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And the Skeptical Raptor has returned from internet hell

Last updated on March 17th, 2015 at 11:44 am


For fans, haters, and those looking for information, you probably knew that this website and blog wasn’t working for the last 7 days. Obviously, we’re back.

I won’t give you the long story, but the short one was that I was stressing out the servers for the old web host, because so many people were reading my articles. It’s one of those good news/bad news situations. Daily, I had issues with the website going down, because I temporarily exceeded limits of the servers. My website emails me when it disappears from the internet, and I was getting 50 a day.

I tried to stick with the old web host for as long as I could, but they finally had enough, because there were so many hits here, it was impacting performance on other websites that they hosted. This host were really good people, but they focus on small websites, not like my monster. To protect their server, the old web host locked out portions of my website, which wasn’t fair, but I was violating their terms of service for number of hits. I was over by a 1000X.

So, in one day, I had to find the best host for my needs, determine if they had a good rating (they did) amongst users, pay for it all, transfer my website, then….WAIT. The internet doesn’t work very efficiently, as I’ve found out. Lots of people and things get involved with domain names and transfers. Lots of secret codes need to be emailed. And then you wait.

Now, while I was waiting, I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t run tests. I couldn’t write articles. I just waited. It was like a vacation, except checking with the new web host every hour to see what was going on. I think they were annoyed.

Finally, today, the domain name officially transferred, then…problems. Too numerous to mention, but finally it all worked.

There will be lots of new articles. And we’ll have fun. I’m actually redesigning this website to be even more efficient with new graphics, but I think I’ve done enough this month. If you run into any problems with any links or anything whatsoever with this website, just comment here, or send a tweet to @skepticalraptor.

OK. Time for a little siesta or something.

Michael Simpson

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