Poll: your preferred legal tool for vaccination

adult-vaccinationIn Dorit Reiss’ critical analysis of the legal tools that could be employed to improve vaccination uptake, she outlined six different legal strategies that could be employed. Do you have a favorite? Do you think one might actually work to increase vaccinations? Vote, and comment below if you have other thoughts.








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  • harriethuestis

    I would like to make being unvaccinated entirely inconvenient for those without medical exemptions, as it is now it is easier to be unvaccinated than vaccinated and that needs to change. If passports can not require vaccinations before being issued than travelers should have to be quarantined prior to return flight at their expense. I also think the willfully unvaccinated should be required to carry additional risk insurance to cover public liability and costs of disability. The Southern Alberta outbreak of 42 measles cases cost taxpayers $1.4million or 100x the cost of vaccination. My single case of measles encephalitis at 4 months old has cost $4 million and counting. Containing and treating outbreaks and dealing with disability from disease can bankrupt modern healthcare and that is not counting the human costs of suffering.

  • Greg Noe

    Why no “strand ’em on an Aleutian island” option? We’ll give them complementary sweaters.

  • A question for Professor Reiss: Now can charges be brought against that nut known as Mike Adams? Read this: http://www.donotlink.com/puf

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