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Skeptical Raptor is not Paul Offit – help feed the feathery dinosaur website

Well, I hope it’s clear to the anti-vaccine world that the Skeptical Raptor is not Paul Offit. One’s an ugly old dinosaur who rants crabbily about science. The other is a distinguished researcher who rants professionally about science.

Dr. Offit invented the rotavirus vaccine that saves 450,000 lives a year. The Skeptical Raptor once chased a bunch of kids in Jurassic Park.

Dr. Offit is only 66 years old. The Skeptical Raptor is about 66 million years old.

These are obvious differences. The other big difference is that if Dr. Offit requires assistance with his website, he’d call on the resources of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia or the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. The feathery dinosaur needs to hire a starving website coder to make some changes to bad code.

So I’m going to take you away from your regularly scheduled programming to ask once again to help out in funding the Skeptical Raptor website for the next year. As I am not a rich man, unlike the ignorant fools at pseudoscience websites who hawk fake treatments for all kinds of real diseases, I need help to run this website. It’s an expensive process.

So, if you have the wherewithal, please donate to the Skeptical Raptor. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated.

There are two ways to contribute to this website.  First, you can make use of PayPal. If you wish, you can set up PayPal to provide monthly contributions, which are just as helpful. I prefer PayPal, because it doesn’t take out a fee, so if you send $10, I get $10.

My second method is through GoFundMe. Some people are more comfortable with the anonymity and popularity of GoFundMe, and it’s a perfectly fine way to do it. However, GoFundMe does take a small portion as a fee for the service.



I will regularly revise the goal level on GoFundMe to include amounts I’ve received through PayPal. We started with a goal of $4000 and we’re already down to needing around $2300 more.

So now that you know that the Skeptical Raptor is not Paul Offit, can you please help keep this website going. The ancient dinosaur thanks you.

Michael Simpson

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