Poll: should vaccinations for healthcare workers be mandatory

Dorit Reiss just graciously published a couple of articles for the Skeptical Raptor discussing some of the legal issues surrounding whether hospitals can make vaccinations mandatory for healthcare workers. I’d like to know what you think.

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10 Replies to “Poll: should vaccinations for healthcare workers be mandatory”

  1. I voted yes but with proven medical exemptions. Our hospital system, Peacehealth, has this policy. My neighbor has had reactions to the flu vax so they let her wear a mask all fly season instead. She is in patient intake but rule applies to everyone who works there.

      1. I don’t get why the hell so many were listening to him in the first place. He’s a damned plastic surgeon talking about weight loss that didn’t require surgery for sobbing out loud.

  2. I almost said yes if they had proven medical reasons for exemption, but wouldn’t that put them and their patients at risk? (It may be a stupid question, but I am asking sincerely.)

    1. I checked off exemption for proven medical reasons. Those absolute bars to vaccinations are extremely rare. More commonly are the “vaccinate with precautions” such as severe egg allergies (anaphylaxis) with epinephrine syringe on hand (which is always nearby for any immunization for any individual).


      A HCW could have a treatment-related medical contraindication. I recall a nurse who was post HSCT and who needed revaccination. She returned to work in the hospital and provided with a job which did not require patient contact, until revaccination was completed:


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