Should you get the COVID-19 vaccine after COVID? Evidence says yes

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My physician-fiancée and I have an amusing relationship – we talk about vaccines. We were wondering if someone should get the COVID-19 vaccine after a bout of COVID.

And what she determined was a firm yes, you probably should get the COVID-19 vaccine even after recovering from COVID-19 because the vaccines provide better immunity than the natural infection. I know, several anti-vaccine probably fainted from reading this scientific fact.

Let me lay out the logic for this recommendation.

Why you should get the COVID-19 vaccine after COVID?

  • The natural COVID-19 infection does provide some immunity, but published studies seem to indicate that the protection wanes after about 90 days.
  • Although it is rare, some people can contract COVID-19 twice.
  • We don’t have evidence as to how well natural immunity protects us from the numerous variants that are circulating.
  • The vaccines currently available in the USA, from Pfizer, Moderna, and JNJ, provide strong protection for a minimum of six months.
  • The vaccines also appear to be effective against many of the variants.
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So when should you get the vaccine?

Well, you should get the COVID-19 vaccine within 90 days of the COVID infection. But, as recommended by the CDC, you should wait until after you are symptom-free and have completed the 10-day isolation period. This is so you don’t put healthcare workers at risk of contracting the disease from you.


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