Siri lite? Siri maybe?

For the first time, I decided not to upgrade to the next version of the iPhone.  The only feature that really grabbed my interest was Siri, Apple’s new voice control system that’s quite a bit more advanced than anything out there.  Besides, I just wanted to say “Open the pod bay doors Hal.”  Apparently, some of the responses by Siri show a good sense of humor by Apple programmers.

[pullquote]Open the pod bay doors Hal[/pullquote]

For us iPhone luddites (well, it’s hard to consider a ½ generation old iPhone as luddite, but that’s what I’ve been called), there have been a couple of apps that are supposed to work.  I tried one, Evi, and it didn’t work so well.  Their server was overwhelmed most of the time, and when it was, I got some hysterical replies back.  I was trying to search for a doctor, I kept getting listings of fast food burgers.  Kind of ironic.

Today, a new product came out, vokul for iPhone, iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad through the iTunes store.

I’m trying it now, and it seems to work.  No answer from vokul to opening those pod bay doors.

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