidence for it.


Key citations:

The Original Skeptical Raptor
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  • Ken Tannenbaum

    I debunk your debunk, courtesy of the National Institute of Health… http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10472327

  • HenryT2

    I don’t disagree that vaccines work. But anyone who understands how vaccines work will understand that there is the POSSIBILITY of side effects from contamination of foreign material or the pure activated or inactivated viruses. The question is at which point is it no longer “worth it”?

    As an example, no sensible person would argue that the Small Pox vaccine did no work or did not do a great job. Very few sensible people would argue that we should keep taking it “just in case” it comes back. Polio is almost at that level in the USA. It hasn’t been seen in 40 years. Is it “worth” taking a vaccine that MAY or MAY NOT contribute to some affliction or have some undiscovered side effect but DEFINITELY does cause mild grade fevers, crying children, and expend time and money? I’m not saying that there is a definitive answer to this question, but it’s not such a clear answer that to call someone who chooses not to vaccinate his child for it derogatory names.

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  • Tracy

    Why has “No plausible evidence suggests that SV 40 has ever caused cancer in humans.” Been removed from the NIH-NCI page. Soft tissue cancers have increased dramatically. We are not winning the war on cancer!

  • estaban

    This gentleman is not a skeptic. In fact he is an apologist for his own belief. He believes that there is no danger therefore he is defending that position. That does not qualify as skepticism. Please change the name of the blog to close minded hawk or something. A skeptic is someone who is willing to go against the prevailing group think. The anti vaccine croud are true skeptics whether we agree with them or not.

  • Meltonmark

    Sounds just like the denials from the medical industry about tobacco.

  • Don Mega

    how about isn’t it possible for the sv40 virus in oral polio vaccine to enter into the bloodstream if there’s cuts in the mouth, digestive system or anus? it has to pass through all of those afterall. well i kinda stopped reading it at the first mention of “vaccine denier”, as no one is denying vaccines exist, unlike global warming deniers which are people denying it exists and where the term can be applied to. due to the rhetoric and poor choice of words it kinda felt like propaganda, sorry.

  • Angela

    Why is every anti-vaccinating, skeptical blogger such a jerk? Does narcissism run with the closeminded or what? I know the subject is very much open to debate still, just by the comment section. . .but you do not take anyone’s evidence seriously. Those who are not open to peer review, and do not take constructive criticism should not be writing. I blog on very controversial stuff, and I never close my mind to other’s perspectives, I try to understand all sides. Especially when I see that otherwise intelligent people believe that way. You do realize that antivaxers are some of the most intelligent, educated and even wealthy ones in the community. They are often also home birthers, home schoolers and while unfortunately correlated with highly religious people, there are also a lot of Atheists joining their ranks. Coming from the other side most often, these people are self taught and skeptical of the mainstream thoughts. I wonder how a person can call themselves a skeptic if their thoughts are mainstream? You parrot what the pharmaceutical company says, as in fact most of your thoughts come no doubt directly from those bought out by them. No I can’t prove that, but plenty of doctors have come out saying how the whole medical field is controlled by them. Using studies put out by doctors and organizations in this country to disprove what is their own main money maker, is like fighting fire with fire. They would be cutting their own throats, and opening themselves up to attack, as well as the fact that they would never get funding for a study that set out to actually test if a vaccine did damage. Common sense says “testing” or trying your immunity with something hard on it is a bad idea. If it was not, then let’s all expose ourselves to a bit of poison, so we will get immune to it. I see no point to homeopathics for that reason, as it works on the same principle of vaccines. (Especially the dead ones.) If energetically the homeopathics do effect the body with the minuscule amounts of the stuff in them, that actually makes the case for vaccines worse though! Either way, it seems that the cells from babies and monkeys and the other poisons in these small amounts can morph and do a lot of damage, but over time, and in larger amounts. No one vaccine will likely ever be proven as causing all the cancer or autism. . .it is the accumulation of the toxins bombarding the immune system. If the kids are other wise healthy, they may be able to handle the onslaught. . .but if they eat junk, are already struggling with weight or health, then they are less likely to be able to fight it, and will succumb to any number of vaccine induced problems. (The problem areas having large traces of the toxins from the vaccines in them.)

    Worldwide studies, common sense, and non government funded studies (of course from institutions and small groups all deemed conspiracy sites by the sheeple following the bought out government) all agree that vaccines are to be looked at very skeptically. Amazingly you call yourself the skeptic, when yu are the opposite of a skeptic! Free thinkers and skeptics like me go against the crowd, and are the Galileo’s of the world. People like you are a dime a dozen, and generally very uneducated on the subject. You can sound educated while parroting the studies that discount all the evidence, but your obvious ignorant dogma comes out when anyone questions your worship of the government. Which is no doubt why those like you also vehemently defend the government as not setting up 9/11. That was one of many previous “false flag” operations that those high up in the government know about. After thousands of Architects and engineers have come forward to say the towers were blown up by controlled demolition, it is hard to believe that people still believe the government. Add to that the firefighters who say there was a coverup (and protocols were broken because of it) and you have what is n longer a conspiracy theory, but the truth. In the end, a large portion of things called “conspiracy theories” at one point generally just turn into accepted fact eventually. It makes people look pretty closeminded and ignorant to go around calling everything new a conspiracy theory just because they don’t understand the arguments. You would be wise to consider everything before throwing it out. . .that shows pride and bias. (Which you obviously have a lot of!) Anyhow, for that reason I expect some inevitable ad hominem attacks backs. I would challenge you to Google some “honest debate tactics” before responding, and use them. Not that I am debating anything in particular, as much as saying, OPEN YOUR MIND, AND BE SKEPTICAL OF WHAT YOU ARE TOLD! (The very thing you brag about doing, you do not do.)

  • LlitClicker
    • Excellent spam. Do you even understand what the author wrote? I do. And it doesn’t say what you think it says. He isolated an oncoprotein from one strain of virus, to immortalize cells in culture. If you’re too ignorant to understand the science, don’t throw it out to people, like me, who know good science about one topic vs. good science about a wholly irrelevant topic.

      • LlitClicker

        “the alteration of such cellular pathways by polyomaviral oncoproteins leads to activation of certain “cancer hallmarks” and results into cell transformation.”

        Instead of trying to attack me, why don’t you explain the quote.

        • Don Mega

          he thinks good science is what supports his view, and anything to the contrary is automatically bad. he’ll not look critically towards the studies done by pharmaceutical corporations. it’s the same old you know. it’s still interesting to see what does he say this time.

  • LlitClicker
    • Please show me the data that the SV40 found in polio vaccines are related to osteosarcoma. Do you even know what an osteosarcoma is? Do you know anything but how to cherry pick.

      Really, how ignorant can you be?

      • LlitClicker

        The data from the current study indicate an ASSOCIATION between OS and SV40. These data could be transferred to clinical applications for innovative therapies to address SV40-positive OS.

        Are you willfully blind or just enjoy trying to demean anyone that shows a scholarly article that proves you wrong?

      • Ken Tannenbaum

        “Our analysis indicates increased rates of ependymomas (37%), osteogenic sarcomas (26%), other bone tumors (34%) and mesothelioma (90%) among those in the exposed as compared to the unexposed birth cohort.”

        Source: “Cancer risk associated with simian virus 40 contaminated polio vaccine”; US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health; http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10472327

        “Simian virus 40 (SV40) causes mesotheliomas, osteosarcomas, ependymomas, choroid plexus tumors, and lymphomas in hamsters. In humans, SV40 has been detected in tumors of the first four types.”

        Source: “Simian virus 40 is present in most United States human mesotheliomas, but it is rarely present in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma”; US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health; http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10619511

        I can go on.

  • HappyImNotYou

    I guess you do not know what you are talking about. The National Institutes of Health admits there is an increase in various cancers among the 98 million who were given the polio vaccine from 1950 – 1951. This link takes you to their web page were they give the abstract to the study showing the link between cancer and polio vaccine. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10472327

    • whazupbro

      I was just going to point out that very same webpage.

      • Just because some dumbass posts a cherry picked study and ignores the few dozen that refute him still makes him an ignorant dumbass.

    • Yes, let’s cherry pick one study that was followed up by several others which showed NO correlation. You have no science skills. Please go away and hang your head in shame while you find some other dumbass conspiracy.

      Real science from the Institutes of Medicine (I know, probably over your head dumbass), says that “The IOM conclusions about polio vaccines and human cancer were: (1) ‘the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relation between SV40-containing polio vaccines and cancer’ because the ‘epidemiological studies are sufficiently flawed’; (2) ‘the biological evidence is of moderate strength that SV40 exposure from the polio vaccines is related to SV40 infection in humans’.

      Go away dumbass.

      • Veracifier

        You really are a fucking idiot. How many times are people going to bring up “one article” that refutes your opinion, and your reply is going to be “that is one article”? Add them up, dickhead. Seriously, your M.O. is to insult anyone who comments on your shitty BLOG? Total fucking moron.

        • Because it doesn’t YOU fucking moron. You, being an ignorant uneducated little jackass, loves to cherry pick but fails to see the broad body of research that does not support your ignorance.

          You must be an embarrassment to your parents for being so dumb.

          • Don Mega

            it looks to me like once again u were the one who cherry picked those couple studies of yours. and you’re letting your ego get a hold of you, acting like a troll with them insults. shows the little child within speaking. attacking the person in true ad hominem style calling them names rather than discussing the topic.

    • Veracifier

      How is the discussion going so far with the Angry Little Reptile? LOL, interesting debating style, no?


    • I do know that you cherry pick. There is robust evidence that ended up refuting it, but you’re too fucking lazy to find it. But thanks for the cut and paste that was refuted.

      • “RESULTS: Our analysis indicates increased rates of ependymomas (37%), osteogenic sarcomas (26%), other bone tumors (34%) and mesothelioma (90%) among those in the exposed as compared to the unexposed birth cohort.


        These data suggest that there may be an increased incidence of certain cancers among the 98 million persons exposed to contaminated polio vaccine in the U.S.; further investigations are clearly justified.”

        No need to sit and cuss out every commenter. This is a gov site and never taken down over it. How is anyone to know you have refutable evidence? Where is the link to that?

        • The problem is this contamination did happen! BUT we do need polio vaccine.

          • Don Mega

            do we? polio has all but been eradicated. even india was declared polio free recently. well apart from the mutated strain which bunch of them got from the oral polio vaccine itself and caused non(?) polio like paralysis. i’d stay away from the oral polio vaccine atleast. fiddling with live viruses, although weakened is a bit too risky for my liking, because of their ability to survive the process and mutate, as what happened here.

  • CharlaS

    Strange how the National Institutes of Health says about cancer risks increase as related to the SV-40 virus in some vaccines.

    Anticancer Res. 1999 May-Jun;19(3B):2173-80.

    Cancer risk associated with simian virus 40 contaminated polio vaccine.

    Fisher SG1, Weber L, Carbone M.


    The presence of SV40 in monkey cell cultures used in the preparation of the polio vaccine from 1955 through 1961 is well documented. Investigations have consistently demonstrated the oncogenic behavior of SV40 in animal models. Early epidemiologic studies were inadequate in demonstrating an increase in cancer incidence associated with contaminated vaccine. Recently, investigators have provided persuasive evidence that SV40 is present in human ependymomas, choroid plexus tumors, bone tumors, and mesotheliomas, however, the etiologic role of the virus in tumorigenesis has not been established.


    Using data from SEER, we analyzed the incidence of brain tumors, bone tumors, and mesotheliomas from 1973-1993 and the possible relationship of these tumors with the administration of the SV40 contaminated vaccine.


    Our analysis indicates increased rates of ependymomas (37%), osteogenic sarcomas (26%), other bone tumors (34%) and mesothelioma (90%) among those in the exposed as compared to the unexposed birth cohort.


    These data suggest that there may be an increased incidence of certain cancers among the 98 million persons exposed to contaminated polio vaccine in the U.S.; further investigations are clearly justified.


    • Those are some tasty cherries you pick there.

      • Don Mega

        ok i’ve been reading bunch of your replies now, and it’s pretty obvious you call everyone a cherry picker, but yourself. did they teach you this tactic in the troll manual? trolls for hire anyone? skeptical raptor is for hire.

  • Michael McLaughlin

    All the author has really done here is minimized the concerns, but the author certainly has not refuted them with anything verifiable or the least bit conclusive. It may be pointed out that SV40 contaminating polio vaccine and the potential that it caused cancer can not be conclusive, but neither has it been proven that this is not the case. So once again we are left with pro vaccine agenda of simply stating that nothing has been proven (with the suggestion that therefore it isn’t, cannot and will never be true), therefore let’s not research anything and just assume everything is all right.

    • The author also claims it’s a “myth” which has been “debunked” and that is not the case either. To debunk implies that you’ve obtained conclusive evidence that something isn’t true. That’s not what this author has done at all. There’s really nothing substantial. The article and his(?) comments are simply a bunch of insults strung together with a basic message of, “If you don’t think I’m right, you’re a moron. I science so hard, bro.” This isn’t conclusive. It isn’t even science. It’s just a speciously-based opinion delivered with a very clear bias.

      • Don Mega

        yeah…. pssst! he’s an obvious propaganda troll. either to please his ego, either a sociopath of wanting control of the minds of others, or atleast has this narcistic tendency to always appear right, even when the truth is so obvious to everyone else but him and couple of his most loyal fanboys. he’d have a great role in the government, but not here where word is free. it’s tough and i bet he won’t survive it here, not while retaining any shreds of sanity.

  • Veracifier

    Doesn’t this document directly refute the author’s article?


    • Once again you’re fucking cherry picking one study, that was completely refuted by many others, then the Institute of Medicine said “The IOM conclusions about polio vaccines and human cancer were: (1) ‘the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relation between SV40-containing polio vaccines and cancer’ because the ‘epidemiological studies are sufficiently flawed’; (2) ‘the biological evidence is of moderate strength that SV40 exposure from the polio vaccines is related to SV40 infection in humans’.”

      And we’re done here.

      • (1) gives a maybe due to blind study issues (2) gives us a ?? moderate strength they are connected?

        If anyone wants to read the rest of this:

        “Concerning SV40, the IOM concluded that (1) ‘the evidence is strong that SV40 is a transforming virus; (2) the evidence is of moderate strength that SV40 exposure could lead to cancer in humans under natural conditions’ (IOM, 2002).” and so on…

        with this citation: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11243899

      • Veracifier

        Fucking potty- mouthed blogging moron. Isn’t this fucking discourse just a whole fucking bag full of fucking fun? Now we are done, fucko. 😉

  • Slayer Crusader

    I agree, and it was never stated by any credible source to be the oral vaccine. It was the injected version. And the massive tumors were not just discovered in hamsters, they were on the primate organs themselves. The species was chosen BECAUSE it was the closest match to human DNA. The author of this article doesn’t have the full info that was given directly from a source who worked on the project. This is known as the LARGEST medical blunder and subsequent cover-up in medical HISTORY! Wake up America and think for yourselves!

    • Slayer Crusader

      I agree with “Big Hoss” that is. My statement was a reply to his.

  • Big Hoss

    Bullshit. Many doctors confirmed this, including Dr Maurice Hilleman who worked on the vaccines for Merck. The vaccines were contaminated. SV40 will give you cancer years later. It was confirmed to be present in the vaccines. Don’t believe this shill tool.

  • crusaderrabbit

    Got the polio vaccination in the 1950s. 67 and doing fine. Sorry I don`t have any anecdotal something-happened-to-me-therefore-it-was-caused-by stories. Although a few years later I did have to get glasses for nearsightedness and I noticed other kids in my class wearing glasses too so ……

    • whazupbro

      That proves what? Some people smoke for their whole lives and don’t get cancer. It doesn’t mean that smoking doesn’t cause cancer. Congratulations on your good health. Some of us are not as fortunate.

  • whether you like it or not, i can link to numerous doctors and specialists who disagree with the thrust of this blog.

    here’s one:

    • John hanner

      Dr Mary’s Monkey is a joke,laughble. None of the accused are alive to defend themselves.

      • did i miss something? i linked to ‘in lies we trust’ here and never mentioned ‘dr. mary’s monkey’

  • Vasileios Anagnostopoulos

    I am not a medical expert and obviously 1961 terminology is probably different than 2015. So my question is what does the 1961 paper say? Is it inaccurate?

    thank you in advance.

  • Cathy McMahan

    A book called Mary’s Monkey might be a good read for you.

    • John hanner

      Dr Mary’s Monkey is a joke,laughable. None of the accused are alive to defend themselves

      • Don Mega

        neither is hitler, yet people keep accusing him, especially hollywood 😉 and plenty of other examples out there. and even if you were alive and being accused of doesn’t mean you’re gonna respond to it. look at henry kissinger, he couldn’t care less how much the world hates him and how many countries wants to put him in war court. so yeah..

        • John hanner

          To compare hitler is the accused in Dr Mary’s Monkey is silly many of the accused in Dr Mary’s Monkey were and still are very respected men in there fields.Renowed MD Micheal Debakey referred to Dr Ochsner as “my beloved chief” and “perhaps the most important MD of our time”. He trained under him and one of his sons middle name is Alton.

  • Evelyn
  • J E Garlick

    So, it’s unclear, the CDC did, or, Did Not admit that 98 million americans were injected with tainted polio vaccines? furthermore, you say… ” apparently, the virus quickly and safely passed through the child’s digestive system, never causing an SV40 infection.” … but then you say, ” eliminating those who got the oral vaccine, which, as we have established, did not infect children with the SV40 virus,” ? …. Since when did, apparently, become an “established” accepted Truth? also, you say there was less risk from the oral method because hamsters didn’t get tumours??? are we hamster?? no? well then you have No more “proof” to disprove these claims than there is to prove it. Your “conclusion” says nothing except that you don’t believe it and everyone else is lying. If it’s all a lie, why did the CDC admit that it’s a risk/threat. The last point is, we’re all safe now because there is no more sv40… that’s assuming that there are no more dangerous additives or biproducts in our current vaccines… and you know what they say about vaccines.. How about, look up some real life accounts of parents and physicians claiming they’ve witnessed immediate, adverse effects which turned out to be autism… young children who were healthy and fine one day, and completely “retarded” in the true meaning of the word, the next day… Just because one ditzy blonde believes something, doesn’t make a concern a Lie. Take your head out of your ass.

    • Veracifier

      Take yours out first if you think there is a link between vaccines and autism.

      • Michael McLaughlin

        The links and correlations between autism and vaccines are so overwhelmingly obvious, I would have to agree with HUAS (head up ass syndrome). Maybe they are just correlations, but there are a lot of them. In a sane world that was not controlled by money on the one hand, and not wanting to admit to the public that mistakes have been made on the other hand, there would be serious research going on. People call anti-vaccine people “anti-science,” but I posit that ignoring mounting evidence and holding fast to the “nothing is wrong” meme, is the epitome of anti-science.

        • Veracifier

          Another idiot. And here I always thought it was those darned chemtrails causing autism. Or gay marriage.

          • Don Mega

            must be the global warming causing autism. they seem to correlate. there’s more autism and more global warming now, or was it global cooling? anyway, so i’m sure some paid “scientist” would be glad to do a study about it, if the money was proper. and we can have skepticalraptor here concluding that yes the study is true and cherry pick bunch of articles from the same paid scientists. of course he’d receive some payment as well for the job well done

            the fact is, scientific method is a solid method. but individual scientists are as corruptable by money and fame as the politicians, or the clergy was

    • Don Mega

      my guess would be the hamster’s digestive tract is so short compared to ours the shit just passes through so much quicker giving far less chances of infecting it

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  • em

    i have read many blogs articles etc regarding the scientific evidence of vaccinations and ‘alternative’ forms of treatment. i am a mother and like most parents wish to give my children the best health care available. over the years i have become astounded by the anger and vehemence of those apposed to any kind of alternative treatment, and indeed those apposed to modern medicine and vaccinations. i have the philosophy that before i write something off as quackery i will look into it with sense and discernment and then perhaps try it .
    i would like to ask those who state that homeopathy is rubbish or that acupuncture is a farce whether they have tried either and whether or not they have investigated how these systems work. regarding polio vaccine there are statistics that suggest that people contracted polio as a result of swimming in pools with kids that had just been given the polio vaccine, hence the later recommendation that children were not to be taken swimming for a period after vaccination.
    there is a place for other forms of medicine than just the current ‘modern’ medicine, after all alot of the medications today are derived and inspired from what nature has already provided. surely non can deny that there is money to be made by medication new forms of which are patented by pharma companies, this is the way of our ‘modern’ mode of existence, to make profit, this is fact. our world operates on this ethos. and unfortunately along with this way of being comes deceit and selfish agendas. we all know that there is information , truths that have been suppressed over the decades we know this because they are being revealed after time, all sorts of things monumental and seemingly insignificant.
    i read about how data supporting alternative medicines is a lie and from the perspective of homeopathic data 200 odd years of cases is fraudulent. that 5000 years of recorded treatment with acupuncture is fraudulent.
    there are side effects from most modern medications this fact is accepted by nearly everyone, so why is it that unless an ‘alternative’ medication is perfect and its practitioners perfect that it becomes vilified or deemed quackery, when in reality there is no perfect medicine or practitioner of any kind. it is human nature to resist or be afraid of change, look at the great thinkers throughout history who had been deemed heretics idiots delusional that when science caught up were actually correct! my suggestion is to keep an open mind, be discerning and actually research these things effectively before making pronouncements .

    • I am not opposed to alternative medicine. I am opposed to junk medicine that has no scientific or clinical evidence in support of the claims. Why should I try something that is scientifically implausible (like acupuncture or homeopathy) in lieu of medical treatments that actually work because they’ve been shown to work in scientific studies?

      Homeopathy cannot cure cancer. It cannot heal wounds. It cannot prevent pain. I don’t say that out of an “opinion”, I say that because homeopathy is simply implausible (water molecules cannot have a memory according to all of our knowledge of quantum mechanics, physical chemistry, and physics). If one could establish that water molecules could do that, then show it with real published scientific evidence. That data would earn someone a Nobel Prize.

      But more than that homeopathy is not supported by any clinical trials. And trying something one’s self is NOT a clinical trial. That is an n=1 study that is purely an anecdote, which does not qualify as data.

      You say “open mind” but you actually don’t know what that means. It does not mean accepting ALL information as factual. It actually means being open minded to evidence and rejecting evidence that fails even the minimum standard of what we consider is strong scientific evidence.

      I have researched homeopathy, and it fails miserably. It is snake oil medicine, and it’s only purpose is to sucker ignorant people into giving money to charlatans. Real science is hard and is never based on anecdote. Being open minded is actually hard. It means actually reading and studying, not accepting the magical, simplistic solution.

      • Wizard6x9

        and cannabis?

        • Don Mega

          one of the reasons they fight against cannabis is cos you can grow this medicine by yourself. it’s important for big pharma that you will keep paying them for treatments so they stay cash positive. btw that’s also why everyone stopped looking for cures cos cure is one off, while treatments keeps bringing in the dough through the patient’s lifetime

      • KLAUS11


        • Geoff Offermann

          What discussion? All I saw was hysterics by you Klaus.

        • Veracifier

          Stop SHOUTING you moron.

  • libertypole1

    Deeply appreciate your blog. Keep it up!

  • maharjaan

    I was just scared when i heard the news that Polio Vaccine causes
    Cancer…It really shocked me coz i got two little boys of age 4 and 2.5
    years…adn i have already completed the course of all vaccination
    including polio…till this date whenever Polio Vaccinator come into our
    area, im always be the first to have them vaccinated…So u can understand y i was scared,just becoz of them…But when i came across your article thru Google,…Now im
    relaxed…you really helped me alot…really you have eliminated all my
    concernes in just 10 minutes of article reading…..Thanx buddy thanx
    alot for helping us. You are best buddy!

    • Wizard6x9

      its the mercury in the vaccine that is the danger

      • 1. There is no mercury in the polio vaccine. In fact, there’s no “mercury” in any vaccine, except one brand of multi-use flu vaccine for adults.
        2. The “mercury” to which you refer is an antibiotic called “thiomersal” or “thimerosal” (name depends on what part of the world you live). It is an ethyl-mercury compound that clears from the body within a few hours. Chemistry matters.
        3. Mercury doesn’t cause cancer.

        You see, this is the difference between you and I. You tell lies based on scientific ignorance. I write factually based on scientific evidence. Now go forth and tell us how humans arose on the planet 6000 years ago, Putz.

        • Wizard6x9

          I never said it causes cancer I said it contains mercury or a derivative of it. and my concerns are not of its effectiveness of flu shot, which I am still skeptic about, my concerns are based on suppression of studies that have been proven in court,
          Fraud at the CDC uncovered, 340% risk of autism hidden from public,

          Fraud at the CDC uncovered, 340% risk of autism hidden f…
          +*UPDATE, September 6*++: It has been found that “Translational Neurodegeneration” broken their own rules when they pulled Dr. Hookers research paper.+ http:… View on ireport.cnn.com Preview by Yahoo

          When we live in a society were money is the end all be all, corruption is relevant, and yes mistakes are made,
          CDC Whistleblower Reveals Widespread Manipulation of Scientific Data and Top-Down Pressure on CDC

          CDC Whistleblower Reveals Widespread Manipulation of S…
          From an explosive new article byPro Health (LINK): A top research scientist working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) played a key role in View on yournewswire.com Preview by Yahoo


          • Geoff Offermann

            What contains mercury? The only vaccine that still contains mercury is multi-dose vials of influenza vaccine. Thimerosal was removed, not due to evidence of harm, but due to shrill outcries from anti-vaxxers that threatened to crater vaccination rates.

            • Don Mega

              there’s a lot of people who wanted to see the insert of the package and it still contained thimerosal. thus they refused to have it injected. which all means it’s taking them a long long time to remove it, even long after the claim it was removed. so don’t you go telling what is removed cos you don’t know. aluminum or derivatives and formaldehyde and other nasties are still in them anyway.

            • Geoff Offermann

              LOL…the first four sentences of that post makes no sense. Anyone care to translate?

              Formaldehyde? So what? Your body produces and metabolizes orders of magnitude more each day than you will get in a vaccine. Aluminum? The world is full of aluminum. Derivatives? Other “nasties”? Be more specific.

        • Thomas Siebert

          I came here to be reassured, and I gotta tellya, after reading a few of your replies to comments, I’m feeling the opposite way.

          I’ve had acupuncture and it worked, but I was willing to let that comment of yours go. But now you’re ripping this guy and calling him a “Putz”? Not professional.

          I’m certainly not going to go anti-vaxx, but I also know someone personally who had a son who was perfectly normal and then experienced severe mental and physical retardation after getting a vaccination. It was over 40 years ago, but it was real. It happened. I’ve seen the kid and his pictures, before and after. So something pretty funny went on at least at one point and for at least one poor American and his family.

          Disappointing blog.

          • Geoff Offermann

            “I’ve had acupuncture and it worked”. Placebo…the beer goggles of medicine.

            • Veracifier


          • Veracifier

            Great Scientific Analysis of the cause of the kid’s issue. Sarcasm on high here.

          • Don Mega

            not just one. the vaccine court has paid huge sums in damages to people who could prove the vaccines caused them harm. and that’s but a tip of the iceberg, cos for you and me most of us can’t go to court and manage to prove something like that against their highly paid lawyers. and even if you won you’ll be forced to sign a non disclosure agreement, not being able to rub it in and talk about your victory in detail. the real amount of cases is far far more than those vaccine court agreed with. the messed up thing is there even is such a thing as a special vaccine court. that’s cos the US government protects these companies from civil lawsuits. then there is this https://vaers.hhs.gov/index which perhaps only 10% of doctors has reported to, but is still plenty.

        • Veracifier

          I was with you until your Putz comment. Descending to the level of those you despise has no honor. Now I am no nutcase anti-vaxxer, and certainly agree with you that “alternative medicine” is nothing more than quackery. But what is your opinion of this NIH document?


  • Kathy Rust

    As a family historian, we quickly learn that family stories are often far from the truth. We are also advised to record them, not as fact, but because there is usually a grain of truth within them. Just saying.

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  • MaxVibrantUser

    SV40 causes “massive cancerous tumors” in every guinea pig injected. The doctors don’t really care. That’s not enough for people to stay away from Doctors? LOL

    • Provide evidence in the form of peer-reviewed publications in high impact journals. Thank you

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  • FishFlue

    this guy is lying. great. lie to me baby!

    • Oh, you caught me.

    • Don Mega

      you’re the perfect subject then. just like the nazis had in germany these “good citizen”. citizens who wouldn’t ask whether government was right or wrong. the good citizen, the one who deferred to authority. and it’s those very people who did nothing whom we have to thank for all the attrocities that happened. skeptical raptor is a good citizen too. his excuse is he cherry picks studies that always favor the positive side of things. for him “let’s ask more because the science isn’t settled” becomes very quickly “myth debunked”, and that’s how he can lie to himself by always believing he’s right, no matter how little he actually knows. the man who has never admitted of being wrong is not a man at all. or can you prove with a scientific peer reviewed study otherwise skeptical raptor? let’s get them links copy&pasting now.

    • Ben Balkcom

      A better question might be “why did she start ‘finding troubling evidence’ as soon as she found out her lab was being closed”?

      • Don Mega

        lol now which way was it really? stop kidding.

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    • Wizard6x9

      and that’s why cannabis is so feared by pharmaceutical companies, after all its a 175 billion dollar business.

    • Don Mega

      weird, i don’t see his message here, which you are replying to. the guy must’ve gotten ashamed for saying something and deleted it. what a lame thing to do. shows he lost this one.

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