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Racist Facebook troll attacks pro-science writers

Last updated on October 3rd, 2016 at 12:08 pm

People try to claim that there’s some sort of debate about vaccines. In fact, one side, supported by the facts that the safety and effectiveness of vaccines is overwhelming and unbiased. The other side has nothing, so they employ a racist Facebook troll to game the system to make it appear that “we” are bad people.

It’s kind of a funny strategy on their part. The troll attacks Allison Hagood, an accomplished author and one of the leaders of the movement to protect children with vaccines. The racist troll has attacked Dorit Rubinstein Reiss and ghostly Orac, both of whom are intellectual heavyweights, who know more about the science and ethics of vaccines than the racist Facebook troll would know in a million years.

One of the troll’s and her minions’ latest attacks was a photoshopped image that made Professor Hagood look like a weird looking Hitler. And just to remind the reader, generally, using images that attempt to link an innocent person to Hitler or Nazism is a form of anti-Semitism, and is considered hate speech.

The racist troll has done all she can do to suppress the intelligent and thoughtful discourse about vaccines – that they protect lives and have saved nearly a million children’s lives in the past few years.

Who is this attacker?


This was one of her first attacks that we captured online:


Wait! What?

In my opinion, most of what was written there can be charitably described as Holocaust denial, which is essentially denying the historical fact of the Holocaust, where six million European Jews were murdered by the Nazis and their minions in various countries. I don’t want this article to become a history paper, but there is no proof whatsoever that Jews killed Germans in Poland, which meant the Germans were protecting their people.

Uh no.

I guess all those survivors I meet at Bar Mitzvahs and weddings are lying to me. All of them. But, hey that’s just an anecdote – so I’ll trust the huge majority of historical works that include everything from first hand descriptions of US soldiers entering concentration camps to Nazi records of the Final Solution to the mass graves all over Europe. You know, real evidence.

This racist Facebook troll has frequently doubled down on her apparent anti-semitic racist blathering:

Comments from Anti-semitic Racist Facebook Troll

In other words, this woman believes Jews (especially the Rothschild version, one of the racist tropes of White Supremacists) survived WWII. But it was all propaganda. However, vaccinations are a real holocaust.

Except for the truth of the Holocaust, and the fact that no one has died from a vaccine in 30 years. Other than those facts, supported by mountains of published evidence, not even requiring my opinion.

This anti-semitic Facebook Troll is so off-base, I wondered at first if she were some sort of Poe – someone who writes so sarcastically, it becomes impossible to tell if they are just being humorous or expressing their own opinion.

But there are so many posts from the racist Facebook troll that promote a racist point of view, many of which reference White Power or White Supremacist websites.

And this racist Facebook troll quotes a lot of their literature, so there’s that.

And here’s some samples, just to make you appreciate the depth of her Holocaust denialism:

Racist Facebook troll and white supremacist.


This racist Facebook troll has essentially adopted the tropes about Jews that are popular with Neo-Nazi groups, such as the infamous Stormfront, one of the most vile White Pride racist groups around.

I mean seriously, she thinks that the “Stalin and Lenin loving commie Professor Hag,” whom we know as Allison Hagood, Harvard educated professor, supported the murder of 100 million Christian Russians. Since the racist Facebook troll lacks any knowledge of sarcasm or irony, note that my comment roundly rejects that Jews had anything to do with the murder of 100 million Soviets. There is simply NO evidence of that.

And Stalin and Lenin hated Jews just about as much as Hitler did.

Racist Facebook troll attacks me


Because of hosting Professor Reiss’ wonderful article about the her attack on Ms. Hagood, she decided to attack me.

Mostly, I really don’t care. Facebook is only important to me as a way to interact with some educated, brilliant people who have varying points of view. For example, I have “friends” who absolutely do not share my political view, but I personally enjoy the banter. Also Facebook is where I get all my Walking Dead information.

Very important stuff indeed.

I do not rely upon Facebook for the success or failure of this website. Many of my articles rank number one or number two on Google hits for key issues. If you want to know more about Diane Harper, GMOs, vaccines and many other issues, my website ranks at the top. The only way to attack me is with evidence, and this racist Facebook troll wouldn’t know evidence if it kissed her white, privileged suburban mom ass.

Which I wouldn’t do. She’s not vaccinated, so I’d be risking my good health.

Instead of actually using scientific evidence, she continues to make threats against many people, myself included. Unfortunately, I live quite close to her, so she can employ her Brownshirt thugs to do her bidding. I live in a small suburb, and she could find my house easily since I have the official Big Pharma flags flying over my Big Pharma purchased mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I hope the CDC increases the number of armed guards to protect me from the various racist Facebook trolls.

But let’s get back to reality.

A couple of weeks ago, I logged into my personal Facebook account, and I was blocked for 24 hours. I’ve been blocked a couple of times in the past as a result of being one of the administrators for a pro-vaccine page on Facebook. Seriously, doesn’t this sound like high school drama?

Here is what I wrote to get said block:

racist facebook troll


She thought she “got me” with that statement.

In case you didn’t pass the third grade, a “fag” is a cigarette in British English. And “niggardly” is a great word that means “cheapskate.” It’s etymology pre-dates by at least 3 centuries the existence of the more foul n-word, used to attack an ethnic group, which I assume that the Racist Facebook Troll hates in reality.

What’s sadder is that the Facebook algorithm has no thinking skills so it misunderstood context, meanings, and anything else. Facebook should be embarrassed.

She went insane with glee, possibly dislocating her shoulder patting herself on the back:

Racist Facebook Troll

The Racist Facebook Troll believes that I am Oraq (sic). Or he is me. Or we’re both the walrus. Who knows? I always thought Paul was the walrus.

Anyone who knows me or my real-life persona know that I am the least racist person around. And my lack of racism is not just words, but my deeds and actions for decades. I don’t need to defend it. My deeds speak for themselves.

And “niggardly” is not racist, not by intent or by definition. As my alleged alter ego, Orac, said:

[infobox icon=”quote-left”]…contributed to Raptor’s ban is a post of his from three years ago in which he referred to someone as “niggardly.” As anyone with any education knows, this word is not the N-word that is among the worst, if not the worst, of racial slurs, nor is it related to the N-word. Rather, it means, basically, stingy or cheap and has nothing to do with race or slurs. It turns out the Raptor used the word in a post in which he mocked someone who thought “niggardly” was a racist comment.

Heather, clueless as she is, thought this word was related to the N-word. Even more cluelessly, Facebook accepted that explanation. Whether it happened at the level of its automatic algorithm or whether a real human approved the block, who knows? Facebook’s banning algorithms are the ultimate black box. They might as well be in the center of a black hole, given how impenetrable they are and how difficult it is to shine any light on them.[/infobox]

Sometimes the word “troll” is misused by many people. But in this case, a person, who professes to be classy and educated, couldn’t spend the time to actually understood what I wrote, and thus used it as an attack. Sounds like a troll.

Maybe, she was overwhelmed by a three syllable word that is rarely used today. (In fact, I never use it because I have to spend an hour explaining that it isn’t racist – and by then I come across as a racist apologist. It’s a lose-lose, so I’ve moved on to other words.)

But the immature high school drama continues.

A couple of days ago, I get this message:

Anti semitic Facebook Troll is clueless

The  troll keeps trying to invent a story. Here are some of the points she’s trying to make, that are easily refuted:

  • I posted the reason for the block. It was using “niggardly” and “cigarette fag” both acceptable, non racist, non hating language, unless you flunked out of high school. Moreover, if she were really being fair she would have posted the whole context of the thread which was to castigate people who thought using the “r-word” (and I’m not going to spend an hour explaining it) was appropriate. I was trying to explain that words have meanings and context matters. This kind of discussion, of course, requires above average intellect and education.
  • We’ve already dismissed her ad hominem attacks on Professor Hagood above. They have nothing to do with Allison, and a lot to do with Allison’s continued support of vaccines.
  • And she called the Skeptical Raptor a  “Big Pharma backed tabloid trash blog?” Well, then where are those damn Big Pharma gold bars? Of course, I keep begging my 5 million readers to help out by donating to PayPal – this website is a black hole for money, which doesn’t seem to get me any funding from the evil overlords at Big Pharma.

Finally, she actually threatened me, Dr. Reiss, Allison, and Orac with some “meta” stuff. Anyone who would listen to a holocaust-denying racist Facebook troll for their information on anything is kind of silly.  Orac, Professors Reiss and Hagood, and many other people attacked by the racist Facebook troll are good people. They care about children.

Attacking me? Well, I’m a cranky old dinosaur.

Update 1 – 31 March 2016


I was considering writing a new article, but I thought it would be best just to update this one. This helps for Google Search if someone is looking up anti-vaccination Facebook trolls.

Recently, the troll in question has been posting a lot of junk online with respect to her manipulation of Facebook’s banning algorithm. But I wanted to post one of her claims about Jews, which should be convince evidence that she’s truly anti-Semitic:

racist Facebook troll's anti-semitism

Not to go all Godwin on everyone, but this is what the Nazis said in Germany in the 1930s. And it’s what anti-Semitic bigots say today. Most of the banks in the USA are public corporations owned by millions of individual shareholders through mutual funds, retirement funds or directly. I’m sure there are a lot of Jews within those shareholder populations.

But let’s get on with her admitted manipulation of Facebook to silence those who are disgusted by the anti-vaccination gang. In a court of law, this would be admission of guilt.

Racist Facebook troll Racist Facebook troll Racist Facebook troll

Let’s look at what she’s saying. She hates the eminent Orac, Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, and Allison Hagood. And goes out her way to attack them.

Moreover, she uses all kinds of manipulation to get Allison’s account banned.

All this because she has no evidence whatsoever that vaccines are anything but safe and effective. How pathetic. How immature. But she’s proud of herself – I guess lacking nothing else, she has to attack the “Harvard graduate” (in case you don’t know, Allison is a Harvard graduate).

I’m guessing the racist Facebook troll has no education beyond shoveling manure. Literally and figuratively.


Michael Simpson

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