Skeptical Raptor removes annoying Disqus comment system

Sadly, the ancient dinosaur has decided to remove the poorly designed Disqus comment system that we have been using here for years. Although it is popular with users, it is bad for everything else.

  1. The underpinnings of Disqus uses Javascript which slows down this website. 
  2. Disqus captures IP addresses for everyone who posts. Although they make that clear somewhere on their website, it’s not clear to most users. It had to go.
  3. Managing Disqus comments took a bunch of work. We had to actually do it from within the Disqus website, not through my own website. Not cool.

So, we’ve moved to another commenting system that is easier for everyone. You can comment using Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress login credentials. Your login information is not captured by WordPress or by this website, it will redirect you to a login page from your preferred platform.

We won’t allow anonymous logins for now, but we will monitor the situation.

Unfortunately, over twenty thousand comments, including comments from many people who follow this blog closely, are not available. We’re still looking into methods to save those comments, but it could be tremendously complicated.

Anyway, that’s what we’re doing with the Disqus comment system. We know many users love it. And many website managers love it too. We don’t. 

So, go read an article on how measles harms the immune system and comment there. 


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